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Found 60 results

  1. This is a bizarre problem which is completely un-troubling to me but is perhaps worth reporting nonetheless. I live in Belgium but have English as my first language. My Apple OS is thus set up for a Belgian AZERTY keyboard and regional formatting but with British English as the primary system language. Affinity Photo is set up in English in it's preferences. All works perfectly - my interface and dialogues etc. all are in English as would be expected ...... except Swatches, Brushes and Styles. These three palettes display in English with English titles and English drop down menus in the top right corner but their contents display in French! So the drop down Swatches list starts with "Gris, Couleurs and Dégradés", the Brushes drop down offers me "Basique, Peinture, Dessin, and Poils DAUB", etc. Same happens with Styles which offer me "Coucher, Arc-en-ciel, Verre and Saumon". For some reason my English palettes contain French goodies ...... To be honest it's absolutely no difficulty as I read French without even thinking about it so the "problem", if it can be called that, is completely transparent to me. In fact it was ages before I even noticed it recently ........... but I report it, for what it's worth, as it does seem to indicate some minor configuration confusion somewhere which others might find more troubling. Although I have posted in Affinity Photo, which is my principal application, the same thing occurs in exactly the same manner in Designer. Odd ................
  2. Hi, I have encountered some strange behaviour using the Crop Tool in Affinity Photo beta Trying to add a preset with a custom ratio, the new preset was added to the list, but when I applied it, the Mode drop-down just switched back to Unconstrained. Thinking I made a mistake while saving the preset, I wanted to delete it to create a new one, but Photo did not let me do that. Since my version of Affinity Photo runs in German, I changed the language to English to get the proper terms used for the UI elements, to describe my problem in this forum. I was surprised to learn, that with the language set to English, this problem did not occur. Switching back to German, the problem was there again. I checked both languages in the AppStore version of Affinity Photo and the problem seems non-existent there. Maybe someone else using AP in a different language than English can replicate this. Cheers, Polaris
  3. Hello, I have a big problem... I'd like to be able to type in Japanese using the text tool in Affinity Designer, but whenever I use the text tool and type in Japanese, it gives me these yellow blocks... I think that Affinity Designer is available in Japanese as well, so I was wondering if this was a glitch, or if Japanese text is not supported in the English language software? I need to use Japanese in my work so it would be most helpful..... thank you!
  4. I got a big problem! Can Affinity Photo / Designer support UTF Chinese Characters? It seems it cannot display UTF Characters. Do I miss anything? Pls help Many thanks
  5. I can see your company is improving with language, but can you guys add some big population language? Such as Chinese.
  6. good morning know if affinity designer will have Spanish language in the future?
  7. I suggest you use English words instead of British. I found two quick examples for you. Under General Preferences, change "favour" to "favor" and "colour" to "color". Let me know if you want more. :)
  8. I'm confused to see lots of error codes in AD when I open my Ai files in Chinese. It totally disturb my mood to finish my portfolio......plz add Chinese in soon.
  9. Just bought this from the App Store. I've been using the beta's and this is the first time this has happened. I selected the type tool. But I could not type anything? I chose a font and a color? But it would not let me type. After a bit of trial and error. I noticed in the "character" panel that the language had nothing selected by default. The drop down menu was blank. I had to select "english", and then I could actually type. People might get frustrated if they can't type anything. I'd be curious to know if anyone else ran into that. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I never ran into it in the beta versions. This was my first instance of running the purchased version from the app store.
  10. Hello! I wanted to know if you are in your roadmap of publication of AD When you will make the localization in Spanish. I will be one of the first buyers when you release the final version. BTW, Only will be available via MAS to purchase? I have contacted with a guy that has been translated other apps like Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... And he has offered to translate your grrrreat application!! ------------ Hola. Me gustaría saber cuándo localizaréis AD al español. Seré uno de los primeros compradores de AD en cuanto se publique. Por cierto, sólo estará disponible vía MAS cuando salga de estado Beta? He contactado con un traductor que ya ha localizado otras aplicaciones de Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... Se ofrece para ayudar a localizar vuestra fantástica aplicación.