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  1. Have changed this to an Epub for 1.5 (Updated Dec 7, 2016 with Gold Master Help File) Here is a link to the Affinity Photo Help File in Epub Format for Version 1.5 (December 7, 2016) - works great in Ibooks. Very convenient to have in a portable format - or to use side by side with Affinity Photo on your computer. Link: https://app.box.com/s/bjv07ey7ryvqbg16zh4yjazcd65uw85c Alternate Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjuKWjfPlktwgfoEGfpoz65qzzsz_A Just download it to your ipad and pick "open in IBooks" or download it to your computer and email it to yourself and then pick "open in iBooks" from your iPad. Its a spectacular resource on an iPad Pro. If you have an android tablet, go to Google Play and search for "epub reader"
  2. Can someone please give me a quick guide on how to set up a digital tablet. Specifically, how do you set up pressure sensitivity in regards to size/color/opacity, and other features in Affinity?
  3. Just wanted to know if there is any news or rough ETA for Affinity Photo on iPad. It's been announced as "on the way" for a while now. Anybody have an idea when/if a beta version will be released? Thanks
  4. Dear Affinity - Team, I was wondering if it would be possible for Serif to offer a iPad / iPhone App to use the Device as 2nd Screen for quick selection of Tools, filters, Layers or other stuff, to use the screen of the MacBook or MacBook Pro for an lager Workspace to see the photo or image the user is working on. The Connection between the devices would be via Bluetooth or the local WiFi. Best regards, mac_switch
  5. A feature in animation software Hype is bundled with it's iOS software that sends live previews of your animation and timeline scrub straight to your iOS device. Such a feature could be useful particularly when creating UI for iOS devices. I'm hoping someone comes in here and tells me it already exists. :lol:
  6. Hi everyone, I made an icon template for iOS apps. Will be glad to know what you think of this template. ios icon template.afdesign
  7. Hey guys - I'm really keen to start painting in Affinity Photo. I have bought Astropad to use it with my iPad and downloaded loads of abr. format brushes. I was surprised, though, at the lack of information/content online for use of AP for digital painting/sketching etc. I wondered if anyone could direct me to any tutorials or resources that you've come across that might help me get started and learn more. Many thanks Chris
  8. Hey guys! I am very new to graphic design so you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge. I recently purchased Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my Mac. I am trying to find the best solution to being able to draw basic sketches and diagrams. I don't need to be able to draw anything with great detail or very artistic. I have an iPad 4th generation (so not a Pro) and I am wondering if there is an app I get use to be able to draw on my iPad to interact with Affinity Photo or Designer. Another option I have been exploring is buying a Wacom. What advice can you give me as to whether I would be better off using my iPad with a specific stylus or purchasing a Wacom. What are my options? Thank you!
  9. Hi, I'm loving the program so far - I find it a lot nicer to use then Adobe. Just a few questions - 1. Are you guys able to give us a rough date on when you see the ipad version of affinity designer + photo will be released (im very keen) 2. I have purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo on my mac, I no longer own a mac or pc and work exclusively from an ipad pro. Will I have to re-purchase these apps or will the licensing cross over for the ipad? Thanks!
  10. We know that there'll be the iPad counterparts of Designer, Photo and maybe Publisher. I was wondering, could Serif post more promo clips on these apps, just to whet the appetite even more?
  11. Hello, I have read through all of the official docs that I can find about affinity photo for the Ipad, that it will basically be like the full program. However, I would like to know if things like frequency separation will also be included. Being able to do detailed skin touch ups on the go would be amazing.
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any experiences of using an iPad with a stylus as a graphics tablet for Design, Photo or really any other software on their computer where using a pen is better. I've narrowed it down to the following three apps 1. Astropad Graphics Tablet 2. Air Display 3 3. Duet Display I've bought the Bamboo Fineline 2 stylus which works quite nicely on the ipad in different apps. I downloaded the Astropad mini (free) which says you can't use it on the ipad, but actually you can draw behind the big splash screen to test it out. It flows very nicely without any noticable lag for me. I felt the flow of drawing, and it translated to the computer screen with ease. I tested it with AD, AP & Mischief (free version). The only drawback I see is that when something moves it pixelates coarsely, so videos are grainy, but also the "running ants" selection is blurred in AD and AP. I also downloaded Air Login - from the same company as Air Display 3 - which was very laggy, although I don't know if AD3 works with the same connection. (I'm mailing with the maker.) I haven't been able to check out Duet Display. What's you're story? cheers, Luke
  13. In case you are not familiar with it, Procreate is basically the number one most popular digital raster painting application on iOS. It's a great and fast little program with a very well thought-out UI. It would be cool to be able to open their files up in Affinity Photo on the Desktop. There is currently no application on the Desktop that supports .procreate files natively, so they must currently be exported to PSD on the device, which loses some features like the embedded time-lapse video. PSDs also cannot be re-imported, hence PSD is not suitable for archiving files from Procreate. So being able to open the native files in a desktop app would be great, and it's something many Procreate users have been requesting for years. Thus I imagine you might be able to generate quite a few extra sales among Procreate users. And when the iOS version of Photo is released, Procreate support would of course be even more useful. Ideally, if the Affinity QuickLook plugin would also provide support for viewing .procreate files in Finder and QuickLook, as that would be the absolute icing on the cake. The file format is actually quite simple, it's basically a ZIP file with some plists that describe the structure, then there are the individual raster tiles as separate files, and the embedded time-lapse video. The only potentially difficult thing would be figuring out how to decode the image tiles as they seem to be compressed somehow in recent versions, but I'm sure the people at Procreate would be glad to help with that.
  14. Hi there! As a Photographer and recent convert to Affinity Photo i must congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing to "free us from Photoshop" :) I read mentions on the forum about iPad versions and the teaser for Designer looks great. However I would love to know if there is an iPad Pro optimised version of Photo in the making? There are tons of photo apps but none that would suit a professional photography workflow. Adobe's apps are honestly a joke with Lightroom being the biggest one and I'm not interested in all the cloud thing. What many photographers i think could benefit from is a really powerful mobile editor with full RAW capabilites. Downloading to the iPad Pro in the field, and being able to do all the editing there would be a dream. Why not do this on a laptop? Because manipulating photos with hands and pencil on a touch interface is so much more natural. Because the iPad is easier to hold, carry, has better batter life... I love my iPad Pro but honestly, I'm waiting for it killer photo app. I really hope you guys will do that! Cheers!
  15. It's great that you now have a tutorial app on Apple TV, covering both Designer and Photo. Is there any chance you'll be porting the app to Mac OS or iOS? That would better fit the workflow in my home office, as I the TV in the house is elsewhere.
  16. Hello, I am a recent "convert" to the Affinity line of apps. I'm loving the potential to get out of the grips of the "giant" in the industry and be able to once more afford to be a designer. The software so far is outstanding and I'm sure it will only get better from here. That being said, it's increasingly becoming a mobile world, and now with iPad Pro available, will we be seeing mobile versions of Photo and Designer anytime soon? I believe that would be an amazing game-changer, especially in light of the fact that the Photoshop "versions" of apps available for iPad are mediocre at best, and useless for real work. Keeping my fingers crossed that this wish will come true very soon! -Glo MacDonald
  17. Hey there ! I love the Idea of Affinity Designer for the iPad and I know that you have plans for publishing a iPad Version. This sounds very awesome to me, but as many companies to scaled down Versions of their products for the iPad I'm scared it will be the same here. (Even if it's not needed due to technical limitations - the new iPads are fast enough for a lot of things) I'd like to have a full-fledged Affinity Designer Version on the iPad Pro. A lot of people including me would also pay the full price (dirt cheap) for the iPad version. I'd also really appreciate a Lite and a full version -- the light version being costing two bucks or free and the full version at it's normal price. Long story short: Please don't do a crippled iPad version!
  18. Is it possible to create Affinity Photo for iPad?
  19. Hi looking to purchase Infinity designer , Just curious does it come with pre made templates for iOS design, so i can do all my design work with in them?
  20. HI. I spend a lot of time with my ipad when I am on the road or not at my desk. It would be great to have a copy of the Affinity Photo Help file on my ipad to look up stuff or refresh my memory. Lots of us work that way. The video tutorials are great but as I think about them - I would like to look up "alpha channels" or "blend modes" or "hardness" on various brushes etc. Learn in "baby gulps". I suspect you could turn it into a hypertexted pdf quite easily rather than spending $$ on an app given finite resources and LOTS on the roadmap. It would be VERY HELPFUL AND APPRECIATED. As you updated the help file with each release - just replace the pdf or other help creation with the newest one, so you would be addressing your concern of the fact that things will be changing quickly. You will be updating the help file anyways. Anyways, please give it some loving thought. Thanks
  21. Dear Forum Users, I ve seen on Vimeo a clip where the IPad is in use with Affinity Designer. Is it really possible because i ve read something about a duration when the IPad version is available? Thanks Hourmin
  22. I was watching a couple videos on the Affinity Vimeo account because I am a novice (I don't know exactly how to grade myself in design / artistic prowess) of graphic design and the such. so then I came across the IPad Affinity Designer Teaser. I instantly loved it, my eyes lit up with love, and then I thought of an app that lets you mirror your mac screen and thought that would be a beautiful mix if I could double click an embedded document and make it show up on my iPad screen through the iPad app (affinity designer or whatever the name would be as an app) and then edit the embedded document from there while it is also showing up on my mac as i edit it ! it would make embedded documents so much easier to control on this 13 inch macbook pro screen. just a little food for thought when and if the app of iPad comes. i started out graphic illustration and design on an iPad mini with procreate, adobe apps, and idraw. this would be beautiful to see the affinity app come to life :D
  23. Have you seen this? It's for using an iPad as a Pro Level drawing tablet. http://astropad.com (I have no affiliation) - looks interesting. Might be a good resource for some. Anyone tried this out?
  24. hi! I don't know if this is the right place. But I was wondering if there is any chance to have an iPad version of affinity designer. It may sound strange, but I love my iPad, not only for doodling, there are quite good app for vector drawing, but I'm totally in love with affinity designer, sooooo are you going to develop an iPad version? Thanks in advance. Veronica:)
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