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  1. Hello, I'm actually using Affinity Designer Beta and I have a huge problem: apparently any shortcut that I have tried that involve the use of the square brackets ("[", "]") doesn't work for me. I cannot resize a stroke and I cannot move a selection to front or to the back. I can however select from the the dropdown menu the corresponding items and do these operations, but it's at least 10 times slower than by using the proper shortcut and for this reason very annoying. On the official 1.1.2 I can move objects between layers but I can't manage to change the brush size. Could
  2. Hello, could anyone tell me how this shortcut works on a german keyboard? It's the shortcut for the "context menu". I attached a screenshot what im talking about? Thanks in front. Marco
  3. The app seems to be missing the common keyboard selection controls: Cmd-Left / Cmd-Right to move to the start/end of a line Cmd-Shift-Left / Cmd-Shift/Right to select to the start/end of the line Alt-Left / Alt-Right to move to the previous / next word Alt-Shift-Left / Alt-Shift-Right to select the previous / next word
  4. Please please please please add this super important functionality to layers palette: When using the Move (V) tool, pressing 0 through 9 sets the current layer/s' opacity to the following: 0 = 100% 9 = 90% 8 = 80% 7 = 70% 6 = 60% 5 = 50%, etc. for remaining numbers. Now if you press two digits within a certain timeframe, then it interprets those two digits as a more specific opacity value: 05 = 5% 09 = 9% 38 = 38% etc... Additionally, pressing "Shift +" and "Shift -" cycles forwards or backwards through the Blend/Transfer modes. These two sets of keyboard equiv
  5. Hello, Having issue with the Open File dialog. I was able to open the first file by navigating through the folders using the cursor keys on my keyboard. However, when opening a second file moments later, the cursor keys did nothing and I was only able to navigate with the mouse. That is all. I thank you. Good day!
  6. The Export sheet has two buttons, Cancel and Export. Cancel is already keyboard-enabled (or acts as if it is); hitting ESC closes the sheet. But Export cannot be activated with the Keyboard; one must use the mouse. If Export were the default button, hitting Return or Enter would "press" it. (I'm using AD to build multilayer graphics; I typically have ten or so exports per graphic with different layers turned on and off. I've assigned Command+E to File > Export..., so once I've set the format and directory for my first export, I can do everything quickly through the keyboard, except
  7. Please implement the standard Adobe keyboard shortcuts for handling current foreground and background colors... I rely on these ALL the time to quickly adjust colors. Great app! x = select fill or stroke color (currently done by clicking on either fill color or stroke color icons on the "Colour" palette. X = swap fill and stroke / line color (currently done by clicking on the little "swap" arrow in the "Colour" palette. d = set stroke and fill colors to defaults (black for stroke, white for fill) / = set current color (stroke or fill) to None
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