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  1. I've got another request: Please implement a function to print the keyboard shortcuts. That's especially useful for people who like to customize their keyboard shortcuts. I know I can always look them up in the menu but if we had a possibility to print a list we could simply put the printed list somewhere, e.g. on the wall behind the monitor. That's far more intuitive than having to look the shortcuts up every time we don't remember a specific one. Another solution would be to store the keyboard shortcuts as plain text file, this way we could simply open the file in any text editor and print t
  2. Hey there, I'm wondering if there are any tutorials specifically for putting the website design together and making it work. Is it simply html coded after designing a webpage in AD? For instance, how would you make functioning buttons and links from it? I don't mind the html part, I just need to know if the UI kit includes that type of option to make the buttons I create do something. If there's nothing AD can do for that, how are people creating mobile/web interfaces with their AD designs? Second question, are there any tutorials on how to make keyboards with the UI kit for mobile
  3. I'd like to be able to use the same keyboard shortcut combinations for different tools. For example, since the default combination for "arrange > move to back" requires a key combination that is incompatible with my keyboard layout, I have assigned "CTRL+B" for this action. However, this combination is already in use so it clashes with the text tool (bold). If I assign it anyway, CTRL+B works for some objects (groups, images) and really does send them to back, but majority of objects like the rectangle, circle, triangle, etc don't work. And, once assigned, it also works when I try to us
  4. Hi, I'm really excited to join the Affinity community! I''ve been a Photoshop user for quite some time and have developed some habits I'd like to replicate in Affinity if possible. I've listed some of them below. Hopefully it's not too overwhelming... - I like the ALT+RMB shortcut so resize the brush in PS (left/right) AND adjust the pressure (up/down). Can it be setup in the preferences? - I can't seem to find a file size in the export Persona: did I miss it? I like the CTRL+Z unlimited undo: is it really unlimited or is there a max number of undo steps? That would be all for no
  5. Hello people, some (perhaps stupid) question again. I use the apple keyboard with numeric keypad. It seems that the shortcuts do not work. Is there some method to use it? Greetings from Berlin :)
  6. I've always had my own custom keyboard shortcuts and now changing over to Affinity Photo (on Windows10) I'm trying to create the same here. I know how to add a custom keyboard shortcut but run into some difficulties and need help: I started by clicking "Clear All Shortcuts" to make sure I start building my shortcut system from scratch. However numeric keys for example still keep their old function: even if I assign a new command to a numeric key, when I press it keeps setting opacity (a function I do not need shortcut for). My questions: 1. Is there a way I can assign my own functions
  7. Hi I find a problem typing polish text. I can't type ć <0107> Ć <0106> ł <0142> Ł <0141> It looks like that in this case right alt + selected character perform different function. Robert
  8. Hey, I've downloaded latest update and one issue, when I'm working with text: 1. I can't write polish small letters "ł" (Alt Gr + l) and "ć" (Alt Gr + c). Also keyboart shortcuts like Ctrl + < and Ctrl + > to increase and decrease of font size don't work. (Win 10 Pl). Is this my problem or all polish users have the same issue? Best,
  9. AD fam, On many of the AD tutorials I see a click/drag operation used to select an item you want to isolate for copy/paste purposes. My question, is the click/drag done while holding down a keyboard key (i.e., the 'alt' or 'command' key)? When I click/drag over a given area that I'm trying to cut out, I see the light blue square/rectangle cover said area...but when I release my finger from the mouse it seems I'm unable to 'capture' (copy) the selection. I know I'm missing something simple - please have mercy on me. Thanks in advance. -Christo
  10. When flipping canvas horizontally with the menu, everything updates quickly, as expected, but if you have a keyboard shortcut set up for this action, it seems to behave much worse. It will sometimes only update the area around the cursor, and won't fully update the display until you zoom in or out of the image. Let me know if you have trouble reproducing and I'll be more specific. Thanks Wayne
  11. Hi I am using Affinity Photo in German mainly just because I also have a German keyboard, what I can't find anywhere are a list/overview of all the shortcuts for a German keyboard AND for the Windows version! Can any one help me out?
  12. Hi All, was wondering if I can now ditch the separate shortcut files for the separate apps now? I have three files, AffinityShortcut.affshortcuts AffinityPhotoShortcut.affshortcuts AffinityDesignerShortcut.affshortcuts ...Assuming that I am happy with my current shortcuts in either of the apps, am I able to save over just the AffinityShortcut.affshortcuts and delete the other two, and in future only update the single file? I seem to half remember that the apps originally had separate shortcut files but have since been merged, making the two individual files redundant? Just wante
  13. Hi! Imagine you enter a text with another input language and keyboard layout. It is then inconvenient to switch back and forth input languages just to use shortcuts (e.g., 'V' for Move Tool is 'М' in Russian layout). Please, make shortcuts dependent on key values rather than input symbols. PS: Excuse me if it is not the problem and there is a workaround for my case. I'm new to AD. PPS: That topic is similar to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/495-keyboard-layout-independance/
  14. Hello, I am experiencing an issue with AD on Windows 10 where when I focus Font Size text field on the top bar or on the floating panel and press the down or up keys on the keyboard, it will decrease/increase the font size as expected, but if I press the down or up key again it will move the selected text object down/up instead of decreasing/increasing the font size again. It also happens on all other fields on the floating Character/Font panel. Is this the expected behavior? I would expect it to keep focus so I can play around with font size/kerning/line-height/etc until I a
  15. On a lot of tools, the sliders are hard to control with a mouse - for example, on the Exposure Adjustment layer control, the slightest mouse movement causes a large change. It would be very helpful if the keyboard arrow keys (either up/down or left/right) were available to give finer control over sliders. I'd suggest that ANY slider should be controllable with the arrow keys, as in a lot of programs. Sorry if this has been requested before or is in the works. :)
  16. It would be nice to have keyboard shorcuts for hardness, similar to the ones for opacity. E.g., Alt-5 sets the hardness to 50%, Alt-52 to 52%.
  17. Confirmed by testing on MacBook Air and iMac with Magic Keyboard - the single 'delete' key on these keyboards (effectively a 'backspace' key) no longer functions as previous versions. For selections on a layer or for complete layers the single key doesn't work alone to remove the selection or layer - it needs to be used in conjunction with the 'fn' key which effectively turns it into a 'standard' delete key. On full size Mac keyboards which have a completely separate delete key, this functions as expected. As new Macs tend to come with a cut down keyboard, as do MacBooks, please can this be r
  18. Hi! This suggestion is mostly for Affinity Designer, but I suppose some of this could be translated to Photo too? When I'm placing an anchor point or object holding down the spacebar will allow me to move the said point or object, this is great. However, while editing these points or objects pressing the spacebar no longer does anything. Here's a simple example, start rotating any existing rectangle, you can't press the spacebar to move it while also rotating. Would be a big time saver to have the spacebar shortcut working during edits too. Thanks!
  19. Hi! A couple of suggestions for the keyboard shortcuts, this is for both Affinity Designer and Photo Activate the Zoom tool with Ctrl + Spacebar (key press order matters here)Currently pressing Spacebar + Ctrl will activate the zoom, but the inverse key combination will not. I often press these two keys together very fast and I can't reliably activate the Zoom tool. ​Zoom tool shortcut as jump keyZoom tool should be temporarily activated when you hold down the tool shortcut (the z key), once you let go the previous used tool should be selected again (see how Photoshop does it). It should
  20. By default the number keys set opacity - which is fine. BUT AD doesn't distinguish between the standard numbers and the numeric keypad, to which I'd really like to assign a bunch of other shortcuts. With 15 keys on the numpad, and at least 3 different modifiers, there are >45 keyboard shortcuts going to waste here! Also, under the current system, if I do set a numeric keypad numeral as a shortcut, it doesn't warn me that there is an existing clash with the opacity function... worst of both worlds! Thanks for your consideration.
  21. Read that you were working on more/ changeable shortcuts. Nice! :) I think shortcuts and the ability to change them have a big influence on your overall software experience. The less you have to navigate to menus and panels, the faster you can draw. What I think would benefit the Affinity Designer experience: Adjustable shortcuts Save your under your own name and be able to change them all. Shortcuts for everything I understand that the developers might not want to add a shortcut to every program "action", but as a user if there is something that I do a lot in my illustrating
  22. Hello together, first of all, thank you very much for your magnificent software, I'm working with the Beta for Windows now some days and it's very fun to do so. Nontheless I have a question regarding the Marquee pixel selection tools (e.g. elliptical marquee and rectangular marquee tool) and their modifier keys. I have consulted the help and found there are only two modifier keys, one which constrains the proportions (Shift) and on modifier key the removes ares from the current selection (Alt) and the possibility to drag with both left and right mouse button down) to add to a selec
  23. Every time I use the pen to draw in Designer or Photo under Windows, the virtual keyboard pops up. The happens when no keyboard or the bluetooth keyboard is attached, but not when the surface keyboard itself is connected.
  24. After assigning new commands to keyboard shortcuts and saving them in a file, the new functionallity is not taken over within the program. After restarting APW it works short time and than is forgotten again ... In this case I assigned brush size down to the "Q" key and size up to the "W" key ... Known problem? Beste regards, DarkClown
  25. Hi. By default, Affinity Designer's Duplicate function keyboard shortcut assigned to Opt+Shift+Cmd+S. Not very handy shortcut, you know. I used to Cmd+D. So I went to the applications Preferences pane, to change keyboard shortcut to a custom one. 1. There was an attention sign near shortcut, which represented some kind if a conflict I suppose, but I failed to know what exactly. 2. Trying to reassign keyboard shortcut to a new one, I failed again, cause AD refused to save my changes. Whatever I did – plain assign, empty it's value in every persona dropdown, reload the application, it all w
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