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  1. SUNRISE - Hilo Bay, Hawaii Oct.9,2023 (06:15AM Hawaiian Time) Picture take with iPhone 13, Adjustments: ('Live Denoise', Luminance 45%), ('Levels' boost Blacks 13%, Whites 81%) Strictly an amateur photog but the 'fire' in the clouds are done by Mother Nature.
  2. Chessington Surrey UK this morning. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. f1.8, 1/122, ISO 50. Just played around with a bit adjusting the intensity of the clouds in APver2
  3. I have an issue with UI scaling the brush variable settings on the side of the workspace when in my usual landscape orientation (iPad) The three options for hardness, size & opacity bleed off the screen and make them unusable at the higher or lower values (see pictured example) These options fit on screen just fine in portrait mode, however I almost never work in portrait mode, and having to flip my iPad around every time I need to change brush values is annoying. Is there a future fix for this?
  4. I frequently use my iPad with the folio case which props it at a slight angle. Interestingly Affinity Photo AND Affinity Designer seem to be reacting to this angle when trying to place photos. The whole interface flickers strangely and taps aren't always registered. The video demonstrates it in Affinity Photo but the behavior is also the same in Designer. Previous to 2.0 I noticed other features in Affinity Designer such as keyboard visibility that were delicately affected by the slight angle. I haven't determined if these are still issues but I haven't seen any other iPad app that has had issues with this angle. You'll notice the flickering only occurs while the iPad is at the slight angle, but not when it is upright. This is an 11in iPad Pro M1 running iPadOS 16.2 (a). I have noticed this in previous versions of the OS IMG_5679.MOV
  5. output-stack-DeNoiseAI-standard-affinity-extended.tiffoutput-stack-DeNoiseAI-standard-affinity-extended.tiffHi, I'm trying to create a composite Milky Way landscape photo. I've done it before with other landscapes. I can't seem to do it with this landscape because of the trees. I'm unable to cleanly separate the landscape from the sky so I can then replace the sky with the Milky Way. Please let me know how I can make successfully combine these two photos.
  6. Duplicated layer, soft light blend then Levels and Curves adjustemnts, plus a fine sharpening macros.
  7. Cropped a little bit the layer, duplicated it, then Levels, Curves, Exposure, Brightness adjustment and Gold Punch, Subtle Yellow/Blue and Enhaced Yellow macros by James Ritson (different levels of opacity).
  8. I deleted my previous image because I was unsure if it violated the rights of Gingerly Press. And I thought up my own motif and tried to "paint" it in the style of Gingerly Press with Affinity Photo. I called it "Abstract Landscape".
  9. Ref: Thomas-Moran - Castle North Berwick Scotland
  10. I am trying Affinity Photo as a painting program. If I succeed that means I can stick to one program on all of my devices throughout the complete development process (graphic novel in mind); a pretty exciting prospect. This is an attempt at a landscape with that novel "style" in mind.
  11. In anticipation of a rather rare wintry day here in the "Sunny South" I created the sorrowful scene below from an image that (I must confess) I found somewhere two or three years ago. Unfortunately I cannot provide appropriate attribution to the original image, which I think came from Unsplash. A little selecting, a little Quick Masking, some Refining Selection, some cutting and pasting, some brushed birds, and some Snow Overlays by Paper Farms (assets) and behold! A truly dreary aspect.πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜€
  12. This is my first serious attempt to make something with APhoto. I used a photo I'd taken of a saltwater marsh in Maine. I brightened up the colors a bit because they looked dull. I hope I didn't overdo it. Then I replaced the sky and water, and added two Canada geese I found on Pixabay. The sky looks real, but the water and geese look pasted on because I couldn't figure out how to make them look realer. Good enough, I guess. I haven't learned to use all the tools yet. APhoto is great fun. I'm glad I bought it.
  13. I created this watercolour effect solely by using Affinity Photo's Procedural Textures in combination with standard techniques such at layer blend modes and masking. No third-party filters were used - even the watercolour paper texture was created using Procedural Textures. If you want an introduction to Procedural Textures for absolute beginners, with no maths or coding to confuse you, then I have written a set of tutorials beginning HERE. This image is copyright to me, of course, but I don't mind if you use in websites promoting Affinity Photo and it's amazing potential for art, graphic design and photo editing.
  14. An option to stack opened images is really useful for landscape photographers who blend exposures. A nice addition to this option is to select witch images to stack and close the images after stacking them.
  15. Well, since photography has always been my first love, here are some of my photos and often with my favourite model! πŸ˜‰
  16. In this tutorial, we'll cover landscape drawing, composition notions, the focal point, how to lead the viewer's eye and how the HSL dialog (hue, saturation and luminance) allows for incredible versatility in colour choices. Check it out here: https://www.isabelaracama.com/post/design-a-landscape-illustration-affinity-designer-tutorial
  17. The day time version was given that old time look. The old truck was added to the photo. Using Texture in the lighting control produced that grainy look. With the night version I added a picture of the Milky Way (I took) (sky replacement) and I created the look of headlights for the truck....
  18. Landscape from above LAs Cruces NM. Canon 7D Camera Settings: f/20, 1/50s, ISO-100, 70mm Canon 28-135 USM Lens First image was as shot and second is edited to ad a little more color vibrance. All edited in affinity photo. The image was too dry and I wanted to push the colors up a little
  19. Greetings Viewers, I have been taking pictures of the phases of the moon for a photo competition. I need to get 8 good pictures of the different phases of the moon. Early this morning at 05:20 I took some photographs of the Waning Gibbous moon. The two pictures are: 1. The original colour (looks B&W) image. and 2. The colour saturated image (looks good enough for the comp.) To give you an idea of the condition of the sky I took a picture of the sky looking to the north-east. The morning was a cold morning with frost on the ground and totally cloudless and very transparent. The joy of having high altitude aircraft grounded for the last month or so. The colour saturation was increased to show the bands of scattered light. As the dawn progressed to sunrise the "normal" flock of white cockatoos (about 300 - 400 birds) made their way to their morning roost to join with another (approx 1000 birds) then to take off for the days' foraging for seeds and roots etc. Next moon session is on Saturday - heavy rain predicted. Jeremy.
  20. Serif have announced that because of this wretched virus, they are generously making their software more available. I think it would be an idea for me to follow their example. If we can't get out and enjoy our countryside we can at least develop the photos we have taken of it. For the next 3 days until 24 March, 3:36am PDT the following course is free. Click on the link below and enter FREELANDSCAPES in the coupon field to get $59.99 off the price. That is to say, It's free. $0.00. Affinity Photo: Developing Landscapes Hopefully this will give you something to do if you are stuck indoors. Thanks for your time. Stay safe and stay healthy, Simon
  21. Hey I am using affinity designer and cant seem to get A3 landscape options ... any clues!!
  22. Created in Affinity Photo Panorama and caption. Do you know the mountains? http://panorama.welling.ch/Z/rigi/rigi.html
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