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Found 44 results

  1. It would be great to be able to nest categories within the library. For example I could then put all my macro sets for luminosity control under one top-level category. Thanks!
  2. When you first open Affinity Photo, the library defaults to having all categories opened. If you've a lot of macros then you have to do a lot of scanning or cycle through closing them and selectively reopening all to find the one macro you want to use. Ideally the library would configurably open at its previous state. If you can't do this, then defaulting to opening with all categories closed is much better than having them all open. Thanks!
  3. Affinity Photo v Windows 10.1 Macros are saved as *.afmacro files. But Macro Library only recognises *afmacros files. So a saved macro is not visible to Library - import macros. In fact, an *afmacro file is entirely invisible to A.P.. Adding the missing final "s" to the file name does not cure the problem as Affinity Photo then declares the renamed *macros file as having an "Unexpected Macros Format". A macro can be saved but not used again. I have 770 images files in need of a macro-driven batch job. Please tell me I don't have to do it manually, 770 times.
  4. Hi, In Affinity Photo, I currently have four pre-installed Libraries (for macros): Default Image Styles Distortions Light Leaks Is it possible to create a new Library category, where I can store my own macros (actions)?
  5. Hello, I have downloaded the iOS UI assets file that comes with AD which is a great showcase of restraints and a great resource, but at my company we design all UI at 1x and the iOS assets are in Retina scale. Scaling doesn't work properly on these assets so I thought I'd make my own collection of UI elements for iOS and Android. How should I save/export the file so that I can import it in the assets panel and use them in any projects? (BTW here's a nice article about the benefits of designing UI at 1x - https://medium.com/shyp-design/design-at-1x-its-a-fact-249c5b896536#.bhxum5ugk) Thanks, Fernando
  6. Hi, how further is the Mac version with Macros/Library? I suppose the Win version is maybe in progress now. However.... Macros: At this moment I can see only few settings editable (opacity,blend mode), but it would be much better when we are able to modify all the parameters (curves, levels, colors...). Also the name of a layer as a parameter would be nice.... Library: I would prefer double click to run a macro from a library, otherwise I am always doing one click to display the macro, but it also already runs it. As mentioned, I suppose there will be surely done more work on this topic to 1.6. version as this seems only as a "quick to have" feature. Otherwise, thanks for this great SW, except Macros/Library I do like it so far :) Especially satisfied with the speed and responsivnes of the SW ;) Jindra
  7. Hello everyone! Is there a way to access makros via shortcut? If not, could somebody move this topic to feature requests please? It would probably be best to be able to repeat the last makro used via shortcut. Best wishes, Shu
  8. When you first open the Macro Library all the macros are expanded. Could there be an option for these to be displayed in a collapsed state so that only the title of the macro is displayed? It would make working with the display a lot easier when first opening rather than having to manually collapsed everything. Thank you.
  9. Where or how can I get a copy of the Library items seen in the demo video for Affinity Photo. I would love to test and play around with the various library filters seen in the demo video here: http://cgpress.org/archives/affinity-photo-for-windows-is-released.html
  10. Hello, how can you in the library the categories all at once close or closed is preset, also optionally save as finished. Now the categories are always open at the start. For many existing macros (free pack) and own macros the list is otherwise much too long. The search is then very laborious. If not already present, then please accept as a request. Targeted opening is useful for all categories. -_- Greetings Dieter
  11. Peter Werner

    Macro UI quirks

    Right-clicking a macro in the Library panel and choosing "Edit Macro" doesn't do anything if there is no document open. I think it should either just work as expected if the object model permits that, or be disabled (which I don't find very intuitive because it gives no clue why), or display a corresponding message instead of just ignoring the click (which I would prefer). There are also some strange UI problems with the parameter popovers in the Macro panel when clicking the cogwheel. These don't seem to disappear reliably, and sometimes even show up more than once, especially if no options in the popover are clicked. Lastly, when dragging macros to reorder them, the target insertion highlight is drawn vertical and to the left of an existing row, instead of horizontally in-between rows. AppStore build 1.5.1 on OS X 10.9.5.
  12. As people have mentioned in other posts, it could really do with a way to rename layers when recording a Macro. However, I would go one step further and suggest not only being able to rename layers, but also have the ability to move the layers to change the layer order, select particular layers, etc. during recording too. Following on from that, it's missing the ability to 'Insert Menu Item', which is equally important when creating macros. As an example, it's possible to record a macro that will resize the document based on what values you enter, however if you just want the macro to bring up the Resize Document dialogue box for the user to enter their own dimensions, there doesn't appear to be a way. If there was an 'Insert Menu Item' option like in Photoshop, you could then select 'Insert Menu Item' > Document > Resize Document, this would then prompt the macro to just open the dialogue box, and then after the user enters the dimensions and hits 'apply' the rest of the macro would continue playing. Another example would be if part of a macro involves a sharpening step, you would be able to use 'Insert Menu Item' > View > Zoom > 100%, which would automatically change the image view to actual pixel size right before the sharpening step, then afterwards use 'Insert Menu Item' > View > Zoom > Zoom To Fit, to automatically display the entire image on screen for the next step of the macro. Additionally it could also be used to prompt saving the image at the end of the macro by using 'Insert Menu Item' > File > Export. Obviously, there are lots of additional possibilities by being able to insert a menu item. I have noticed that some filters such as Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask, etc. allow you to click the cog icon after recording a macro and then select the 'eye' to allow the user to adjust the sliders during macro playback. However, if you use more than one, it won't just sequentially go through them one by one and allow you to adjust them individually, it just dumps all the settings into one dialogue box, where you don't even know what settings are what. I just added Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask and Twirl macros (all with 'eyes' selected) to the library to see what would happen and when played back was met with a single dialogue box with three different 'Radius' sliders... Each filter should really have it's own dialogue box that the macro launches in a sequential order. Another thing that seems to be missing is the ability to 'Insert Stop'. Although this is not something that I use particularly often, it can be useful for adding notes to macros. For example, to insert a stop with a note saying "In the following step, keep the threshold slider above 20 to prevent haloing", etc. Or use it to pause the macro midway to allow the user to manually paint on the layer mask before continuing with the next steps in the macro. And finally a couple of smaller items to do with the macro library. Settings in the library should be sticky. So if you collapse a category, it stays collapsed, otherwise every time you go to use the library you end up with a big list of macros. And lastly having the ability to assign shortcut keys to macro's that are saved in the library would be a welcome addition too.
  13. is there any hope that a photo library is integrated in the prg? when? i want urgently move my lib from aperture to somewhere else. any proposal welcome.
  14. Will there be Shortcuts for accessing the Library and the Macro Panels in Photo 1.5, like there is for all or most of the rest of Studio? I would prefer to make as few a trips to the Studio fly-out as possible. Shortcuts are faster and less disruptive of the workflow.
  15. I need to replace Aperture. Does Affinity serve as a library for photos? If not, which applications allow Affinity as an external editor and preserve the original RAW or NEF files for future editing?
  16. Is it possible to import wireframe symbols to create and build a library in Affinity Designer that you can then drag onto your document and work with? There are many sources of free wireframe icons for example that would be nice to import into AD and customize. If this is not possible, perhaps add it as a feature?
  17. Hi, I currently have Adobe Photo Element 10, and the software has been giving me several bug issues in the past year. I don't like their current subscription plan and layout. I wanted to switch to Affinity, but need to ensure that i am able to transfer the library i currently have with Adobe Photo Element 10 with ease, and also that the files i transfer from my Cannon camera will transfer into folders like Adobe Photo Element 10 did, and not like Apple Photo has it library transfer, and i can't fine a picture within a dated folder. 1. Can I transfer my Adobe Photo Element 10 library to Affinity with ease, and does a organizer come with it? 2. When i do transfer images from my Cannon camera will it transfer it into dated folders?
  18. File => Open Select a media lib, no matter if it's form Photo or Aperture. As soon you type something into spotlight filter, the wheel is spinning 4-ever:
  19. Hello All, I just bought Affinity Designer, and Oh my god!!! This is an amazing app. As a long time user of Photoshop CS, I will certainly add soon Affinity Photo in my bag. And because I also used quite a lot Xpress in the past, I am very interested by Affinity Publisher too. So now, let's talk about the next step. Whatever the field in image production (photo, document publishing, illustration, graphic design, cartoons, ...) we work on, one of the most important thing is the way you organize your media collection. So, instead of adding features to organize and tag all our media pieces in each existing Affinity app, it could be more interesting to externalize these features in a central master piece... The "Affinity Catalog" App (or why not "Affinity MediaBrowser" App). As some other competitors did in their respective software (Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One, ...), the key points are organizing, browsing, filtering, searching, rating, adding keywords and metadata on the media elements of your collections. And now, let's imagine if each Affinity production App (Photo, Designer, Publisher) would integrate a media browser plugin to provide some smart functions to make the search of these elements easier on media collections, for example based on some criteria defined in the Affinity Catalog App. In that way, your software solution could completely address professional workflows. In my case, having an "Affinity Catalog" App would let me definitely replace my Lightroom software. :-) Maybe (and I am pretty sure), you already have this in mind, so I look forward to have your point of view on this. Best regards. Bruno