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Found 125 results

  1. Hi All, I was just setting up Astropad for use with AF, but have somehow managed to change my brush cursor to a cross hair, which is instantly annoying! I think Photoshop used to have a keyboard shortcut, like tild key or something that would change the cursor for the brush? Is there a key for changing brush cursors, or a setting somewhere? Or have I imagined the whole thing and it's been a cross hair the whole time?? Thanks Wayne
  2. Hello, I am using a Macbook Pro and sometimes my keyboard will cease to function while I have Affinity Designer running. I haven't noticed it in Affinity Designer itself, although it happens to me rather often in other programs, such as Chrome. I am using a Mac wireless keyboard, but the build-in keyboard does not function either. Computer doesn't freeze, everything else works fine. When I close Affinity, I regain control. Macbook Pro version: 10.9.5 Affinity Designer 1.4 Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. When using the up and down arrow keys for fine tuning exposure the increments are Full Stops of exposure. For fine tuning it would be great to add more control and make the increments a 1/3rd of a stop or smaller. Using the scrubby control works great but having keyboard control would be a great addition. The other controls in the Develop Persona have really fine increments when using the up and down arrow keys - just not exposure :( Thanks for listening.. MK
  4. Hello, Working in Mac OS 10.9.5 Using Affinity Designer 1.4 After a few minutes of working in Affinity my keyboard becomes totally unresponsive, even in other programs or the Finder. I have to Quit Affinity to regain use of the keyboard. This means I have to quit every few minutes to work. I only have a few applications open (Preview, Text Edit, Firefox). But even if Affinity is the only program open the problem still occurs. I had a wireless keyboard. I switched out to a corded version. Same problem. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I'm having an ongoing problem with Affinity Designer and some other programs. The conflict seems to knock out the keyboard. Mouse still works... but the USB keyboard freezes. I can move the cursor into position with the mouse... but no typing can be done. Has anyone else experienced this. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.4 on Yosemite... but this was also happening at times on 1.3. Any suggestions? Bill
  6. I wanted to assign cmd+F to "Send to front" and cmd+B to "send to back". I did so in the preferences panel, but even though it seems to be there, the send to back shortcut doesn't work and doesn't appear in the layers menu either. You can see in the screenshot, the shortcut ias assigned, and doesn't show a conflict. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
  7. Hi, It would be great to have the possibility of increasing or decreasing input values using arrow keys. Presently, you have to either type in a new value or use the slider or side arrows. In Photoshop you can increase font size, for example, by simply pressing and keeping pressed the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard. I find this possibility saves time. https://cldup.com/7sHPBeCqSF-3000x3000.png
  8. As a user with two layouts I tend to switch between my native Russian and English often. I'd love for Designer app's shortcuts to ignore my layout and just work when i'm not in English layout.
  9. I'd like the ability to remove tools from the standard palette (in both Photo and Designer), especially subset items. There are so many tools that I don't use that I'd like to remove them, and I'd like the ability to pull commonly used subset items (like Rectangle, Ellipse, etc. from the Shapes tool) and place them on the "main" level. I'm hoping removing unused tools would also remove them from the keyboard shortcuts/toggles (in Photo, for example, "B" cycles between four different tools, two of which I don't use).
  10. Hi there, first of all: a big thank you for building alternatives to Adobe’s programs! The latter are so annoying in many ways but regrettably still unavoidable for graphic designers. Which brings me straight to my point: I’ve noticed you’ve implemented many things to work like in the Adobe programs which is the right thing to do in most cases if you want to get Adobe users to switch. But – for me – one of the most annoying things in Adobe programs is that editing text works completely differently to the Mac standard way. The keyboard shortcuts for jumping around from word to word (alt + left/right arrow keys) or to the beginning/end of a line (cmd + left/right arrow keys) should in my opinion be the Mac standard ones and not the Adobe ones. It happens regularly that I change the kerning when I want to jump back or forth in text. Thanks a lot in advance for reading this. Cheers, Hagen.
  11. Hi I'm a Dane trying out affinity. My problem is: our keyboards look different from the US keyboard (see attachment). We have three additional letters. I have found US shortcuts list and most of them works perfectly. BUT the increase/decrease brush size doesn't work as our three additional letters is placed where the shortcut should be. Is there another shortcut I can use? Or can I make my own shortcut? //Søren Bjerg
  12. Hi, are there any instruction PDFs for german keyboard layout on Designer and Photo? I have experimented especially for resizing brushes in Photo, but I didn't got it work with alt+5 or alt+6. With this or with different combinations mostly I am only changing the opacity.
  13. There is a super cool feature with Pixel Tool that allows you to paint with "alpha" keeping the same tool preset. If you press CMD while painting, you can easily erase keeping the same appearance: texture, nozzle, jitters,etc... Is it possible to extend this feature to Paintbrush and Paint Mixer too?
  14. Hello… I have often worked on documents with PS that are of very long (and narrow) format, when zoomed in, I find it useful to tap the "home" key to quickly bring me to the top of the document and vice versa with the "end" key for the bottom. Also great when assigned a dedicated key for graphic tablets. I realize this may sound rather silly as the Affinity programs already have various methods to navigate a document, but after giving it some thought, why leave out a basic option as the keys are already available on every keyboard? Would this be difficult to implement? At the moment, those keys do not seem to serve any function for Photo and Designer. Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, how can i change the brush size from the pencil e.g. with a shortcut on a german keyboard??
  16. Choose a tool from the toolbar that comes with a dialogue, for example the crop tool. Then you should be able to cancel the tool by pressing the ESC key and the cmd-. (dot) Apple-shortcut.
  17. hi folks, i know customizable keyboardshortcuts are on the roadmap ... i am looking forward to it! as a german designer, on my keyboard producing the shortcout "APPLE - ALT - SHIFT - ]" to bring an object to the front (or back, don't remember), simply is not useable, because my keyboard-layout has hidden the "]" behind the combination ALT + 6 and so on. i hope that affinity puts a german/french/spanish ... native to create the necessary shortcutsets, when they are far enough with the development. ... otherwise, i offer my services for free, of course. but until then you can use the VERY HELPFUL app "a better touch tool" to trigger AD-commands and convert them to something more suitable ... or vice versa: trigger your custom commands, when you use AD an convert them to AD-commands. a better touch tool helped me a lot with AIs half-working keyboard-shortcut-customization. cheers ... flo http://www.bettertouchtool.net
  18. While I have a standard keyboard, I use the French Azerty keyboard as my natural input. When using affinity both photo and designer many of the commands only work when the En keyboard is selected. Is this something that could be fixed easily or I am doomed to have to learn touch typing on the En keyboard. This simple little issue is really slowing me down. Other than that great product.
  19. Hello, I'm actually using Affinity Designer Beta and I have a huge problem: apparently any shortcut that I have tried that involve the use of the square brackets ("[", "]") doesn't work for me. I cannot resize a stroke and I cannot move a selection to front or to the back. I can however select from the the dropdown menu the corresponding items and do these operations, but it's at least 10 times slower than by using the proper shortcut and for this reason very annoying. On the official 1.1.2 I can move objects between layers but I can't manage to change the brush size. Could this be caused because I'm using a MacBook Pro with an Italian keyboard? I don't have on my keyboard two keys for the square brackets, instead I have two different keys ("è" and "+"), and in order to write brackets I have to press "command" + "è" and "command" + "+". In the past I had the same problem with Photoshop since I was unable to move between layers because Adobe used the same keys and like Affinity Designer, that particular shortcut wasn't customizable. This is a GIF with the layout of the keys on my keyboard: http://support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT2841/Italian.gif Could you help me, this is really a showstopper for me.
  20. Hello, could anyone tell me how this shortcut works on a german keyboard? It's the shortcut for the "context menu". I attached a screenshot what im talking about? Thanks in front. Marco
  21. The app seems to be missing the common keyboard selection controls: Cmd-Left / Cmd-Right to move to the start/end of a line Cmd-Shift-Left / Cmd-Shift/Right to select to the start/end of the line Alt-Left / Alt-Right to move to the previous / next word Alt-Shift-Left / Alt-Shift-Right to select the previous / next word
  22. Please please please please add this super important functionality to layers palette: When using the Move (V) tool, pressing 0 through 9 sets the current layer/s' opacity to the following: 0 = 100% 9 = 90% 8 = 80% 7 = 70% 6 = 60% 5 = 50%, etc. for remaining numbers. Now if you press two digits within a certain timeframe, then it interprets those two digits as a more specific opacity value: 05 = 5% 09 = 9% 38 = 38% etc... Additionally, pressing "Shift +" and "Shift -" cycles forwards or backwards through the Blend/Transfer modes. These two sets of keyboard equivalents speed up my ideation and production process by orders of magnitude... Whatddya say @MattP? Pleeeeeeeease :D :D :D
  23. Hello, Having issue with the Open File dialog. I was able to open the first file by navigating through the folders using the cursor keys on my keyboard. However, when opening a second file moments later, the cursor keys did nothing and I was only able to navigate with the mouse. That is all. I thank you. Good day!
  24. The Export sheet has two buttons, Cancel and Export. Cancel is already keyboard-enabled (or acts as if it is); hitting ESC closes the sheet. But Export cannot be activated with the Keyboard; one must use the mouse. If Export were the default button, hitting Return or Enter would "press" it. (I'm using AD to build multilayer graphics; I typically have ten or so exports per graphic with different layers turned on and off. I've assigned Command+E to File > Export..., so once I've set the format and directory for my first export, I can do everything quickly through the keyboard, except for "pressing Export" in the Export sheet. Moving the mouse between the Layers palette and the Export slows down the process quite a bit.)
  25. Please implement the standard Adobe keyboard shortcuts for handling current foreground and background colors... I rely on these ALL the time to quickly adjust colors. Great app! x = select fill or stroke color (currently done by clicking on either fill color or stroke color icons on the "Colour" palette. X = swap fill and stroke / line color (currently done by clicking on the little "swap" arrow in the "Colour" palette. d = set stroke and fill colors to defaults (black for stroke, white for fill) / = set current color (stroke or fill) to None
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