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  1. Not sure if this is some weird settings i've enabled or something else. But a few days ago all my brushes are showing these annoying noises. Anyone else having this issue? Using: Affinity Photo v2 iPad (v326)
  2. In the Assistant window is a overlap of the UI elements which disturbs the functionality, see attached screenshot from my iPad 8.
  3. I recently started using Affinity Designer 2 on my iPad Pro and was a bit baffled that common keyboard shortcuts are absent. When I place my cursor between two letters and press Option + Right Arrow, it jumps to the end of the line of text rather than increasing the kerning. Cmd + Right and Ctrl + Right do the exact same thing, so I don’t see a compelling reason why Option + Right Arrow wouldn’t be available for use as a kerning shortcut instead. I recognize that the iPad interface is (necessarily) optimized for touch, and I think it’s done quite well for that purpose. However, kerning is buried fairly deep in the menu, and the traditional Option + Arrow shortcuts would be a major convenience for those of us using keyboard and mouse on iOS. It doesn’t look like enabling them would interfere with any other functionality, so please consider doing so! I would add that there are a number of other shortcuts in the same boat which I think could be added without causing issues, such as Cmd + and Cmd - to zoom, or Esc to back out of editing a text object.
  4. I've run into a major issue trying to learn Affinity Photo 2 and Designer 2. I want to try Publisher 2 for some upcoming projects, but I'm concerned at this point it's going to be very difficult and that I may need an alternative. Are there text, not video, guides/how-to/help manuals for these programs? When I try searching online for resources to answer specific questions, I am often shown the wrong version, program, or OS, and no, search engines don't care about quote marks generally, so searching for something in Photo 2 can get me results for Photo 1, or either version of Designer. Also, many of the reseults I get are for windows, and I'm on an iPad. I desperately want text, not video, because video takes huge chunks of time (especially compared to scaning a page) to figure out the information I need isn't even there. If I check a few results I can loose an hour before I know what happenned. I've been working with digital art programs, including those for photo editing and graphic design, for 20ish years now. I know what the feature I need is, I just don't know where to find it in these programs. I fully accept that there are going to be differnces from Adobe, and I don't need the Affinity interface to be the same as any of the other programs I've used over the years. I do need to be able to quickly skim a resource, find out where the devs put the tool I need, and contunue with my project. Do text rescources detailing where to find and how to use tools in Affinity 2 programs on iOS exist? If so, where are they? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. [Specs: iPad Pro 2018 - iPad OS 14.4 - Affinity Designer 1.9.7] I spent roughly 20 hours on a document, in which I imported an .eps file that was then embedded into the document. I was able to edit the embedded .eps to my wishes. After I edited it, went back to the document itself where I positioned it to its designated place, I exited the document too (go-back arrow, upper left). Shortly after that, without closing the app, I was not able to reopen the document. When tapping on it, a note appears: Unable to load document (translated from German - hope it’s the native wording). I‘m not able to duplicate the document. I did not save the document as parallel .eps or whatsoever. Closing and reopening the app won’t solve the issue. As well as switching the iPad off and on again. I‘m a bit lost here and would like to share more Information if needed. Please tell me my work isn’t gone to waste Thanks sincerely, Stefan
  6. IMG_7027.MOV The brushes menu still has white text. M2 iPad Pro, 256GB, iPadOS 16.4, 1743 beta
  7. I was having difficulties with touch gestures as I posted in the attached thread, and I believe I have figured out the issue. As shown in the video below, there seems to be a bug with touch pressure. The right blue circle is my pencil, the left is my finger. All I am doing is applying and releasing pressure to the screen. Less pressure registers the gesture, more pressure does not. The reason I believe this is a bug is because this discrepancy is not present anywhere else on my iPad, including other apps and the iPad interface. Additionally, if I apply more pressure to the screen, the touch for gestures only setting is ignored. For example, with the touch for gestures only setting on, I was still able to apply additional pressure to the screen, and use the shape and pen tools to draw shapes. RPReplay_Final1680711753.mov
  8. I know how to create a raster based brush that can be used in the Vector Persona of Designer for the IPad Pro What I want to do is essentially make a brush out of a vector shape or set of strokes. Is there a way to take a set of individual strokes (see attached image) and make them into a new brush that scales and stretches as I draw? Like a typical vector brush found in Illustrator. I don’t want to have to convert this to a jpg, then slice it, then bring it back in as a New Textured Intensify Brush. Can I make a new custom Solid Brush? I just want a clean black shape exactly like the image attached as a brush. Is that possible? It can be done in .AI no problem. I realize this isn’t .Ai but I was hoping there is a way to do it. Thx. C’
  9. Hi, could someone help? I’ve been tearing my hair out on this. I’m trying to place multiple photos on Affinity Designer iPad but when I hit place then choose photos app, it just shows me an empty screen. Even the albums are empty even if I have photos in my Photos app. What gives? How do I fix this?
  10. Hi, I'm wanting to stream doing my design and art work from my iPad to my PC. However, whenever I get the screen mirroring connected, none of the Affinity apps display properly. It will show a static portion of whatever file I have opened, but none of the tools, and it doesn't move or change to reflect what I'm doing on the iPad. In other words, the file just appears as a static image in all of the iPad apps. Other apps, such as Procreate, mirror fine, as does my home screen. I've try different screen mirroring programs on my PC with the same results, so it's not an issue with the mirroring itself, and definitely seems to be something with Affinity.
  11. Not sure if this is known/reported already, as I couldn’t find any threads about it in the forums. The studio panel icons shift, forming gaps. The gaps stop occurring when hover effects are turned off. Location and frequency of the gaps varies.
  12. I’m having some difficulties with touch gestures on iPad, but I’m not sure if it’s me, or a bug, or if the gestures are changing? Basically, a one-finger touch modifier seems to no longer work. In the video below, a one-finger touch should constrain the proportions of the square, instead, it takes two fingers (plus there’s that weird resizing glitch that happens sometimes). The odd thing is, sometimes one finger will work, or sometimes two fingers doesn’t work either, but a three-finger modifier works. Sometimes none of them work at all, it’s really inconsistent. With the Pen Tool, when I use a one-finger modifier, I can see the point change to a cusp for a second, then revert back. A two-finger touch modifier will consistently change a smooth point to a cusp, but it won’t constrain the control handles to 45 degrees. However, a three-finger modifier will now both constrain the control handles, and edit the nodes. Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there some setting I may have accidentally changed? Or is this a bug? I don’t use a screen protector, and I’ve cleaned any smudges off of my iPad screen, so I don’t think there’s anything interfering with the touchscreen responsiveness. Plus, other touch gestures, like undo, work perfectly. I’ve also tried force-closing the app, restarting my iPad and turning off Hover, the results are the same. The video is version 2.0.4, but this also happens in the Beta (1736). M2 iPad Pro 12.9”, 256GB, iPadOS 16.4 IMG_6950.MOV
  13. When resizing, changing units from px to cm for document, the slider controls units don’t change to match context toolbar selected units. Have to be manually changed. Manually changing slider units from px to cm results in huge numbers (probably still px) and total lack of control to adjust (too sensitive). Size can be set by typing in entry value. FullSizeRender.MOV
  14. I need to backup/remove all my Affinity projects from an iPad that will be reset to factory specs. I'm happy to back up to my Mac and wondering how? Can anyone point me to a good tutorial video or post? Many thanks, Mark
  15. Apps: All Platforms: iPad Any menus which currently have checkable options such as the move tool options, and view options will no longer auto-close after changing the state of one item. Previous behaviour was reported as being annoying, for example turning on multiple items like margins, guides and grid would take 6 taps instead of 3. Tapping anywhere else on UI hides the menus straight away anyway. We'd be interested in feedback to confirm this new behaviour is considered preferable.
  16. Hi. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but when I use a brush (of any kind) in Affinity Photo for iPad, I can't see the edge of the brush, which is only visible while I am selecting a brush size. It makes no difference whether I am using a finger or an Apple Pencil. Am I missing a trick here? Many thanks for your help.
  17. Is there a way to change the cursor so it matches the size of the brush tool? Couldn't find any settings for it anywhere. I have version Thanks
  18. Pop-up menus’ auto-sizing seems broken. There’s plenty of space for pop up menus to display all options, yet they only show a tiny menu, with the first two options blank/missing (centering the menu on first item), forcing one to scroll down needlessly. How about the pop up menus show ALL options by default and the size of the menu is only reduced if needed? Thanks for all you do, v2 is incredible! RPReplay_Final1679060593.mov
  19. i’m so disappointed by the quality while working on ipad. idk why but when working on V2 on my ipad pro, the lines and edges get pixelated. so i attached 2 screenshots where you can see the difference. the blue one is the V2 and the red, V1. same device and a terrible experience on the ipad. extra issue! with the V1 i could save my project on the cloud in my projects area so i could continue on my mac. now i have to keep the project open, save as a copy, open files, replace the project made by the new one. i love the effort and hard work to make something fresh, but it is just more complicated to use right now. specially on the quick things like save an open project.
  20. I have many files that are always loaded onto AD on my iPad Pro, and are organized into project folders for each client. Inevitably, many of the files in there are stock photos and other designs. I would love to be able to add a custom image of the client’s logo to the project folder. That would make each project much more recognizable than just relying on the small text stating the project name. Here’s what I’m hoping for: Before: After: Scary Ducky Inc. is (unfortunately) not a real client, btw. Thank you.
  21. Here is an issue encountered today: After using undo button to erase unwanted brush mark, a large square surface is erased from the pixel layer. Nothing can be done to recover the erased surfaced.
  22. If I make some edits or tweaks to a photo in the native iPad Photos app (or another 3rd party app, I think) and then open that image in Affinity Photo using the 'Import From Photos' option, Affinity will open the original image. Any pre-existing edits will have been stripped out and just the original JPG gets pulled in to Affinity. Thoughts? Running Affinity Photo version and iOS 11.3 on 9.7" iPad Pro.
  23. When I double click to edit an embedded document, the display goes all wonky and will not correct itself until I exit and reopen the document. It doesn’t seem to be only this document. It also happens (same document) in Publisher. This has been a thing for quite a while. thanks for your help. iPad Pro 12.9” M2 iPadOS 16.3.1 Designer Ver
  24. Affinity Photo v2 iPad Version - Beginners Guide to using Drag and Drop and the Place Command The tutorial starts off with a look at the Embedded and Linked Placement Policy, plus using the Resource Manager check and alter the Placement Policy of files. The actual tutorial starts by looking at how to drag and drop single and multiple files from the iPad’s File and Picture Folders, plus from a web page. Then a look at using the Place Command to do the same thing. Lastly a look at using the Place Command while using a Photoshop PSD Mock-Up file. Intro – A Look At The Placement Policy – 0 to 2:56 Drag and Drop from the Photos Folder – 2:57 Drag and Drop from the Files Folder – 5:45 Drag and Drop images from the Internet – 8:16 Using The Place Command – 11:52 Using Place Command with a PSD Mock-up file – 13:53 Serif’s Affinity Help File web page https://affinity.help/ Dropbox PDF iPad version Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzcm75vonfp619o/iPad%20Version%20-%20Affinity%20Photo%20v2%20-%20Beginners%20Guide%20to%20Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Part%204.pdf?dl=0 Dropbox PC version PDF Download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/ws6dey2yeaxzsrf/Affinity%20Photo%202%20-%20Tutorials%20Vol-010%20-%20Beginners%20Look%20At%20Placing%20Images.pdf?dl=0 Mock-up PSD File from Freepix as used in this tutorial. https://www.freepik.com/free-psd/blank-billboard-mockup_2736937.htm#query=mockup&position=17&from_view=keyword&track=sph
  25. I just tried to copy something from Designer to Photo, both beta. But I can’t copy data. Tested it with an square in Designer. I can’t copy this to Photo. Strange.
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