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  1. I created a shape (first a circle then I tried a square with same results) then clicked on transform to manually set the size. Once the measurements box opens I lose control of the main panels and am unable to close the measurements box. Had to reset the ipad both times. ipad pro 2017 fully updated ios 11 affinity beta
  2. Hello everyone, I've been using AP for a month now some of the photos that I completed are taking to much room and would like to move them to cloud/offline storage. My question is can I export a complete folder or do I have to move 1 image at a time? Please let me know if you can help my out Thank you
  3. Hallo AFPhoto Team and all, i love this App im a Prof.. Photographer and the Last Years i work only with PHotoshop, but now i have the 13 IPad Pro and i need to tell u Work GREAT with my 80 MP Camera from Phase One THX for this Software..
  4. After ios 11 update on ipad pro AFFINITY PHOTO wont import cloud files, no mater the type of file I choose.
  5. Improve the performance of Affinity photo by adapting Apple's Metal 2 https://developer.apple.com/metal/ iPad drag and drop feature to allow users to drag photos from and to Affinity photo. https://developer.apple.com/ios/drag-and-drop/ Possibly implement machine learning to improve the apps selection tool and inpainting paint brush tool, to improve its accuracy even more. https://developer.apple.com/machine-learning/ Implement 1.UIDocument 2.Open in Place 3.Document Provider Extension 4.iCloud Drive https://developer.apple.com/document-based-apps/
  6. Hello dear Affinity-Team, I really want to thank you for making such a great iOS app. It’s so much fun to edit and create images. However I got some major problems with the raw development. I know that the app is not comparable to any desktop raw development and is not meant to be one. However the raw development was advertised as feature. Unfortunately it is completely useless for me when I try to edit 25MB RAW files from my SONY A6300 on my iPad Pro. But I think Affinity Photo should at least hold up with a free iOS app called „VSCO“. Look at the two pictures I attached, I didn’t pay attention for reducing highlights or any other feature except recovering shadows. created with „VSCO“ increasing the shadows by 100 % created with Affinity Photo increasing shadows by 100% It is quite obvious that Affinity Photo looses all Details in the shadows. Why is that, if a free iOS app can do better (however I don’t like the app at all and love affinity photo)? Am I doing something wrong? I would love to be able to recommend affinity photos for raw development, but as of know it’s simply too bad for that, shadows just being an extreme example for minor quality results in the raw development of affinity photo. I hope that the problem gets fixed soon! And again: I’m not comparing it to a professional desktop application. I think affinity photo could do a lot better! Kind regards, David B.
  7. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.3. The change-list is as follows: - Portrait mode implementation - Native resolution support for 10.5-inch iPad Pro - New chooser for Photos - supports multi selection, indicates RAW - Panoramas can now be created from RAW files. - HDR Merge can now be performed on RAW files. - Improved pencil / gestures support. - Improved iCloud folder support. - A new sample (“The Hotel” by Neil Ladkin). - Improved help - including new FR, DE, EN-US localisations. More to come! - More tutorials! - Fixed panorama crash after using transform tool. - Fixed crashes when adding many items from Photos library at once. - Wet edges setting now works properly in the brush editor. - Fixed a selection brush crash in 32bit RGB colour mode. - Stopped the refine selection tool post-processing twice. - Improved icons and images in the welcome screen. - Improve performance with complicated documents. - Improve selection brush stability. - Improve selection refinement stability. - Don’t allow HDR merge with less than 2 images. - Made studios more useful when the software keyboard is showing. - Fixed tooltip positioning in left handed mode. - Fixed issue when starting a new document whilst another document is still saving. - Small PDF import tweaks. - Make adding multiple files from Photos more reliable and show progress. - Numerous other small improvements / fixes. - Improved brush performance on large layers. - Canvas rotation will snap to 90 degree increments if within 5 degrees. - Improved RAW metadata support and reliability. - Further HDR stability improvements. - Fixed incorrect zoom level readout in navigator studio when canvas is rotated. - Fixed inability to correctly disable colour overlay layer effect. - Fixed crash when using the Interactive Introduction. - Fixed red artefacts when using inpainting tool. - Undo / redo buttons available in full-screen mode. - Support pasting of images from other applications. - Ability to duplicate open documents from the home screen. - Panorama stability improvements. - Can now choose font face - not just family. - Inpainting improvements and stability fixes. - Improved performance in documents with lots of masks / adjustments. - Fixed export crashes. - Cancel split screen preview when converting filters to live filters. - Develop UI improvements / fixes. - Fixed “Date Shot” metadata issue with RAW. - Font stability improvements. - Fixed Post-Crop Vignette in develop. - Fixed weird highlights issue in develop. - Ability to turn off spelling red underlines. - Some pretty animations in the document manager. - Fixed failure to obey RAW tone curve, output depth preferences. - Numerous other small stability fixes. - Transformed / portrait develop fixes. - Selections persona should have canvas rotation tool. - Fix Share button. - Fix panorama-from-photos stitch bug. - Fixed share to Flickr, AirDrop, etc. - Better text for Place menu items. - Fixed “Save Affinity Layers” in TIFF export. - Pixel tool improvements - erase and other alternate modes. - Show the build number in the preferences panel. - Fixed flip document flipping in the wrong axis. - Fixed HSV mode of HSL adjustment. - Fixed shadows, clarity sliders being dodgy in develop persona. - Fixed problems loading PSD files made by Procreate. - Curves tool should refresh the channels list if the colour space changes. - Fixed adjustments which can be applied in any colour space. - Shear filter fixes and improvements. - Fixed failure to load anything if photo library contains RAW but user has “Optimise iPad storage” enabled. - Preference option to limit touch to gestures. - Fixed some broken LAB blend modes. - Further efforts to make inpainting, panorama more stable. - Improved layers studio - you can now see / select into 2 masks / adjustments without expanding a layer. - Attempts to mitigate crashes with weird fonts. - Fixed issues where documents would become “Unable to load” until an app was restarted. - Numerous other small improvements and fixes. - Localisation improvements.
  8. Affinity photo on iPad user manual specifies that in layer blending there is a passthrough blend mode (see attached screen shot). But when I go on the layers blending option list, this does not show. Any idea what i’m Doing wrong or is this option missing?
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if Affinity will have the support for the Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus on the ipad in the near future? I'm currently using the apple pencil but it feels like I'm scratching on wood with it. There's only a handful of apps that support the Bamboo Sketch I was hoping Affinity would soon have the support as well. Or am I barking up the wrong tree, is it Wacom I should be approaching for this?
  10. Installed the app recently and I'm impressed what's possible on the iPad Pro. I have selected to preserve the metadata but when I export a photo all is visible except for ISO value. Any idea as to how I can fix this?
  11. Hi Affinity, Today I bought your iOS app for my iPad and am saddened to see RAW support is not implemented for the Canon Rebel SL2. I understand this is a new camera, but did not realize RAW was a uniquely catered format per each type of SLR camera. Is there any hope of supporting this RAW in the near future? Am I doing something wrong on the camera settings side? This worked just fine with my previous Rebel SL1. Thank you for your time! Jared
  12. hi to all, i want to buy affinity photo forr mc and ipad, is there a single purchase with a discount?
  13. Hello, excuse my English is translated I bought the iPad App from Affinity Photo. My iPad is iPad Pro 12 inch first version. And I also bought Affinity Designer for Windows. So far I have managed to do what I have needed using techniques learned about photoshop and illustrator, and I am constantly learning with the magnificent Affinity tutorials. My question is? Do I need to purchase the desktop version of Affinity Photo for Windows, or can I do exactly the same from the iOS version? I read that they have the same backend and have been built with the same needs. Can I combine Affinity Designer for Windows and Affinity Photo for iPad to have a good graphic design ecosystem? I hope I can respond from a technical and professional point of view and not with the intention of selling your product. I am sure and aware that to this day is the best option to leave behind our old friend of Adobe. Greetings to all.
  14. This was an image taken on Fraishthorphe Beach on the east coast of England. Processed in Affinity Photo on the iPad I was able to create a hi-key finish thus isolating the riders from the otherwise fairly boring background. The hint of the beach still exists in the foreground from the ridges and shadows farmed by the sand. The final step was to de-saturate and adjust the contrast.
  15. Really liking the iPad version but I am struggling with one thing. I have affinity photo on my pc, how do I export the file I have been working on to my pc without converting the file to jpeg, png etc. I want to be able to continue editing on my pc after I have done initial edits on iPad. Thanks for any help.
  16. Hi all, Is there an average blur feature on the iPad affinity software? I use a lot on compositing, would anyone recommend another way to get the mean color of an image? Thanks in advance! -jd
  17. Hi, I am using DAUB Watercolor brushes with Affinity Photo on I-Pad Pro. The watercolor-structure is great, as you can see in this picture in the trees and the wolves. But after I made a selection with the selection-tool the structure somehow disappeared. On the ground in this picture you can see, that its just a monotone area, no watercolor-structe as before. And the color is even much darker. I didn't change any setting. Just switched between tools and am not able to use it anymore. Thank you for any help how to get the structure back into the brush! Stefani
  18. I have Affinity for windows, and I'm really impressed. My old laptop struggles to run affinity though, Looking at reasonable priced new latops (low end) it seems NONE of them can manage a 1920x1080 screen resolution - and I don't use it often enough to justify spending a lot. But I notice that I can get an iPad Air 2 for less than a laptop, and I think I'd use that more too. Editing photos is a big part of what I want to do, so my question is: Is an iPad Air 2 good enough to run Afinity pro withot it being awkwardly sluggish? And that applies to photo editing, and panorama stitching, (which I suspect is considerably more demanding)
  19. The new Macros option on iPad is really cool, but in my humble workflow I use only iPad so I have no option to create Macros on my Mac, and then import them to iPad. Additionally this will be pointless on the go, when I have only iPad with me. So there is my question: Is there a option to create and save Macros on iPad? I try to find it, but it seems there isn't, so if there will be?
  20. Hi, I have an issue with saving a copy of a file from the iPad version to be edited on the Mac version of Affinity Photo. From the iPad version I use "Save A Copy" and then click save; it does not seem to matter if I select "Save history". I then save it to a location on my iCloud Drive. When I try to open it on my Mac I have the following error message, "Failed to open document, The file includes features from a later versions of Affinity. (See Attachment) Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might try? My iPad is a: iPad Pro 10.5-inch 2017 OS - iOS 11 Running Affinity Photo version 1.6.4 My Mac is a: MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 w/8GB Ram OS - 10.12.6 Running Affinity Photo version 1.5.2 Thank you!
  21. I am using AP for iPad pro 2017 and sometimes i want to smash the pad against the wall!!! -Thanks, Affinity... The app is so EXTREMLY BUGGY, it is ABSOLUTLY NOT USABLE! Youre working on a pic for maybe 1 or 2 hours and you want to make a last selection or something else and then... CRASH! Every changes lost! I want to know WHEN is the next USABLE update release date????? This app is actual FAAAR FAR AWAY from a "PHOTOSHOP-KILLER"! You maybe got 2% of it! So... WHEN COMES THE UPDATE TO IPAD???????
  22. Hey guys, I thought I'd post a few of my paintings after using Affinity on my new iPad with the Apple Pencil. Im loving this app for painting on weekends as I use Photoshop on a daily basis for my work as a concept artist/matte painter for film and TV. Im still getting the hang of it but it's fun.
  23. Hi all, I am using AP on my ipad pro. Language is set to French, and translation from English is not perfectly accurate. How to configure autosave in order to make the most frequent backups possible? Minimum is 30, but is it 30 seconds..? or else..? maximum is 2700 but what does it refer to..? Thanks!
  24. In version 1.6.3 Affinity Photo for iPad it is not possible to make panoramas with raw samsung camera photos and not even open them in a proper fashion...
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