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  1. I looked for a Setting in preferences to change the background to white instead of black and only found a slider for gray value "Background Gray Level" that doesn't appear to do anything. 1. Is there a way to set background to white or gray and 2. What is the "background gray level" control supposed to do?
  2. Hello ^-^ I just wanted to post some things I would like to be added within Affinity Photo for iOS. One of the biggest issues I have with it is file transfer. Only being able to do a single file at a time is a bit slow! so something like in Procreate would be look where you can hold select a file then select files around is to move multiple at a time then move them into the Files app. Or have a system in place where all files are saved to the cloud by default ( can be disable) a icon will be placed on the document to download the file onto said device to work on. Then you can delete it from the device but will still be on the cloud to use on another computer or to re-download on said device at a letter date (tho this might be a bit hard to do) Moving onto folders would love to be able to mass delete files within a folder so when in the folder view you can only delete a folder when all files have been removed to being able to delete a folder with all files within it would be nice. Also full keyboard support for external keyboard use (along with command/alt and control) right now there is support but limited!!! Also would love to have sub folders within a main folder would be nice ^-^ Thank you for your time, will update if I can think of other things to add.
  3. I decided to do some nighttime photographing in my hometown with my iPhone7 and my tripod. I used the NightCap Pro app for these shots. The dark exposure (2) was shot at ISO100, f/1.8, 25s to protect the highlights and the bright exposure (1) was shot at ISO1000, f/1.8, 25s. I believe the iPhone 7 can only take long exposures of about 3s, so what this app basically does is stacking several photos for noise reduction and ISO controls the brightness of the photo. Nevertheless I was pretty amazed by what is possible with current smartphone cameras! I blended the dark and the bright exposure in Affinity Photo for iPad to bring some details in the highlights, especially for the windows on the right of the image. Then some color correcting, white balance, etc. and some dodging and burning. I wanted a warm image, because I am thinking of using this photo as a Christmas postcards for my family and friends - so I still need to do some lettering... Anyways, it was fun to do and I learned a lot about Affinity Photo for iPad and my iPhone 7... Best regards, Wetterhoun
  4. Hello, i’m using affinity photo since 2 weeks. It’s an fantastic apps, we can really work with it. The vector are so incredible and better than other graphics apps ( I can’t wait for affinity designer for sure). But i don’t know if it’s a bug. When I’m working in mm, the units are still in pixel ( I use each time de unit picker and I lose a lot of time). I would like to know, if there are an option to put mm in default unit ? Thanks for the answer.
  5. Hey, how can i get a selection from several layers in Affinity Photo for Ipad? I tried select non-transparent areas by selected more than one selected layer and a group. But both doesn't work. Sorry, my english is bad. Tanks in advance
  6. First thanks Serif for taking my productivity with an iPad to the next level, there is absolutely no app that comes even close to Affinty Photo, and to be honest I just bought the iPad to have it there after I saw the demo on wwdc. So so since I work with mainly the last 2-3 month I found some things that might be beneficial, from a professional point of view. (Maybe I missed them yet) - the shadow slider in develope persona is in my opinion far to aggressiv, (the main reason why I still use Lightroom) - also since I do mainly landscape the images seem a stop darker then they actually are in develope persona - it would be cool to have some kind of own font management like in Vectornator pro. - also I would love to have an styles or assets management like the library’s in Adobe Cloud. - a shortcut to change the brushsize with the Apple Pencil right on the workspace - to be able to turn on/ off a ruler to the sides of the workspace , I searched every option but maybe missed it if it’s already there. - enter Colors in hexcode Besides the Programm is almost flawless I think so much power on an iPad is insane. I mean it even opens Vektor graphics like a pro and better then every so called Vektor app in the App Store, so thrilled for affinity designer.
  7. I would like to begin a design project on iPad (Pro 12.9, iOS 11), save it to iCloud Drive, and continue work on it in either Designer or Photo on my Mac (macOS 10.13). My first attempt at this shows this to be finicky, so my guess is that I'm not doing something right. How I finally got my first attempt to work was: In Photo on iPad, save as PSD to iCloud drive Open in Photo on Mac Save as afphoto file Open in Designer on Mac Does anybody have a better workflow that will work better than this? Is it best to create the initial file on iOS as a document or a project? Yes, I am an extreme noob to this.
  8. Thinking back about the great paintings of Rothenburg o/d Tauber in the local museum, I got inspired and made my own "painting" of Rothenburg o/d Tauber with Affinity Photo for iPad. I have blended two photos, the one with the bush and the stars was shot with my Canon 80D and the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 a couple of weeks ago, not far from where I live. The one with the prison tower of Rothenburg (Der Strafturm) I had shot during an overcast day with my iPhone7, when I was visting this awesome medieval town in Germany last summer. Because the light was rather flat, I knew it was a good photo to do some blending with. This was a great opportunity for me to learn a lot of things about blending with Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro. Love this app! Best regards, Wetterhoun
  9. Am I missing something? Im trying a simple workflow: 1. Open a photo from Photos 2. Edit 3. Save back to Photos (export - share) However I try the resultant file loses all EXIF data. This is rendering Affinity almost useless for my as its breaking The way my library is organised. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? any help appreciated
  10. just got an iPad Pro and my FIRST purchase was Affinity photo to go along with my Lightroom Mobile. I can use Lightroom and then “Open In” and send it to Affinity, but I have no idea how to send it “back” to lightroom along side the original in the catalog? Photoshop Mix and other applications have a “save back to Lightroom” option. Please tell me if there is a way . Without it, it is fairly useless to have images scattered all over the place. Thanks!
  11. Is there a way to make the actual size of the brush show as you're working? You only see the size of the brush in the middle of the screen when you change its size. Thanks, RL
  12. I created a new document using Affinity Photo on my ipad and saved to my Dropbox. When I tried to open it on my iMac (Affinity Photo 1.5.2 and I also tried it in Affinity Design 1.5.5) I got an error message that it was created in a "newer version" and couldn't be opened.
  13. Hi guys! I played a bit more with AF Photo and tried to import files from AF Designer. A look at the screen reveals that on iOS AFP seems to have problems with text within symbols. At least within duplicated ones. In the desktop version everything is fine. It's a minor thing, but it should be mentioned. Cheers!
  14. Hi. Ive been trying to import luts into my app but I get a grayed out Dropbox icon. Please help! thanks in advance! im running on latest update of iOS 11 as of 17th October 2017. I’ve uploaded a photo as an example. I tried both MAC and windows version of the lut but it doesn’t work. Both appears the same as this just that the file name and size is different. All of the luts are cube files which I understand is a file type that can be used on affinity photo app on the iPad Pro. Thanks again!
  15. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.4. The change-list is as follows: - New “Macro studio” (import / playback). - Added "Export LUT" to document menu. - Allow “Focus Merge” to use RAW sources. - The “Curves” adjustment spline editor now presents an intensity histogram. - Increased the maximum size of the liquify brush tools. - Wet edges can now have a custom interpolation spline. - New pinch gesture support for grouping / ungrouping layers. - “Passthrough” blending is now supported for groups. - Develop now has the same crop tool options as the main crop tool. - Efforts to reduce the size of the application binary. - Significant improvements in performance for large / complex documents. - Photo library now shows all user albums / folders. - ABR import improvements. - The “Curves” adjustment now responds properly to dragging on the document to set node positions. - Show adjustment groups, mask groups properly in the layers page. - Significant memory handling improvements when using Core Image RAW. - Photo library chooser will reload when external changes occur. - Switch between button menus now only requires one press. - Allow “Place Image” to place original images from Photos. - When creating a document from the camera, metadata is now available. - Added "Convert to Curves" to command menu. - Selection refinement stability / performance improvements. - Improved HDR merge of RAW images. - Move tool transform nodes can now be hit more reliably. - Selection marquee tools support extra-finger-constrain. - New option to dither gradients in preferences - defaults to “on”. - Significant pan / zoom smoothness improvements. - Directional lights in the lighting filter can now be directed using on-canvas handles. - Adjustments / filters preview react to changes in canvas size. - Fixed HDR merge of portrait images. - Fixed some brushes looking wrong on masks / adjustments. - Fixed rendering of adjustment layers with blend modes. - Fixed some Live Filter drawing artefacts. - Fixed some LUT R/B channel swap issues. - Fixes for the inpainting tool occasionally leaving red marks. - Fixes for liquify (and other tools) cancelling if you drag off the edge of the screen. - Fixed crashes when a font has no traits. - Fixed issue where a document failing to load would prevent subsequent loads. - Fixed painting onto masks / adjustments. - Fixed pasteboard issues. - Fixed vignette artefacts. - Fixed selection “marching ants” flickering on zoom. - Fixed the grid becoming less visible on light areas of the document. - Fixed issues where the text tool would cause the document to pan to a silly position. - Fixed snapping dialog oddities . - Fixed black screen when opening documents in OCIO colour spaces. - Fixed mixer brush introducing too much black. - Help improvements. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous other small fixes and improvements.
  16. I'm trying to cobble together a workflow for shooting raw on an iPhone or iPad then editing in Affinity on an iPad. Current best bet would seem to be shoot RAW on iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, which syncs happily with the iPad but I can't yet figure out how to get dng files from Lightroom Mobile into Affinity. Anyone done this? thanks.
  17. Long time Photoshop user. One of the things I was able to do in Photoshop that I would like to know how to do, if possible, is use a layer mask to produce a selection. For example, if I have a layer with a mask of a person, like in the tutorial on selections and masks, is it possible to take the layer mask produced and turn it back into a selection? Thanks in advance for any help.
  18. Hello, These links contain the supported RAW camera lists for Affinity Photo for iPad. on iOS 15 (and macOS Monterey) on iOS 14 (and macOS Big Sur) on iPadOS 13 (and macOS Catalina) on iOS 12 (and macOS Mojave) on iOS 11 (and macOS High Sierra) on iOS 10 (and macOS Sierra) The list of supported cameras and the algorithms used depend on Apple's implementation. New cameras will be added by Apple in iOS updates. On the iPad build you will be using either system level Apple (core image raw) engine, OR Serif's Raw Engine. If you are using SerifLabs Raw Engine please refer instead to this article to see if your camera is supported:
  19. Is their a way to save as you work on the ipad while the file is open? The program is shutting down suddenly and I lose the work that hadnt been saved.
  20. menu ->resize I tried to reduce the size of the canvas by resizing the resize function. However, since there is no guide information, I have to adjust the size by guess
  21. hello, I just update to ios 11, and some of the functions like drag and drop didn’t work. So I removed A.Photo and downloaded againt. Now I can’t export to camera roll. Here’s the screen recording:
  22. When I use "Import From Photos" the order of the albums seems to be very mixed up. I can not figure out how Affinity for iPad sorts the albums. Is there a way to customize it? Thanks. RL
  23. After ios 11 update on ipad pro AFFINITY PHOTO wont import cloud files, no mater the type of file I choose.
  24. Affinity beta on ios 11, text on imported files is getting rasterized and no longer editable. Opens as pixel layers.
  25. Hello everyone, I've been using AP for a month now some of the photos that I completed are taking to much room and would like to move them to cloud/offline storage. My question is can I export a complete folder or do I have to move 1 image at a time? Please let me know if you can help my out Thank you
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