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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I am having a problem exporting a PDF document. I believe the preview can not be generated somehow causing Publisher to crash. I created a completely empty document of 200 x 100 cm. This one also crashed when trying to export to PDF. The 'Creating preview' freezes right away. Not spinning what so ever. But when I reduced the image size to 190 x 100 cm the preview was created and I could export a PDF. So this seems to be a size issue? The export of the 200 x 100 cm document works fine for jpg, png. But also not fo webp or jpg XL. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but that did not help. I will attach the test file (200 x 100 cm) so maybe others can verify this issue. Or not... Tips or workarounds are welcome. test.afpub
  2. Hello All, I have created an architecture portfolio with Affinity Publisher. When starting and completing the initial draft this summer everything was running smoothly. I opened it after not touching it for a couple months and now the file is basically untouchable. Every click presents the an issue of the apple scrolling wheel and lag that last for 15 mins plus. I am using the most up to date version of the desktop app and my imac specs will be attached below. I am also leaving my file here to see if its a bug with my file. Can this be coming from my Imac or issues with the app itself? My file is about 120 pages with lots of high res pdfs and text. I know this makes the file huge and I should expect some lag but I have done 200 page documents on indesign with having way less lag on the same computer. Thanks for any help! Undergrad_Graduate_Portfolio_2020.afpub
  3. Hi guys, Im working on very big document (hundreds of pages) with many images and lately I found an issue with the page break. Let me show you an image: On the left you can see two linked pages with one paragraph of text. On the right - is an original text pasted into Publisher. As you can notice, the highlighted text is not shown in Publisher - it goes out of frame. It looks like page break is done one text line too late. And the was pasted wuthout formatting (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V) so it's not the issue here. I didn't find any similar issue on the forum so I decided to create new thread. Thanks in advance. Publisher version.
  4. I'm working on a MacBook Air with Affinity Designer 1.7.3. I have created a fairly large Affinity Designer file, in large part through stupid/lazy decisions that I didn't keep track of. I have been meaning to go in and simplify the file but before I could I seem to have hit a limit that Affinity Designer can't open the file. I last successfully opened When I try to open it, the readout says "loading one document" for hours. Meanwhile the recorded amount of free storage space on my Macbook gets smaller and smaller as the "System" block grows. The file I'm trying to open is 117.8MB but the System block will continue to grow until it takes up the 140GB I have free in my storage - I've included a screenshot of the system storage part-way through this process - the light grey block is the space that Affinity Designer is taking up. Then Affinity Designer will quit without an error message, presumably because it's run out of space. My last two successful opens of this file were 2 September and 6 September (I suppose that could be relevant because on 6 September I was able to open the file, but maybe on that date I changed something that prevented the file from being open-able whereas on 2 September presumably both open and save worked fine). Could be something to do with the 1.7.3 version released in September? Would really appreciate any help here - I am going to be changing this project to be MUCH smaller thanks to Affinity Publisher but unless I can open this file I'll have to recreate a LOT of this project.
  5. Affinity Photo Windows 10 v1709 build 16299.248 16GB RAM vram 8GB dedicated, 8 shared, nvidia 980M File: on disk .jpg 1,635KB. In A. Photo: 4002x2711px 1085MP PHOTOSHOP: reports the filesize as 31.3MB in ram (I don't know if that is relevant.) When opened in Affinity Photo, the viewport of the image appears corrupt and pixels change color as mouse is moved around the image. See attached picture. The second image is the original. This does not happen when the same file is opened in PhotoPlusX8 or in Photoshop 6.0 (yes, I am still using 6) or any other image viewing/editing program I've opened it with so far. So, I expect this is a bug in A. Photo. I'm sorry if this topic was previously discussed, but I was unable to locate it in a search of the forum. If there's already a solution, I would appreciate knowing it.
  6. Hi Support team and all users, I have a problem when I export some large files then my system using 100% CPU Usage and Memory 8GB and my graphics card is also 4GB. System Hang and taking unlimited time to save files. I was creating a wall banner approx 16ft x 8ft. When I need to send sample image to my friends for review JPEG didn't save and system hang. I had sent mail to support but they were not able to solve this problem. So they suggest me to post it on forum. Please help what is the problem. Is it system problem or Affinity Photo software problem. Chetram Kumawat 22x8_wall_banner.afphoto
  7. Hello, I have simple poster design with a image background which has Transparency applied to it using the transparency tool. when I try to export it as PDF for print the transparency is gone from the background image. If I rasterise the image and then try to export, then the export process freezes. Please guide me to resolve this problem. Document size - 5x7.5ft Couldn't upload the file here. File size is 90mb. Source file - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6aFlAKFfdJNNEYxSF9mX0FyNGc Computer Spec: MacBook Pro 2016 - i5 with 8gb ram Thanks, Naveen Sekar
  8. I am having problems exporting a file as a PDF. I use the export option, and select PDF for print and it creates and saves a PDF file, but when I try to view it in adobe. (And our printer tries to view it in his program), it is a blank page. (It is the right dimensions of the page at least) 3RiversforPrintingWetSizeExportTest.pdf 3RiversforPrintingWetSizeExportTest6.pdf 3RiversforPrintingWetSize.afdesign
  9. Hi, I was recently working on a project for a large format print of 352" X 118" at 100 DPI. This is an image that is printed on a vinyl wall covering. Throughout the process of storing and closing the file, I was faced with really long delays and at one point, lost the whole content of the file while closing it. The file was in the 565MB size which is large, granted, but I ended up having to re-process the files in Photoshop to save them in .TIFF and PDF. Now I am not sure why Affinity Photo had such a problem handling such a large file, but perhaps optimizing memory management is something that needs to be looked into if this is common. Photoshop had no problem handling the file and converting to the proper format. So I was wondering if anyone has had issued handling very large files in Affinity Photo and / or Designer ? Now perhaps I should have handled this project in Designer, I didn't try it as I was pressed for time and assumed that Affinity Photo was a Photoshop equivalent notwithstanding the fact that Designer can handle raster graphics. I was using Affinity Photo for Windows on Windows 10, with an i5 processor and 32mbs of RAM. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. cheers, Christian L. Gatineau, Qc. CANADA
  10. Hi there, What format should I save a large affinity design file to be sent to a printer and turned into a banner? I've been creating a banner for the local karate club, on and off, for some time now. I had to come onto this forum before regarding some issues with the stability of it, which have been sorted now... We've finally got it to where we like it, and would like to send it to the printer for a sample and ultimately printing. The banner is to be five metres wide and just under a meter tall. Every file I've sent them so far, they've been unable to open, has appeared pixelated or is too large for them to deal with... I've tried a .svg, .jpg and a .pdf. Please, can someone help? This might just kill me... I'll post links below to the dropbox files so you can take a look. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ff9qser123nsn1n/dojobannerprintvariant2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v49136o7yf9sfro/dojobannerprintvariant2.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4zbgyxlm15cx81/dojobannerprintvariant2.afdesign?dl=0 Thanks!!!
  11. Id love some help! Im creating print ready banner art. Each time I try to export, in any format except affinity, Affinity Designer crashes. What can I do? thanks! rs opening.soon.afdesign
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