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Found 41 results

  1. there is no problem if looking the raw picture with windows 10 or lightroom or if affinity open it in jpeg. But when affinity open raw pictures, corners are whiter and purple appear. it's get worse if the iso is higher. This problem is obvious about iso 400 and more. The effect decrease if i zoom. Sony Nex-3N lens 16-50mm. _DSC1166.ARW _DSC1168.ARW DSC01221.ARW DSC01222.ARW DSC01223.ARW DSC01224.ARW
  2. hi, it appears that lens correction for my nikon RAW file (lens: nikkor 50 mm 1.8 af-s) don't work… there's no difference with or without it's turned on in assistant.
  3. How does AP (or any photo editor I suppose) avoid applying lens correction twice? Or three times or.... Is there a flag somewhere that indicates that correction has been applied so keep your mitts off or does it rely on me remembering? Just in case you're struggling with how this might happen, I may edit a photo, save it and continue later, possibly even much later, or a photo may be passed acrross from Another Photo Editor complete with correction applied. i know there's a tick box for manual control but my computer has a better memory than I do. Thanks, John
  4. I use a Sony a7R camera with a Metabones adaptor so that I can use my collection of Canon EF lenses. Because of this the EXIF data in my RAW images does not correctly identify the lens used. In other RAW editors I am able to manually select the lens manufacturer and model from a list and then apply the proper correction. Is there any way to do the same thing in Affinity Photo? If not, are there plans to add this capability? Thanks. Ken Ramey
  5. Does this feature only support the embedded lens profiles from Micro 4/3 cameras? Or did you build your own database of lenses manually? This is the first thing I tried when I updated, but none of the lenses for my Sony A6000 seem to be supported. The Sony NEX/E mount cameras also embed lens correction profiles.
  6. Hi, After reading through some threads in the bugs forum, I learned why there is no automatic lens correction for my Canon Powershot G7 X MarkII - it is not part of the lensfun database. Obviously, since this database has last been updated in 2015. I'd appreciate it if there where other ways to provide for lens correction (direct contact with the lens/camera manufacturer?). Right now, I'd either have to manually correct every single raw image for lens distortion or use the somewhat ugly development software provided by Canon. A better solution would be appreciated. Christian
  7. In Affinity Photo 1.5 there is an automated lens correction in the RAW Converter. Is it possible to use the automated Lens correction / Lens profiles also with a JPEG files?
  8. Hi I did a trawl of current posts, but couldn't find the answer to this question. "Does Affinity Photo apply lens correction to images used in a panorama stitch, or should that step be done independently in advance?" Thanks Chris
  9. hi affinity, Noticed this morning that my fuji raf files from my xt2 are not loading with fuji in camera lens correction - is this something that could be addressed or has it been reviewed already? I understand fuji apply lens corrections in camera... Got the shock of my life looking at my out of camera .raf files compared to out of camera .jpegs!!!
  10. Hello, does anybody know, if there is a possibility, to use Adobe Lens Correction Profiles (*.lcp) in Affinity Photo? I use an UAV (DJI Phantom 2 Vision+) for taking pictures. Because it has a fish-eye lense, i have to correct them, before i can use them (for taking measurements). Therefore, DJI has released an Adobe Lens Correction Profiles (PHANTOM VISION FC200.lcp). In Photoshop, i can open Filter / Lens correction and choose this file, to eliminate distortion from the pictures. Is there a possibility to do it in AP, too? Maybe with an Plugin? P.S.: See the pictures below. They show the original picture (before) and the corrected picture (after). It is very important for me, that the exact values from the Lens Correction Profile are used, because afterwards, i have to take measurements in the pictures. Picture-Before: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-32675627/before.jpg.html Picture-Afterwards: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-32675621/after.jpg.html Best regards Thomas
  11. Hi, I've come across an issue with the automatic lens correction in Develop Persona. I was testing out the new Fuji RAW converter for windows from the creator of Iridient Developer on an old file, and when I opened the same RAW in AP it was really really soft in comparison to ID and RawTherapee, and no amount of sharpening/clarity in Develop or Photo could get it close. After a lot of messing about I discovered it was caused by the auto-lens corrections applied by the Assistant. If I opened the RAW with it disabled and manually corrected the distortion with the sliders then AP produced the same amount of sharpness and detail as the other two (which is great by the way!). The lens used in this image is the Fuji XC 16-50mm which has quite a lot of distortion. I've attached some 100% crop examples; the ID version used "max" sharpening, the AP versions used 10% radius with 100% amount + 1% clarity. I can also provide the RAW if that would be useful. There's also one more thing you'll notice in this image - the grass colours are different between AP and ID/RT. I don't think it's white balance as I couldn't correct that way. I was able to match it to the others by applying a small hue shift to the yellows via HSL adjustment. I wouldn't say I prefer one over the other but thought I'd point it out - are such differences between converters normal? Cheers!
  12. Hi, when opening RAWs from my Panasonic GX80 no lens correction is applied. It looks like it doesn't find any lens information at all? Is the lensfun database based on the latest stable from over a year ago or is it based on development branch? If I open files from my older Olympus EM-10 (mk I) it finds lens information, those are not the lenses I use on my GX80 though. Thanks!
  13. So I tried to use the lens correction on this photo, look what happens...it doesn't correct it, correctly. Photoshop usually would nail this every single time.
  14. As far as I understood I have to do lens correction manually in Affinity Photo for the Zeiss Baths 25mm. Where can I get the values which I should use to apply lens correction for this lens?
  15. Hi - I take lots of photos of buildings. I have a tilt-shift lens, but it is not always convenient to use it, so many of my pictures have converging verticals which I often want to correct. Two things would make this much easier, and would give you the edge over Photoshop! 1 - When correcting perspective there should be an option to retain the rectilinear grid, rather than distorting the grid with the photo - this would let me see whether I have got the photo straight, rather than having to guess it against a distorted grid. Might it be possible to see both the straight and the distorted grid, possibly in different colours or line weights. 2.- Unless a photo of a building is taken absolutely at right angles to the facade, it is unlikely to have any truly horizontal lines - thus the spirit level straightening tool is almost useless. It will, however, always have lines that should be vertical. Would it not be possible to offer a "Plumb line" tool as an alternative to the spirit level, so that the picture can be straightened with respect to vertical lines.
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