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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I've run into a unique problem with the language feature on MacOS. I have set both my autocorrect and general preferences to English (Non Uk, e.c.t.). I have a template I am editing, and no matter how many times I reset the language preference to English, when Affinity Publisher reopens, the * before the language doesn't go away, and my English content is being autocorrected to a non-english language. (I thought it was Spanish, but it's almost a mix of everything but English). So I resent English, it asks to restart, I let it restart, and it doesn't change anything. I've attached photos of the document, and settings. (It's a mock-political magazine, there is no political content on it. The words are just nonsense to fill.) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and any support would be much appreciated! I've looked everywhere on the forums, (for about two hours), and YouTube to no avail. Thanks!
  2. Can Affinity support other languages? 1- I cant write Arabic in a correct form (from Right to left) in the frame text tool. However it is written in a correct form in the notification bar at the bottom. The Arabic language is not displayed in the language bar.
  3. I'm working on a project for a client, but I am unable to complete it, as AD does not seem to support Thai script on iPad. I did not face this problem on the desktop version, but here the following problem occurs : Diacritics appear on the side of the parent letter instead of being on top of it. The dashed circle should be the position of the parent letter. Can this be fixed please? I need to complete my job soon. Thanks. PS: similar but not exactly the same problem as
  4. As someone who has used Photoshop extensively and had been complaining about its clunkiness, Affinity Photo (And Designer no less) was a welcomed breath of fresh air. I have been a vocal supporter of the Adobe To Affinity migration ever since I started using product. It runs like butter. It feels like made by designers as advertised. However, one can't help but feel an overwhelming disappointment, if not a bit of humiliation when talking about Affinity to other designers when they pop the question "does it support Right To Left Languages." I live in the UAE; a majority of the designers and artists that work here are Indians, many of whom barely speak a scrab of Arabic, let alone know how to read the language, and yet their biggest concern is being able to go RTL because the market demands it and its kind of awkward when speaking to a client why a simple copy/paste procedure doesn't always work for them When I expanded my work to FNB menu designs, that's when it hit me hard the most. The amount of time spent to implement these insane work arounds just to get arabic written properly on an AF file made me see their point. Any designer worth his salt will know that his main job is to communicate a message; if I'm indeed speaking to designers involved in developing this product, I'll begin my extending my utmost respect to a fine product you guys have going. But I can't help but ask: if we're here to communicate messages through visuals, how can something as crucial as Right-To-Left language support be placed so far down the priority list?! Arabs amount to almost 386 million and the language stands in the top 5 most spoken in the world. This goes without mentioning Hebrew/Cyrillic/Azeri... I mean no disrespect, but I just needed to convey my frustration. I won't pretend to understand how hard development is.
  5. I have found 3 bugs so far: 1. when I was choosing fonts in Artistic Text Tool Designer has sopped working, this happens after a while of searching for a right font. 2. I was trying to open an .ai file - program has crashed. I can't open any .cdr file - is it supported format? 3. I can't use my national diacritics (PL language) - this may be caused by default shortcuts (?, not sure) - but I tried also German and Spanish languages without any success. After each crush there was a bug report sent, so Affinity team has some documentation to verify. I have also one suggestion - when I add another layer it is added at the top of the list so layers are sorted backward. Also when you start a new document you start drawing without any layer - I know, this isn't a big issue, but it would be nice to start with eg. Layer 1. More often I use layers than draw on a flat structure. Anyway, program works very quickly, and it seems to be intuitive. So far this is my first approach to the 'Mac philosophy' of drawing... and I may like it (except shortcuts, probably). I hope that Designer will be improved constantly to finally beat Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.
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