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Found 5 results

  1. Hello i have been trying to fuse 2 nodes into one by using the join function but i never get it consistently. There are 2 outcomes usually: 1.- successful fusion, but is very unlikely yet usually wat i need 2.- both node are snapped an seem like it is just 1 node but if you grab it you se there is actually a line between Both nodes, it is very common and not wanted I have already tried this: (after the video) Posted in How to join paths? Hi Estalfos, Welcome to Affinity Forums If you have Snap to geometry of selected curves enabled in the Snap section (Node Tool) the nodes of the curves should snap and produce a clean join when you join them (the node will turn yellow when they snap successfully). It's possible a few specific cases may fail - if you encounter one please save the file (just the two curves is enough) and create anew thread in the adequate Bugs section for us to log/pqass the file to dev to be checked. I have tried the forums to see if I was doing wrong and I have follow indication yet it keeps happening at random. Apparently. I’ll leave the file I’m working on so you can check it. I’m trying to fuse this curves to create a full shape That is mirrored and with no gaps or extra lines, since this are clothing patterns. IMG_5142.MP4 Queen Serenity.afdesign
  2. I have a complex star which was generated in CorelDraw. It is too complex to reproduce in Affinity. I have therefore imported it via svg, wmf, pdf, and emf. In each case it imports, but does not reproduce the corners correctly. Here is how it looks in CorelDraw: And here is how it looks in Affinity: I have tried changing the corner join modes to mitre join, but then I get: Any suggestions on how I get the correct corners? Thx
  3. Could someone please show me how to create a simple, symmetrical, vector heart shape in Affinity Designer? I just want to be able to join nodes like in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, so easy and simple. I've been trying to create a symmetrical heart shape with two halves, but whenever I use the node snap tool it messes up one node handle at the bottom of the heart. One node handle ends up being forced into a corner node and the heart shape looses it's symmetry. When I try other ways of joining the paths then I get two nodes instead of just one node. Thanks you for your help.
  4. Hi, yes, yet another "how to join 2 nodes post", but I've been in struggle for two days now, I'm creating a font and will have a lot of this places with 2 points together but with different bezier points (see image), I need really clean vector with 1 point instead of 2. When moving 1 point to second one, it highlights in yellow color and snaps to it, I looks like YAAYYY it converted into 1 point???? NO, it's still 2 points just hanging in the same coordinates Selecting 2 points and clicking "Join curves" "Close curves" nothing is happening. "Smooth curve" is great feature, but not great for me in this situation, as shape very much changes How to really create 1 point from 2? without touching the bezier handles and doing anything with hands again (it will ruin the original shape) P.S. Also, why point sometimes have square markers and sometimes round markers? (like in attachment)
  5. Hi! I am quite new to the world of design and I'd like to pursue it as a hobby. I found out about affinity designer and i LOVE it so far. However I've noticed q lot of times while playing around with it, that sometimes the "snap" does not properly work, or at least I might not use it properly and therefore always do the same mistake: Whenever I create a symmetrical image, I first create half of the grafic and then copy paste and mirror it to get the image I want. In 90% of the cases though, I end up with the shapes not being perfectly together and it results in a gap between the images. I mostlay always discover it at the end, because I use a helper line which covers the gap. Is there an easy technique which allows me to fix this? I've tried to break both curves and then join the top and bottom nodes, but nothing happens. Also when trying to "snap" both nodes on top of each other, I can't get rid of the gap. I'd be grateful for any advice.
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