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  1. Hello! When working with the “Develop Persona” section, I was very surprised by the lack of elementary tools for working with mask layers! Namely, what is missing so far: There is no way to show, turn off, hide or fix a layer with a mask. I can't invert the layer mask. I can't copy the mask of one layer to another layer. There is no way to adjust the mask to select dark or light parts of the image for processing the RAW file. All data about layers and masks is deleted after I return back from the "Photo Persona" section to edit the raw file in the "Develop Persona" section. A huge request to developers is to implement in the next updates these elementary tools and functions that are available today in almost every raw editor and converter. Thanks! 😗👍
  2. In Design 2 can the color of multiple layers, in a group, be changed without changing each layer individually?
  3. After I have filled several objects with styles that I have created, how can I later click on an object and reveal which style fills that object? I can reveal which layer it is on, but can't find the style that was applied to that object/layer.
  4. Platform: MacOS 12.6, Apple M1 Max processor, 32 GB memory. To reproduce: Open an image (stock image is fine). Add live adjustment layer - exposure. Add live mask layer (Luminosity). All works fine to this point, changing mask and exposure. Now, try sliding mask layer down (click, drag downwards, blue line appears between exposure and base levels). Result - crash. Reproducible. Every time. crash-report.txt
  5. I can't pin down exactly what's triggering this. Maybe hardware acceleration related? The strokes stop rendering when reaching the previous bounds of the parent vector layer. Hiding and showing the layer resets it. 2022-06-24 00-52-31.mkv
  6. It's hard to split this one up into several topics, because it all has to do with one and the same thing: layers. I have been going back and forth between Photo and Designer today for a complex file only because I am missing a couple of features in various parts of the software. These features can be are either available in Photo or Designer and not in the other. The same is true for their various personas or between personas in Publisher. I would argue that these basic layer manipulation and organisation features should be available in all of the personas and apps. That way, information is always displayed consistently in the layers panel, regardless of switching personas or programs. To be more specific, I cannot promote groups to layers in Affinity Photo, neither can I add symbols in Photo. In Designer, I cannot create linked layers. In Designer, if I go to the Photo persona, linked layers remain unavailable. In Publisher, I don't have symbols unless I go to the Designer persona. Linked layers are unavailable. For instance, the workflow with symbols in Photo becomes quite strange (same is true for Publisher when switching from the Designer to the Photo persona), because the Linked layer properties appear/ disappear between the two. Leading to different ways of interpenetrating the layer information. 2022-10-24 13-58-05.mp4 For instance, I could unlink the vector shape and it would still remain linked in Designer. Back in Photo, it shows as unlinked, but it is linked again. Though I presume this is a bug, reported here: 2022-10-24 14-03-41.mp4 I do however presume that there is much more prone to breaking the same way as this. Just because the implementation differs between one program and the other for no apparent reason. Anyways, I really think that if I switch programs for the sake of accessing features in one program that's not available in the other, I should at least be able to see my information displayed in the layers panel and the studios (linked layers and symbols) so I can opt to proceed working with them as I would in the other program I switched from. Symbols, linked layers and promoting groups to layers are all such general concepts that they can easily be used throughout the entire suite. Why shouldn't Publisher have symbols in the Publisher persona? Please evaluate these inconsistencies. It should, hopefully also help in having a cleaner and more robust code for the entire suite.
  7. The city scale drawings I often work on are large files that necessitate the use of a single artboard for performance/ storage reasons. If I make several drawings on top of the same base layer (e.g. over the buildings), it would be helpful to link the visibility states of all layers that pertain to a particular drawing. However, with linked layers it is only possible to link two layers together. So I would like to request there being the possibility to link 3 or more layers for visibility. You may say, why don't you just toggle them on individually? The reason is that if I export several drawings, I may easily forget to turn particular layers on/ off during the process and thus make a mistake. As a result, I have to then go back and show/ hide lots of layers to re-export. If I could have linked the layers, that wouldn't be the case.
  8. It may be nice to have inverted linked layer states, in which I can show one layer and thereby hide another. This would ease the showing/ hiding process of layers in a complex document. This request is in response to:
  9. It would be helpful to link layer states (expanded/ collapsed) across layers. Sometimes you need to edit multiple layers and collapse/ expand several nested layers to make edits in two nested layers. In such instances, being able to have both of them expand and collapse synchronously, would ease navigating complex files.
  10. In the Export Persona of Affinity Photo, I can't see that layers are linked by Visibility. I would like to be able to see this or have the links panel visible there. If I have linked my layers and colour coded the ones that are associated, it also doesn't show, because the Export Persona doesn't show layer colours. So this means that both means I have at my disposal to tell linked layer visibility from within the layers studio are absent... 2022-10-23 11-45-55.mp4
  11. Hi! I have a problem best described by an example: I dragged an Afphoto picture of a car into the Publisher. I'd like to use the cutout car layer and another layer with a shadow underneath. But every time I switch the shadow on/off (in the photo persona) it (dis)appears on both inserted instances of the picture. Is there an uncomplicated way how to separate those two instances other than making two different images – one with the car and one with the shadow? Thank you, Stepaan
  12. Hi, I'm a recent Photoshop convert. I'm generally a very happy chap but I am sorely missing the ability to: alt [ (or) alt ] to quickly move up and down from layer to layer. example, In Photoshop, if there are several layers and layer 1 is visible, alt ] selects the next layer and makes it visible, while deselecting and hiding the previous one. Yes, I can alt-click the thumbnail in Photo to do similar (which is a great feature), but the keyboard shortcut is a valuable tool, particularly if you need to a/b/c edits or if animating something. alt click a layers checkbox to show/hide all layers
  13. I'd like to add background color to a page but can't figure out how to do it. I select the color with the color picker. There are two opacity slides, but neither does anything as far as I can tell. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Two rectangles: a gray one on Layer1 (locked), and a reddish one on Layer2 (unlocked). Select Layer2 then select Layer1. Click Align, Align Right. What happens is that the gray rectangle on the locked layer moves to align with the red rectangle on the unlocked layer, and that shouldn't happen. layer_lock_bug.afdesign
  15. I seriously need help! I’ve done my editing on the iPad version for years, and I’ve never experienced this before. While editing, it has started destroying whole blocks of pixels down to the last layer, sometimes, even deleting the last layer too. When I try to go back in the history, IT DESTROYS MORE. It gets worse the more I go back, but I can’t stop it in the current point in its history. I sat for 4 hours and had been thrown back at least two-hours in progress. Does this happen to anyone else? I need help to fix this ASAP. Do I have to switch some setting?
  16. This bug reproduces reliably on all Affinity products (Publisher/Designer/Photo) on Windows as well as Designer for iPad. Prior discussion: Demo: out.mp4 nested layer pixel bounds.afpub
  17. I know to some this may seem to be going too deep, but one feature that would be tremendously helpful in Affinity Designer for UI work is the ability to rename multiple layers or find and replace in a selection of multiple layers. When creating a lot of different similar layers, it's great to make a selection and be able to add or change a folder prefix, for instance. Adding the ability to create a shortcut for renaming a current layer also helps make things just a bit faster in heavy workflows. I use these in plugin form elsewhere and it saves tons of time.
  18. I am confused because the order of the layers has changed. For example, create a file with an A4 artboard for printing. #### Step I specify the layer order in which I placed the photo at the bottom. Create a text or object layer on top of it. I click on a photo and adjust the position of the photo by mouse dragging or keyboard keys. #### Result The order of the photo layers would then be at the top. For example, there are two photo layers, and all the photos in them are selected. Then when I move the position, the order of those two layers is moved to the top. Is this a bug or a specification? --- Affiity Desingner 1.10.5, macOS 12.5
  19. For the city size files I am often working with, I notice a very heavy performance hit when I drag-move objects to a particular layer. Designer freezes, when I move just a ~50th of the objects to a layer. On the other hand, if I group all objects and promote the group to a layer, this happens instantaneously. This is on 10.5.1342 Here's a video, which shows that moving objects outside a layer (with a hotkey) is pretty fast. Moving objects into a layer (I purposely chose a small amount so that it wouldn't freeze up) is just as fast as grouping all objects. It's a bit hard to tell, since I can't show when I pressed a button though. 2022-07-05 08-09-55.mp4 I really need to move lots of objects over to other layers, so if that causes Designer to freeze (didn't let it run for longer than 5 minutes), whereas grouping > promote to group is just 10s, then there's some performance to be gained. Even if it's just grouping objects in the background > move the group to the layer I am dragging the objects to > ungroup.
  20. Hi, I am using Publisher to make a presentation and one of the files I link into the presentation was made in Affinity Photo. I know from Indesign that I could adjust the layers for linked files, is this also possible with Publisher and linked Photo files?
  21. Please enable the ability to force a locked layer to become a snapping candidate. Often times I lock layers so I don't accidentally edit them, but periodically I still want to snap other objects to them. A suggestion would be to hover over a locked layer while holding Alt (to ignore the fact that it's locked) to add that layer to the snapping candidates.
  22. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  23. Hello, how can I duplicate a layer at Affinity Photo at the iPad Pro?
  24. I was sent a .afdesign file that has a completed image inside of it. My goal is to have it exported to Photoshop, label each layer and then kick it over to AfterEffects for animation. The client told me they added "Black and White" on the whole object within Affinity Designer and underneath the single layers are still blue. I'm trying to have the entire image exported to a .svg while keeping the black and white gradients intact so I don't have to recreate the entire detailed image from scratch. They also said "with this Black and White Adjustment you kind of have every layer in B/W" but they don't know how to export it properly, because as you can see, it's still blue if you look at the right side of the image. Is there any way to have both the black and white export AND keep the single individual layers? Because the single layers are how I'll be animating everything independently. Trying to export as black and white.mp4
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