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Found 101 results

  1. Why is the resized jpeg image blurry even when the aspect ratio is preserved going to a smaller size?
  2. I have some jpg images that I want to cut as stencils in my Silhouette design program. But the colors are reversed so that the Silhouette program cuts the wrong part of the jpeg, i.e., it cuts out the black part rather than the white part that I want to cut out. I'm wondering is there is any way to reverse the colors in the image. Doing so would allow me to cut this correctly. I have both Photo and Designer.I tried doing a recolor adjustment but that didn't work. I tried rasterizing the layer to see if I could convert the image to curves but that didn't work either. Are there any other options, or is this just the nature of jpgs? Thanks for the help.
  3. When I export and share some files a series of parallel horizontal lines appear down the right hand side of the photo, they don't show in affinity nor in photos (Mac), but when I then share, for example, on Facebook, they appear... for or example the photo below does not show here, but does if posted..
  4. Hello Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to turn off the compression when exporting a JPEG file? If this is even possible... I'm currently trying to upload my book cover to certain websites and even though when I look at the photo in preview it looks great, but when I upload it the thumbnails look awful (pixelated to the max). I've contacted support on these websites and they're advice so far is to up the DPI (which is currently at a 72) and turn off the LZW Compression. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks for the help ! Adam
  5. BradSopkow

    Export Issue

    When I go to export and then click share in bottom left corner and then save image, it crashes the app and goes to the home screen. It does not save the image to photos.
  6. When exporting a document as JPEG, on the "More..." settings, I can choose to have a 'progressive' JPEG. How many scans does it encode in the final file? Photoshop lets me choose 3-5 but AF seems to just have either progressive or not.
  7. Hi I started using Affinity Photo a few weeks ago and the quality is great but I've noticed that when I try and post the photos I've edited to Instagram or websites the photos are rejected or the thumbnail is black. Instagram and the websites I post to are very important to my customers and how I get business so please help me fix this. When I export I do Jpeg and I lower the quality to under 2MB which seemed to help until a file sized 1.92MB also didn't work. Also when I post a picture on Instagram I have to now zoom in to get it to show up which usually cuts off my watermark. It's not Instagram because I have the same issue on other sites and the same picture edited through a different software works fine.
  8. Rick deckard

    Bad jpeg quality

    Hi, i’m creating jpegs from my AP files and I am constantly having bad quality results. JPEGs appear to be slightly blurry and I can see artifacts even when setting the export to 95% quality. Anyone shares this issue? thanks!
  9. When I export a finished image in any format or setting option from Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro and then I add text to the image from another photo app, the text is not sharp but fuzzy. This only happens after I save an image done in Affinity, never with other images that are done in other digital apps. I try different settings to import the image, but it makes no difference. Why does this happen and is there a way to save it differently so I can later add sharp text? Thank you.
  10. Hello, is there any good method to remove lower quality JPEG artifacts from whole photo without loosing details and blurring? I've attached simple sample.
  11. Hello, I have just run a few tests against PhotoShop CS6 and Affinity Photo on saving/exporting Jpeg files, starting with a 6.46mb 1422px x 2013px 207ppi JPEG assigning adobe rgb1998 resize too 7020px x 9930px 300ppi PhotoShop : saved quality 12, options base line standard jpeg : 28.47mb Affinity Photo exported : jpeg best, progressive OFF, quality 100%, embed icc, embed meta : 46.33mb any idea why the huge file from AP Regards Chris p.s Windows 10, AP
  12. Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I've included a screen shot of my issue: a single Affinity Photo processed portrait JPEG as exported from AP in medium quality (1.7 MB). All three are of exactly the same photograph, displayed through (from L to R) Affinity Photo, Adobe Bridge CS5 and Windows (7 Premium home Edition 64 bit) Explorer Picture Directory. The image originated as a NEF RAW file (Nikon D7200) via DNG converter into AP Develop persona, then processed in photo persona at 8 bit RGB. The same JPEG image opened in Photoshop CS5.1 (64 bit) opens in ACR and is as dark as the illustrated image in Adobe Bridge. However, when attached to an email, the over saturated 'orange' version occurs. Oddly reassuring is that the printed version matches the AP one beautifully. My monitor is Dell UP2516D Will you be producing an asset management programme to work with AP any time soon? Thanks again, Lubiloo
  13. I've developed some RAW photos, tweaked them in the Photo Persona and exported them as JPGs. Problem is, they have this weird green cast when I preview the jpg and are completely unusable. However, when I bring the exports back into Affinity, the shift goes away? Would this be a color management problem? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  14. I am using a iPad pro and Affinity App. I would like to save finished pics to de apple picture brouwser on my iPad. I only find options to export to cloud storage. If I want to post a picture on 500PX the share function of Affinity doesn't work.
  15. Hi, I've just downloaded Affinity for iPad on my iPad Pro 12.9" and have been working on some photos. Doesn't really have any problem until I try to flatten my layers and the process takes forever. I've tried waited 30mins and it's still going, is this normal for the progress to be so long? I'm only working on 3 layers with some masking and layer adjustments. I've also tried to exported it as JPEG and I'm stuck at the "preparing to export". Anyone facing with the same problem? By the way, the photos are taken with my Cano 5Ds so the file size cold be a factor? regards, Calvin
  16. Hey, First of all congrats on the app, for a first version it certainly is fantastic. Now, my problem is as follows: 1) Shoot with Nikon D5100 as RAW+JPEG 2) Import photos using SD adapter to iPad Air 2 (iOS 11 dev beta 1) 3) Open Affinity Photo and import from photo gallery imported image 4) The image loaded is the JPEG version and not the raw. However, if I shoot only in RAW I can open the raw image from AP. SUGGESTION: Give us the option to select whether we want to work with the RAW file or the JPEG. Also, if possible, communicate this issue with Apple, since the Photos app neither allows us to choose which version to import from the SD card, neither makes it clear if photos have both a raw version and jpeg. Thank you very much and continue with your amazing work. Best Regards, Panagiotis
  17. In Affinity Photo 1.5 there is an automated lens correction in the RAW Converter. Is it possible to use the automated Lens correction / Lens profiles also with a JPEG files?
  18. Simon R

    Export Photos

    Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this. Having completed my workflow and ready to export and save as a JPEG, I have noticed that the image that I have save has changed. I had applied an Unsharp Mask Live Filter, inverted the image and used the Paint Brush Tool to bring out the detail to my Background Image, but when I flatten the document ready for export, I lose all the detail in the image created. Am I doing something (or not) that is preventing the detail being retained, and if so, what are the alternatives. Many Thanks Simon R
  19. Hi there, I recently started with affinity. Now I do have my first problem with that software. I have edit a picture in affinity and exported it as a jpeg (best quality). Using this picture in Wordpress the quality is very bad. see areas on the black T-shirts. Then I opened the exported pic in Gimp and safed it again as a jpg the quality in Wordpress is good. Why is that? Can anybody please help? Thanks! Thomas
  20. Most of the RAW photos I'm editing in develop persona don't need any further changes hence I just want to export them to JPEG However, I have to separately develop them and then export them instead of having an option of straight to export to JPEG Does an export direct to JPEG exist in develop persona? If not, can it be added? Thank you
  21. Hi guys, Google announced a new open source jpeg encoder yesterday. Will you be implementing this in future versions of Affinity products? https://research.googleblog.com/2017/03/announcing-guetzli-new-open-source-jpeg.html
  22. Is there any way to include the bleed when exporting a design as a jpeg? I figured it out in regards to PDFs, but haven't figured out the best practice when jpegs are required for the project. When I design photo cards or wedding invites, etc. the photography based websites require jpegs. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello, A quick question on opening RAW images in Affinity. When I open RAW files saved in IMac photos in Affinity, they appear in JPEG format. How can I ensure that they remain in RAW format? Thank you
  24. Hi there, I usually solely work with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but unfortunately the exports looked like crap, so I tried every installed ICC profile and realised that the profile that the exported picture looks alike is the Samsung Natural Color Pro. I thus checked all the settings, converted the ICC to sRGB again, set it manually in the exporter but it still didnt work - it kept exporting with the Samsung profile. In the end the only solution I could find was to convert to the Samsung profile and, additionally, set it manually in the exporter instead of using document profile. This does not seem to be a solution on the long term. Maybe someone else has made similar experiences and can confirm this bug. Many thanks!
  25. I'm using Photo for Windows and having trouble exporting a Photo image to a jpeg file. When in the Photo persona and working on an image, if I select "file", then "export", then choose jpeg format and click on the "export" button the "save as" window pops up and lists "Affinity files" (which is grayed out) as the only available file type and not jpeg as I expected. I've tried other changing some of the settings in the "export settings" dialog box to see if that might allow me to save as a jpeg. No dice. Pretty much the same story using the export persona (not surprisingly). I would have thought that, since I selected the jpeg format, that Affinity Photo would have generated an enlightening error message. I've watched tutorial videos and read some on exporting, but haven't found any mention of this problem or its possible causes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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