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  1. Nice work BTW. I happily purchased Photo for macOS sometime last year, and recently iPad. Thrilled with both. Just a couple of annoyances. 1) It would be really nice if one had a preference option for Imperial vs Metric measurements and set one or the other as default. This could included a set of default preset sizes that match USA paper and print sizes. We use, 8.5x11 in standard paper size (there are several other standards as well). Not A4. For print we have 8x10 5x7 2x3 etc. all in inches. Yes, I can select inches when I create a new document. However, I have to select inches every time. I even have to change the selection back to inches, when I flip from Web presets to print. 2) Not so much of an annoyance but more OCD. On a system setup as US English, it maybe the word colour could be spelled without the 'u'. Like we do here in the Colonies. Thanks for a couple of great products and for reading. ~ Brian
  2. Every time I merge down on affinity photo the image quality decreases. Is this a common problem, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hey, i am a Fujiuser and like the idea of Mobile Photo-Editing... Now my Question: is it possible to use the Fuji Camera Profiles in the iPad version of affinity photo (or a other ipad app)? Best, Andreas
  4. Here's another, created using Affinity Photo for iPad... made up of 5 images. Seriously, why is this so addictive! Allan Thompson
  5. Here is one I'm calling 'Taken', created on Affinity photo for iPad. Made up of 4 or so images. I've not spent much time using Photo lately due to working on the books in Designer but the iPad version makes it so much more fun especially when using Apple Pencil. Allan Thompson
  6. will you be supporting the new heif file format, if so will that be ipad and desktop, if so, when?
  7. Cette publication en français Este post en español Questo post in italiano この投稿は日本語です 这个帖子用中文 Esta publicação em português Это сообщение на русском Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch (Correct at time of writing) As detailed at the top of our App Store description - Affinity Photo for iPad supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). Please note that older iPads are not supported The Apple App Store hardware "Compatibility" list is automatically generated, and may list some iPad models that do not meet our minimum specification (2GB RAM, advanced 'Metal' acceleration and a minimum 9.7-inch screen). Currently Apple do not allow us to change that information to display the right list of iPads that we support, so it also includes unsupported models (of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, Mini 3 & Mini 4). Serif would like our App store entry to say this list. "Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Wi-Fi (5th generation), and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation)." We have requested that Apple modify the store submission process for this to avoid lower spec hardware being listed. If you have purchased the iPad version and do not own a compatible iPad you will need to contact App Store Support staff to request a refund here https://getsupport.apple.com/. then choose product iPad, In there choose "iOS and Applications" and select "App does not work as expected". Then on the next screen choose a method, for example "Report a Problem" Alternatively you can use their (English) contact form https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html Serif suggest that you use this reason when you request a refund : “Affinity Photo does not work on my model of iPad. The iPad App Store 'compatibility' section suggests that my iPad model is supported by this software, but the minimum specification for "Affinity Photo for iPad" is an A8 GPU or above and 9.7 inch screen or above. Due to the fact that the store submission process does not have any way to exclude my model I did not know it would not work before buying. Serif also say that this iPad App Store limitation has been acknowledged by Apple”.
  8. I purchased the IOS version of Affinity photo for my iPad Pro. Does the Mac version do anything more or different, should I spring for both versions?
  9. Is there anyway to toggle between the pen and node tool when using the pen on the ipad? I use this feature all the time in PS by pressing modifier keys while drawing a path and the pen switches to node and when I release the key it goes back to the pen. It is very quick and I use it daily. I was hoping that there might be a way to do this on the Ipad version of Photo. So far loving the ipad version, but am getting used to interface. Thanks!
  10. Affinity Photo for iPad – the first fully-featured, truly professional photo editing tool to arrive on Apple’s tablet – is now on sale. We were proud to be able to launch it during the keynote at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose on 5 June – the highlight of Apple’s global product launch calendar. If you saw that, or if you use Affinity Photo already, you’ll understand why it’s the choice of thousands of professional photographers, retouchers and editors around the world. We think Affinity Photo for iPad redefines photo editing once again, by bringing almost all the features in the Mac version to your iPad, so you can take all that photo editing power with you wherever you go. The new version is tailored to harness the explosive power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities, and is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. Please note this is not the list of iPads that the App Store suggests it will work with, see this post for an explanation. We expect this to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had and even better, Affinity Photo for iPad is priced at an introductory discount of more than 30 per cent in the App Store – so for now, you pay £19.99 / $19.99USD / 21,99€. Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/220098594 See more: https://affinity.serif.com/photo/ipad Watch some tutorials: http://affin.co/ipadtuts Here's a clip of our MD presenting Affinity Photo for iPad which is 100 minutes in to this WWDC video
  11. Hi guys! First I must say that I am surprised how good Affinity Photo runs on an iPad Air 2. Good work! Second I must say that I am surprised that one cannot import images from the photos app when creating a new panorama or stack or Focus merge or HDR merge. My only choices are iCloud Drive, Documents by Readdle and Dropbox. Is that an oversight on your part or was that made on purpose or did I miss something? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I own an older version of ipad (about 4 years old), a 2014 dell laptop and a recent Mac pro. Do I need to purchase three license? Sincerely, Raj
  13. I know it's a bit early to be requesting features on the iOS apps, but seriously, this would be all kinds of awesome. Handoff is typically used to sync up the state of an app and then let it go do what it wishes, but there is also an option to open a data stream (continuation stream) between the two platforms. From there, you can make edits on one and have them reflect on the other. Notably, they would not have to reflect one another's view, so one can be zoomed and the other show the big picture. The user would be able to use both platforms at the same time, editing one file and choosing to use the most convenient or appropriate input or view. From a marketing perspective, Apple might give you another design award for rocking out with one of their newest features. From a business perspective, it gives people a solid reason to spring for both apps and not opt for one or the other. From a fanboy nerding out perspective, omfgjustdoitsocoolsqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. Hi guys! Unfortunately I didn't find any clue how to remove a color stop with the gradient tool. Adding and moving additional colors is no problem, but how do I get rid of them? I tried to tap and hold the circles, double tap and hold them and dragging them out. But neither of that works. The context menu deletes the whole gradient. I had a look at almost every studio and menu - I hope - but I found nothing. The unofficial manual ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34556-affinity-photo-pdf-manual-for-your-enjoyment/) didn't help, neither the tutorial videos. May I have missed something? Thanks in advance.
  15. I just downloaded the program on my iPad Pro. First thing I tried was a hdr merge of three images. The next window asked me to add a photo or cancel. When I click add photo, I expected it to take me to my photo library, but instead it took me to iCloud Drive which I do not participate in. Is there an a way to source the photos from my photo library rather than iCloud Drive? Thank you.
  16. I'm testing Affininty Photo on my iPad Pro for creating pixel art and it's nice for single pixel painting, but I'm having trouble with single pixel erasing. The closest I've come erases gradually and affects the pixels around a single pixel. Looks like the desktop version has a keyboard shortcut you can hold down to erase using the Pixel Brush Tool, but I don't see how to do that on the iPad... help? Enjoying the Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro!
  17. I bought the new Affinity Photo for my iPad and I'm beginning to understand how to do things. One thing I can't figure out is how you rename the layers from the default "Unnamed". For example I made a curves adjustment layer and I want to call it Dodge Layer for easier reference but can't change it. Any help?
  18. I just urchased the new iPad app and have tried to use it on my iPad Pro. Not sure this was worth the $19.99 investment as the app is very unstable and crashes often. Biggest issues are: 1) Opening images from Apple photo. I have thousands of images, if you scroll through them too fast the app just locks up and will not respond to any commands. After about sixty seconds it will simply close down. 2) Trying to watch the tutorial videos from the home screen does the same thing. If you click on a video, the screen goes black. After about a minute the app simply closes.
  19. The documentation team have made a comprehensive post about the available tutorials here, this is just a summary article. All of the iPad Photo tutorials are presented on a dedicated (localized) page on the Affinity site here https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/photo/ipad They are sorted into categories Category: Basic Operations Category: Advanced Operations Category: Corrective & Retouching Category: Creative Tools Category: Filters & Adjustments Category: Export Persona
  20. If you have feature requests or feedback specific to the iPad version of Affinity Photo, please post your topic in the sub forum called "Suggestions for Affinity Photo on iPad" You can find the forum here Suggestions for Affinity Photo on iPad Any feature requests added to this forum that are iPad specific may well be moved to there, so if you cannot find your post look there too.
  21. Hi I bought affinity photo for iPad in app store. Before I buy something in app store I always check the list of compatibility and check if my ipad is on it. It was. I was very happy because I have all your products on iMac, when i tried to open app i just saw info that it is not compatible with my ipad. I have iPad 4 mini, and I have paid £19.99, please see att picture. Please, can you advice me what can we do now ? Adam
  22. Hi, first of all congrats for this incredible app!!! Here is a suggestion/request. Can we get a feature to change the brightness of the background when the canvas is set to transparent and/or a simple way to change it from white, when it's opaque? I had to work with white type on transparent layers and Icould not see anything until i created a darker "temp"-layer beneath it. cheers
  23. Congratulations – Photo for iPad seems like an incredibly capable tool that finally opens up iOS for more professional work. My iPad Air is not supported, so here are my initial impressions based only on the tutorial videos (which do work fine on iPad Air). These are what I think are the most pressing issues that, if fixed, would get this thing even closer to perfection ;) Putting something like "Deselect" into a contextual menu isn't that great – I think if each Persona had a few buttons next to the Persona selector for quick access to very frequently used operations, that would be much more fluid. This would also solve having the "Develop" command being only visible when you have the Hand tool active and having to dive into a menu for toggling clipping preview, which is something that is often used in a "switch it on, change something, switch it off to check how it looks, switch it on again" type workflow. Maybe it's just the videos, but I didn't see any way to use a brush to paint selections. It would be good to have a setting that switches the Adjustment and Filter studio panels to a simple list or icon view, or, alternatively, add buttons to the Layers panel that show popovers with filters a iPhone-style sliding categorized navigation list. The current design seems to require way too much scrolling and also has very colorful icons that distract from the document. If I just want to add something fast, the current design is not great. Also, a "previous filter" item at the top like on the desktop version might be a good idea. Levels does not have any histogram whatsoever – if the intended use is to just use the scopes panel, some kind of indicator where the selected black and white points fall inside the histogram/waveform is needed for precise control, as well as a way to make the histogram/scopes bigger than they currently are. Quick access to clipping highlights also (which would actually make more sense as a global option that's available in the other Personae as well, excluding Liquify). Output levels are missing as well. Double tap to fit to screen is nice, but quick pinch to fit like in Procreate seems more fluid to me (it might just be that my middle finger is somehow abnormally long, but two-finger taps are often recognized only after the second or third try for me) Straightening seems a bit fiddly – it would be nicer to be able to drag out a line and then have the end points movable even after you release the touch. Basically with an "Apply" button instead of committing right away. Right now, if you get it wrong or wonky, there seems to be no way to cancel and no way to get it really precise. Similar problem with the Inpainting and Mask Refinement brushes – an "apply on release" check box would make this more convenient. If disabled, it would allow you to paint multiple strokes and then press an "Apply" button. Same on the Desktop – I can't count the number of times I've used one of these brushes, hit the screen edge and had no way to scroll the document without the incomplete operation being applied, leaving no way but to undo and repaint a potentially complex selection. The curves UI in Develop (and possibly the regular Adjustment, it's not shown in the videos) seems to be too small for precise adjustments. A button that pops it out over the full screen like Procreate does by default would be very nice. Also, like with Levels, there needs to be a way to see where a point falls on the histogram/waveform, numeric coordinate inputs and a clipping warning for it to be really useful. It would be much more useful if dragging on the layers would adjust Opacity instead of doing multi-select. Selecting could be implemented either by having an additional column with checkmarks permanently shown to the left of the layer name, or by having a "Select" mode that makes that column appear after press of a button like in many other iOS list views to prevent accidental selection. That would also be more intuitive for new users. A "Hide Selection" option would be very useful to see what selection edges look like after an adjustment. Goes for Desktop as well. This is nitpicking, but the square buttons in the Layers panel don't match the round look on the other buttons, like "Return", "Document Menu" etc. The Inpainting Brush "Inpainting in progress" overlay seems like it would get really annoying if you have to do a lot of inpainting because it would make your screen flash after every brushstroke. It also makes it harder to compare before and after since you get to stare at that blurry wall instead of before/after images in direct sequence. A smaller progress indicator like the non-intrusive "Marked as Pick/Reject" feedback popups in Adobe Lightroom or a global progress bar next to the Persona selector would be a lot less distracting. A lot of the Develop UI is really colorful and could distract from the image. I already mentioned the Adjustments previews as another case of this. In Develop, for instance, the RGBCMY sliders could just have their knob colored instead of half the slider (background of the slider indicating the percentage could be gray instead of R/G/B/C/M/Y), or maybe the colored part could just be a thin line like on standard iOS sliders. It's not clear from the tutorial videos if this is there, but a "double-tap any numeric input, slider or option to reset to default" feature would be great. On the desktop as well. Or alternatively or additionally, a "default" button in the popup calculator would seem like a good idea to me. Develop seems to lack an option for numeric inputs. This is essential for precise corrections. It would be nice if the popup calculators could do basic maths, like those in Flame. So something like "current setting * 1.5" would be really easy to do. History seems to have no "Purge History" button that would save storage space on complex documents, especially ones with a lot of paint strokes. The only way to do this currently seems to be to do a "Save as". Also, having the initial document state in the history list would be useful. And an option to use the great split-screen compare mode with history steps would be nice (though admittedly not essential). The size of the application bundle is extremely large, more than a GB. Anything you could do to reduce this would be greatly appreciated since storage is usually extremely limited on Apple devices, there is no way to use memory cards, and the images being worked on potentially get rather large, especially considering that they are saved with history by default and that 41 megapixel raw files are within the norm these days. Hope this feedback is helpful, congratulations on the spectacular launch! :)
  24. Are there already more precise information about the realese date and the price of Affinity Photo for iPad? I'm really excited and can't wait anymore :)
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