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  1. Hey guys, I thought I'd post a few of my paintings after using Affinity on my new iPad with the Apple Pencil. Im loving this app for painting on weekends as I use Photoshop on a daily basis for my work as a concept artist/matte painter for film and TV. Im still getting the hang of it but it's fun.
  2. Hi all, I am using AP on my ipad pro. Language is set to French, and translation from English is not perfectly accurate. How to configure autosave in order to make the most frequent backups possible? Minimum is 30, but is it 30 seconds..? or else..? maximum is 2700 but what does it refer to..? Thanks!
  3. In version 1.6.3 Affinity Photo for iPad it is not possible to make panoramas with raw samsung camera photos and not even open them in a proper fashion...
  4. Hi there, are you considering to really support a mobile professional workflow? Coming from a job (e.g. wedding), I have thousands of raw images which I have to go through and select the best ones to be edited. Back home, I would like to store them on my NAS and synchronize a specific folder with my iPad. I could then do the culling on the roads, e.g. sitting in a train (offline). Back home, the ratings should again be synchronized to my NAS so I can start editing the best ones on my iMac. Edited photos should then be synchronized via NAS to my iPad, so I can show them to customers... I definitely want to sync via NAS, because I easily end up with more than 100GB of images after a wedding. There must not be any cloud storage involved because this slows down the entire process! Additionally, for travel photography it would be great to back up to my iPad first while traveling. I could then start rating the images with star ratings and synchronize the result as soon as I am back home. This means I neither have to carry a laptop to choose the best images, nor do I have to wait with the rating and selection of my images until I am at home... For my personal images it would be great if all edited photos could be synced to my photos roll on iMac, iPhone and iPad via NAS (with the time when my images were taken, not when they were edited...) looking forward to hearing from you chris
  5. YouTube tutorials and others are using the "Cloud" to pull photos into Affinity Photo for iPad. This raises a lot of confusion because Mac and iOS users have two different Cloud areas to choose from and Photos in iOS are stored in the Photos folder in iCloud. In addition to Apple's "iCloud" and "iCloud" Drive we have many other cloud services like "Drop Box" and "Adobe's Cloud". Some Cloud space is free and some requires added cost. I haven't found a clear explanation of Affinity's use of the word "Cloud". Can you please explain which Cloud's you support for photos and what the user of Affinity Photo for iPad has to do to setup and pay for the Clouds you support? Also, which of your tutorials clarify your use of "Cloud".
  6. I am using a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro with Affinity and when in the develop module working with a Nikon RAW file for no reason the image seems to darken to the point where it looks black. The image is still there, but it is as if something was done or something which I am not aware of and don't think I did. The layer opacity seems to be at 100% and nothing seems to be abnormal, but yet can't trigger it to go back to the way it was once I initially added to Affinity. I have to delete the file and import again hoping it doesn't happen again. This happens more than not and really sucks. I am an expert level Photoshop user and have been using for past 15 years and although Affinity is really nice...lots of improvement and intuitiveness have to still be integrated into the app in my opinion at least. I also have issues with the history palette or whatever you call it here not showing every move I make and not working again intuitively like one would think. I have many photo apps and most have undo commands which do just that...undo every single thing you do in the app and don't see that here with the Affinity app. Anyway....if someone can shed some light it would help. I want to love Affinity but find it very frustrating to work in many times. Aloha
  7. Here is a link to the Affinity Photo Help File in Epub Format for Version 1.5 (Updated December 7, 2016) works great in Ibooks. Very convenient to have in a portable format - or to use side by side with Affinity on your computer. Link: https://app.box.com/s/bjv07ey7ryvqbg16zh4yjazcd65uw85c
 Alternate Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjuKWjfPlktwgfoEGfpoz65qzzsz_A Just download it to your ipad and pick "open in Ibooks" or download it to your computer and email it to yourself and then pick "open in iBooks" from your iPad. The "un-named" entry at the top is the table of contents as in the help file and it scrolls on my iPad. However it does block the screen content. If you choose to scroll the "table of contents" from Ibooks it is not hierarchically organized - but the screen is full. Best way to find something after that is to do a search. Its very comprehensive. (My continuing love/hate relationship with technology.) Its a spectacular resource on an iPad Pro. If you have an android tablet, go to Google Play and search for "epub reader".
  8. Here is my first attempt at a self portrait using Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro with Pencil. Still needs some perfecting! It's such a great combination and will allow me to progress and experiment a whole lot more.
  9. How can I skew or distort a layer? I am also not able to figure out how to do the live perspective. I get the grid but it isn't attached to the layer. Thanks in advance. I really need to skew/distort a layer, not just liquefy.
  10. I purchased Affinity Photo for my IPad. I take pictures of my wife's product for her website. I am trying to figure out how to remove the background to make it white. The hard part is some of my wife's products have feathers and they sometimes are not a definite edge. I start out with everything on a white backdrop and I use daylight bulbs. But I still get the little gray tone sometimes. I see a lot of information for the computer version but can't seem to find any advice for the IPad. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. I am editing some RAW photos and when I export them they look slightly different, the brightness and contrast is a bit off. Any ideas why? This is on an IPAD Pro. These are screenshots of the differences, 0075 is on Affinity, 0076 is the export on iCloud.
  12. Hey guys, just want to gather some experiences from people who might be using this software as a substitute for Photoshop on the go digital painting wise...and an idea on if it's worth the investment or not. since the release of the iPad Pro version i have been constantly looking through sites and forums for peoples experiences and the usual outcome is critical praise along the lines of a great substitute for PS but usually based off of the perspective from someone who used it with editing photos and not so much with illustration & painting. Basically my Cintiq is down and much of my work has fallen onto the iPad pro i'm not too interested in Astropad and i do have Mediabang and Procreate but both are always lacking many functions i love from using Photoshop i love concept art, texturing, sprite-work and animating so i'd absolutely love anyone else's input on personal experiences before i make the jump. Thanks! :)
  13. For obvious reasons I'd like to transfer a lot of my graphical work to the iPad Pro and according to the specs Affinity Photo should fit my needs perfectly. As part of my usual workflow I use a lot of logo's that are mostly supplied in either .eps or .ai format. I have no problem importing AI files from my Dropbox. Importing the .eps files however does not work. All the .eps files in the list are light grey and can't be selected. Either the eps import feature is not yet active, or I'm doing something wrong.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if Affinity will have the support for the Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus on the ipad in the near future? I'm currently using the apple pencil but it feels like I'm scratching on wood with it. There's only a handful of apps that support the Bamboo Sketch I was hoping Affinity would soon have the support as well. Or am I barking up the wrong tree, is it Wacom I should be approaching for this?
  15. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer (Mac and now iPad) for some time. Finally we got the great iPad version of Affinity Photo. – I love it, thank you for this great product! :-) One of the most important Affinity Photo use cases on the iPad for me is, to import DNG files with lightning SD card reader on the go. This works well, but there's a limitation currently with merging HDR. Creating a new HDR merge does show the JPG but not the DNG files. Opening (DNG) files from 'Photos' does open the DNG file, but not if using the HDR merge function. Is this a know issue or how can I create HDR merges based on DNG files on the go? Sincerely creator
  16. One of the things I have been waiting for, is Affinity Photo for iPad. It seems this has been sent back by many months? I am also waiting for a decent DAM app (I do not like LightRoom's UI!), since the time Apple killed Aperture. I have almost decided to invest my free time into developing one myself (I am a developer with a passion for Photography).
  17. I'm fairly new to Affinity Photo (I've been playing with it for little over a week) and I gotta say, it is probably the best impulse buy I ever made on the AppStore and I expect to be using this app for a long time. I came in from Procreate, so I wanted to recreate my favorite brushes. I saved the brush shape and texture and created a new brush in Affinity with them. I test the brush out and I noticed that the color of the brush is not affected by the color I choose in the color picker but instead it's always the color of the brush image I use. Is there a setting I'm missing that will make image brushes be affected by the color picker, or is the image brush meant to be like a stamp and can't be affected by color? If it's the latter, how do I make a brush similar to the ones in the "Painting" category?
  18. I'm using the new Affinity Photo for iPad. Very cool! How do I save a selection I've made for use in another project?
  19. -Survivor ​Another composite created in Affinity Photo for iPad, made up of about 7 images, went really dark on this one for some reason! *Edit: I've updated the image, this is version 3, I've made a few edits to the original Allan
  20. Dear all, I am very exciting with Affinity photo on iPad. Therefore, I will make video clip of everything i learn from it, and they are for sharing always. Mask Layer on Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/c-pfrXDBwvU Perspective Projection in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/PAtHcKEyh-w How to use crop tool in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/UQaPDo9tfTs Equirectangular Projection in Affinity Photo on iPad https://youtu.be/bS34wOmoLzw Convert any photo to pencil sketch https://youtu.be/3OYKRBJpPqA
  21. I am using a iPad pro and Affinity App. I would like to save finished pics to de apple picture brouwser on my iPad. I only find options to export to cloud storage. If I want to post a picture on 500PX the share function of Affinity doesn't work.
  22. Hello, On the iPad, I have click twice to enter a forum thread. I'm assuming that there is a roll over that gets activated on the first click. I believe there is a simple CSS branching that can be done to disable the rollover for touch devices. Thanks!
  23. I just finished up a project on the iPad with the newest version of Affinity Photo for the iPad. Worked fine, but the Mac version (1.5) will not open the file and gives the error message "The file includes features from a later version of Affinity." Is there a work around (not knowing what features it is referring to ) or am I stuck until a newer version for the Mac is released???
  24. Hi, I've just downloaded Affinity for iPad on my iPad Pro 12.9" and have been working on some photos. Doesn't really have any problem until I try to flatten my layers and the process takes forever. I've tried waited 30mins and it's still going, is this normal for the progress to be so long? I'm only working on 3 layers with some masking and layer adjustments. I've also tried to exported it as JPEG and I'm stuck at the "preparing to export". Anyone facing with the same problem? By the way, the photos are taken with my Cano 5Ds so the file size cold be a factor? regards, Calvin
  25. First, please add korean support....so many korean using this app... we want... and we need undo gesture. If can this function we can very faster working. or undo button move functions. (not left-handed functions)
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