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Found 58 results

  1. elinor1234

    Text writes backwards

    Shalom. My language - Hebrew- is supposed to be typed from right to left, for some reason the text stopped being typed from right to left and it types backwards (like English, from left to right). I think it got to do with the the language settings but I cant manage to figure it out and fix it. kindly asking for your help asap
  2. Hy, a question about the next Affinity Publisher. I know It's not in Beta test yet. But, have you thought about users who need to write texts in Hebrew, ie using languages written from right to left? I am not simply speaking of modern Hebrew, without vowels, but also of ancient Hebrew, with vowels and diacritical signs, and so on.
  3. I would like to ask you to add Czech language interface to Affinity designer. And to Affinity Photo too. I will make the translation, if you tell me, how.
  4. After upgrading to High Sierra, there is a disconnect text separating text from Korean text. A quick response to the error is needed.
  5. The default language setting was Japanese which I assume it because I'm using Japanese OS. I changed the setting Japanese to English. However, some sections remains showing Japanese texts. I attached jpegs showing where the texts remain. SPEC Windows7 64bit Affinity Designer Ver
  6. Hi I changed my UI language preference from German to English, but the Affinity Designer Help remains in German. How can I change the help content to reflect the UI Language. Thanks.
  7. Hi, can someone please tell me how do I change language settings. I am based in Italy so the program has downloaded in Italian, how do I change the progam settings to English? Thank you!
  8. Will affinity program interface in Russian? Because know were your Serif series of programs to x5 in Russian. Can we expect this from you? Or maybe it is possible to translate the program interface for themselves based on Photoshop and other programs. p.s. used google.translate :unsure: p.p.s. Now a lot of graphics programs on a PC and mobile systems support my mother tongue, therefore I have been asked a question.
  9. I am currently attempting to move from Adobe programs to Affinity Designer and Photo, since they are more affordable and in most cases do the job easier and/or faster. I have noticed that I cannot write any RTL (right-to-left language) text. As I am working in the Middle East, this is essential for my job and unfortunately means I still have to make use of Adobe software until this is supported.
  10. Bent Schack Iversen

    UI language bug

    I downloaded Affinity Photo from the Italian web site. Setting English as the UI language through Preferences works except for view/studio/brushes. If I click on the little down arrow to select the brush type the text is still Italian not English. Regards
  11. Hi! Imagine you enter a text with another input language and keyboard layout. It is then inconvenient to switch back and forth input languages just to use shortcuts (e.g., 'V' for Move Tool is 'М' in Russian layout). Please, make shortcuts dependent on key values rather than input symbols. PS: Excuse me if it is not the problem and there is a workaround for my case. I'm new to AD. PPS: That topic is similar to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/495-keyboard-layout-independance/
  12. Hello, I don't usually do text-proofing on AD, so I would like a way to set the default text tool language to "None", otherwise all designs get scribbly red lines under the text which is terrible for working on the layout. Also a way to set the language of *all* text boxes at once would be great.
  13. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows. My question is does it support typing in Arabic? because when I tried to the letters appeared detached where it should be connected. Also it appeared out of order, the last letter in the word comes first for some reason. Detached = ع ن ب Connected = عنب This problem happen with Photoshop and there was a solution for it. I'm not sure where or how to do it in Affinity Photo if it's there.
  14. Hello! Is there any update on the hebrew/arab type support yet? I saw a post from 2014 saying that it was planned. We are entering 2017. Thank you.
  15. there is no Turkish Language support for your products. Your rival Adobe photoshop and illustrator had that support.
  16. why doesn't have traditional chinese traditional chinese is a lot of users why have the simple chinese but doesn't have traditional chinese???? traditional chinese have been used from a long long time ago traditional chinese in traditional chinese is "正體中文"or"繁體中文" sorry I have a poor English
  17. "Change User Interface" tab. Useful but does not change but hides. So in Spanish using "Ocultar/Mostrar interfaz". Artboard It would be useful when you paint or create shape automatically select the artboard on which these drawing. Create a button to lock position and size table Set an order identifier to the table Artboard sort button in a grid column or row with a margin You should have the option to export each artboard as a pdf page. Or export each artboard in a different file. In the Crop Tool handlers do not change their shape when they pass a smaller size to the original click. When I turn the mouse wheel on the panel transform changes the state of the object but not the number spinner. The brushes should be more like "Krita". Excuse my bad English.That's all for today, greetings.
  18. Hi I have some problems about my Thai language on tone marks float ( like grave accent) you see in attached photos here. There are 2 steps above the character in Thai. I need to have the tone mark in a lower position when the character has no vowel. You know what I mean? Please help me.. I don't know how to figure out.. Thank you in advanced. Pannily from Thailand
  19. Hi, I'm Thai, and I have some questions about my Thai language use of Affinity Photo. I have a problem of tone marks float on my language (with attachment photo) You know in Thai language we have some kind of grave accents we use to give tone to a word. And if it floats, it doesn't look pretty good. So please help me with this problem. Thank you for your kindness in advanced. appreciate, ^____^
  20. Hello This feature was requested by me when discussing a bug, so now I'm requesting it here at the right place. At the moment, when a user has OSX in a non-english language, the OS offers a translation of certain common font styles like bold, italic, regular etc. In a few applications made by Apple such as Numbers or Pages, and also in the Font Book app, these translations are used when selecting fonts from the fontmenu. Most professional design applications however use the original (non-translated) names in the font selection. At this moment, Affinity applications use the translated names, even though the rest of the user interface is English. I personally think the way OSX translates font styles is quite primitive, and I often encounter fonts where half of the styles are translated in Dutch, while the other half are not translated because the typedesigner chose non-traditional names for these styles. Other design-related applications ignore the OSX translations and use the original style names, which is more practical in a professional environment. As long as Affinity doesn't offer application wide translation, I personally think it's better for Affinity to ignore the OSX translations, because we now get a inconsistent user interface with two languages. I'm looking forward to hear how you think about this.
  21. I chose English as my Affinity Photo UI preferred language. My main OS chosen language, however, is Canadian-French. When I want to access Help from its menu, I get the Canadian-French version, which is not ...helping. Now, I can switch the OS language to English but then the keyboard mapping is all messed up. Any ideas?
  22. I would like to request the support for arabic language. As it would be very useful to me and a lot of people who use the app. thank you.
  23. I have changed some preferences in my AD, restarted it and now it shows all menus in German, which, sorry, it's embarrassing, I don't know, . I can't find how to change it back to English. Help, please.
  24. This is a bizarre problem which is completely un-troubling to me but is perhaps worth reporting nonetheless. I live in Belgium but have English as my first language. My Apple OS is thus set up for a Belgian AZERTY keyboard and regional formatting but with British English as the primary system language. Affinity Photo is set up in English in it's preferences. All works perfectly - my interface and dialogues etc. all are in English as would be expected ...... except Swatches, Brushes and Styles. These three palettes display in English with English titles and English drop down menus in the top right corner but their contents display in French! So the drop down Swatches list starts with "Gris, Couleurs and Dégradés", the Brushes drop down offers me "Basique, Peinture, Dessin, and Poils DAUB", etc. Same happens with Styles which offer me "Coucher, Arc-en-ciel, Verre and Saumon". For some reason my English palettes contain French goodies ...... To be honest it's absolutely no difficulty as I read French without even thinking about it so the "problem", if it can be called that, is completely transparent to me. In fact it was ages before I even noticed it recently ........... but I report it, for what it's worth, as it does seem to indicate some minor configuration confusion somewhere which others might find more troubling. Although I have posted in Affinity Photo, which is my principal application, the same thing occurs in exactly the same manner in Designer. Odd ................
  25. Hi, I have encountered some strange behaviour using the Crop Tool in Affinity Photo beta Trying to add a preset with a custom ratio, the new preset was added to the list, but when I applied it, the Mode drop-down just switched back to Unconstrained. Thinking I made a mistake while saving the preset, I wanted to delete it to create a new one, but Photo did not let me do that. Since my version of Affinity Photo runs in German, I changed the language to English to get the proper terms used for the UI elements, to describe my problem in this forum. I was surprised to learn, that with the language set to English, this problem did not occur. Switching back to German, the problem was there again. I checked both languages in the AppStore version of Affinity Photo and the problem seems non-existent there. Maybe someone else using AP in a different language than English can replicate this. Cheers, Polaris