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  1. Yesterday I purchased the Affinity Bundle V2 and installed it on my main work PC. I have a laptop that I use on the weekends when I'm not at the office. Does the license allow you to install on a secondary PC or something along those lines?
  2. On October 11, 2022, Affinity Photo was purchased from the Microsoft Store.But if you search for Affinity Photo in Microsoft Store today, only Affinity Photo 2 was found, so I installed it. However, the license cannot be renewed. Please check the screenshot below. <MS Store Purchase History> <Affinity Photo v1 (In-App My Account> <store serif.com Order history> The details of my purchase just a month ago disappeared. My Microsoft Sotre account is csm8908@hotmail.com The Affinity account is This is csm8908@gmail.com. Please check my license : (
  3. I purchased Affinity V2 Universal Licence on November 13th through Apple Store. Apple Store confirmed payment was successful and sent an invoice. The purchase however did not translate into an Affinity V2 license, neither is there any license information available in the Affinity account. I've sent two emails to Affinity support about this issue and only received confirmation that my email was received. After that, nothing. Why does one need to do to get a license from Affinity, any suggestion welcome.
  4. I am finally considering buying Affinity after continuing to use CS4 on an older laptop with 10.10. I am looking for a universal solution that can work on three laptops - that 10.10 one, one with 10.12, and one with 10.15. V2 only works on 10.15 and newer, but V1 works on 10.10 and 10.12. If I buy the universal license, can I use it with V2 and V1, or do I also have to buy V1, making this an overall more expensive purchase. I also realize that there is no backwards compatibility from V2 to V1 (like you can with Adobe products by saving down), which may be a problem, but you can save up from V1 to V2. I was hoping this would be a logical replacement for my Adobe products, especially photoshop, but now I am not as sure.
  5. Hi guys, I have a Affinity account and upgraded to the latest version 2 using the App Store. From there I bought the full license for all 3 programs. When I tried to startup the software I needed to login, but when I try my affinity account (which has a different email address then Mac App store email), it did not work. Also when I tried to use my Mac App store account this also did not work. I tried to mail support a few days ago, but have not heard anything back. How can I make this work?!?
  6. I am trying to activate V2 on windows and I keep coming up with this error message. Have reset my password and am able to log into my account online. Any suggestions? Best M
  7. We cannot install Publisher 2.0, because MSIX is not supported on Windows Server 2019 (Standard). Is a EXE or MSI aviable? Andreas
  8. "Serif Softwareの1コピー"(one copy of the Serif Software) on the help page makes people confused about usage. So I would suggest to change the sentence to something else. ソフトウェアのコピー(copy of a software) usually doesn't mean the original copy people purchased in Japan. it usually means the one copied from the original copy. so it means personal copy or illegal copy. Then people think Affinity can be installed on only one machine. Because they think number of installation as number of copy. So "Serif Softwareの1コピー" should probably be 1ライセンス(one license) https://store.serif.com/ja-jp/help/
  9. Hi, there! Just a quick question, is there a way to change the Affinity Product Key on a given machine? Or I have to uninstall the Affinity Application, reinstall and then enter another Product Key? Thansk a lot in advance. Best regards!
  10. Hello! My trial expired and I want to buy Affinity software soon. I have two questions: 1. Can I use Affinity for commercial purposes? 2. Can I install Affinity multiply times (like Adobe software, you know, is Affinity assigned to my account or something)? Thank you!
  11. Is it possible to transfer my AD ipad license to a new Apple ID without re-purchasing it on the new Apple ID? It’s random request I know….but I think it’s the only option I have left. Ever since I updated AD to 1.10 on my iPad earlier this year the file thumbnail previews changed from the file contents to the default Affinity Designer logo. I posted some questions on the forum here and people stated that it’s probably an iOS issue. So I did some tests to see if anything will help remedy the issue but none of them worked, which leads me to believe that the last option for me to “fix” the issue is to create a entirely new Apple ID. I conducted the following tests: - Signed out of iCloud and Signed in - Delete Files app and re-install it - Delete Affinity Designer from iPad and re-install it - Factory Reset iPad - Bought a New iPad One test I haven’t conducted locally is send some of my AD project files to another person who has AD installed on their iPad. I have been trying to work with it but my workflow definitely has been altered. I still want to use AD daily this “bug” is making it difficult, I don’t want to abandon Designer totally but there has got to be a fix for this. Clicking the “cloud” icon to download the file doesn’t do anything either
  12. Hi, I've bought three Mac licenses (Publisher + 2 Photos) for our company, and I'm going to buy a few more (probably Designer and Photo) in a few days and several more in the future for sure. As I learned on this forum, every license is bound with (my) email now. I can manage it. But there is some "Affinity for your team." https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/business/. Is it something more than "just" a possible better price? 1) Does it include some seat manager or admin UI for seat distribution? 2) Does it have one product key for all bought licenses? 3) Can I have our licenses transferred to "Team Affinity" in the future? I've found almost no info about "Affinity for your team" on this forum.
  13. I have a StarShrink plugin for photoshop from RC-Astro that is working fine with Affinity Photo. However I have to enter the license key every time I use it. How does one get Affinity to remember the license key? I'm using macOS Big Sur (11.4) and Affinity Photo 1.9.3
  14. So I got Affinity apps on my main PC. I bought them and I did use a licence keys and i did log in in this apps. I do have a gf's PC and when I visit her I do work sometimes. I have the trial versions there, but its gonna end next week. Can I use this keys on her PC, cuz I did try once and the keys were invalid. Do I have to log out from my PC and then use this codes there? And do I have to log out every time I change PC, right? Is it even legal?
  15. I just want to be absolutely sure I have understood this part of the text without any mistakes. "As a private individual, you can download, install, use and run for personal use, one copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running either (depending on your purchased license) Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) or macOS (“Mac Computer”) that you personally own or control." (Found in https://store.serif.com/en-us/help/ ) So to give an example of my situation. I am a private individual, I have an old Mac. I wish to get a new one. I have purchased digital licenses and I can instal and use them on both computers. True or false? I worry that if I instal the cool new software on my old computer I have to buy them again for the new computer.
  16. Greetings Affinity Team, I purchased a Mac license for Affinity Designer on March 22, 2021 through store.serif.com. On March 24 my MacBook Pro stopped working beyond repair. I have no other Mac computer, the only other computer I have is a laptop with Windows. Is it possible to change or transfer the Mac License to a Windows License? If not, may I receive a full refund to buy a Windows License? I tried to contact you earlier, but I couldn't find any working phone number. Recently, I noticed that you are working through the forum only. Unfortunately, forum credentials are not working and when I hit forgot password I never received the password reset email. I tried several times during these last two weeks. On my last attempt, finally I found it! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  17. Hello Everyone, I decided to purchase affinity designer and photo today, however, when i entered my credit card info and pressed the pay button the website gave me an error message that said that my payment had been declined, in that moment my banking app notified me that the purchase was done(and so the money was billed), i checked my account and it shows no order history nor licenses and the money in my bank app is now gone. is there anything that i can do to get my money refunded or the software licenses? Thanks everyone
  18. My wife purchased the Affinity Designer application for me but used a diferent account. I have the Publisher and Photo on another account. Is there any way that i can consolidate these? Be much easier to just manage a single account.
  19. Now that Affinity Photo is in the App Store (good news!) what is the license like? Can I install it both on my iMac and my MacBook Pro for one purchase? Ian
  20. Hi, i bought Affinity Photo from Microsoft Store, but where i find the my license key and how can i link this key to my serif account?
  21. Hi there, is it possible to use the affinity designer license for two computers (notebook and desktop) - in case of a comercial use? If not: I've installed the program on my notebook but would like to use it primarily on my desktop. How can I transfer the license to another computer? Thanks and best regards from Germany, Gesine
  22. I bought Affinity Photo but I've not received the e mail with the key product but it's already paid. How many time Have I wait to receive the key product? Thanks
  23. Question: 1. Are there differences, for now, or in future, between the MS Store version and the affinity.store download version? 2. I purchased and have a set of product key in the Download and Product key page on affinity.store. If I prefer to use the MS Store way to download, can i apply the product key to it? From what I can see, the MS Store page does not have a "trial" button. I can only click "buy". If I click it, I am going to pay again.
  24. How do I check a Affinity Photo license in any Windows computer?
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