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Found 32 results

  1. Affinity Designer 1.5.1 Minor nit: Pressing the Escape key should close the About box.
  2. A keyboard combination for a 1/10 stepping is missing. - Like alt + cursor key. Explanation: Currently: Selecting an object or a value field. Tapping the cursor keys increments or decrements the value or object position by 1 step. So you can adjust object attributes. Holding the shift key while tap the cursor keys increments or decrements the value or object position by 10 steps at once. So you can adjust object attributes in broad range. But which key do you have to hold, to do the opposite? To make the fine adjustments. The increment or decrement the first number behind the floating point. - So in other App you have to hold the alt key, to increment or decrement the values or object position by 1/10 steps. I'm missing that in Affinity Designer and Photo.
  3. https://github.com/keycastr/keycastr "KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer." I hope this helps some of you who make tutorials
  4. Hey guys, second time asking about this. Keyshort input isn't working to setup "deselect" in Designer draw mode. I am attempting to setup a command-shift-a keyshort to deselect in draw mode designer. I am able to input the keyshort but it doesn't work. In fact the command-d keyshort default doesn't work either (only in pixel mode even though it is shown in the draw mode keyshort prefs window). Only the escape key seems to work to deselect and I'd prefer to stay with my 25 plus year muscle memory keyshort. Is this a bug or designed behaviour and if designed I'm wondering why have the ability to assign a keyshort and have it not work?
  5. Hello, Already exists, or no way to create a shortcut key for "File > Export..." option? I need to create many png files and this would be nice. Thank's
  6. Hello, Having issue with the Open File dialog. I was able to open the first file by navigating through the folders using the cursor keys on my keyboard. However, when opening a second file moments later, the cursor keys did nothing and I was only able to navigate with the mouse. That is all. I thank you. Good day!
  7. I continue this topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/560-selection-marqu%C3%A9-tools-constrain-aspect-ratio-and-slow-speed/&p=1781 Keys do work now but not mac-like. A lack in speed came back. Invisibility while dragging. // beta 18306. In detail: 1. The marque tool now works with keyboard keys and combined keys but one not mac-like: "Shift" constrains aspect ratio. "Option" substracts a selection from an existing selection. "Control" adds a selection to an existing selection. –> "Control" is not mac-like to encrease a selection. In mac I use "command" to add sth to an existing selection – both in applications and system/finder. You simply might want to change "Control" into "Command". (discussed before: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/661-option-drag-to-copyduplicate/&p=2317 2. I experience a lack in speed while dragging, though this delay appeared to be solved in a previous beta. When I drag with the marque tool it takes obviously time to show my drag action on screen. 3. Invisible drag action while dragging. When I drag with the marque tool I do not see any response while dragging. A drag action becomes visible after dragging. If a key is hit while dragging the drag action gets visible only after the mouse/key got released.
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