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  1. HI! I'm trying to use Apply image on iPad but I have unexpected results. First of all, how I can select another layer as source? In Desktop version I have to drag the layer on the Apply Image filter's box. (Why not to show all layers in the list???) Here on iPad it doesn't work. I didn't find any way to make it works. And I made a macro on Desktop version, doing something like this. Of course, it works with every single images. If I import that macro on iPad, I have very odd result. Something doesn't work at all on iPad with Apply Image.
  2. Hi guys, It's probably been answered before but I cant find the answer. Does Affinity have a way of connecting both apps from iPad to Mac and allowing you to edit using the Apple Pencil? I basically want to use my iPad as a Wacom tablet whilst editing with affinity. I do already know about the apps you can buy to mirror the desktop but that's not what I'm looking for. After a few weeks with the iPad app, I'm sad to say I just don't like it like I thought I would. Thank you!
  3. I was excited about Affinity Photo for iPad. I trusted the company and bought it at launch before any reviews or feedback for $19.99. This was supposed to be a temporary early adopter discount before it went up to $29.99. Only, in the last 7 months since launch, it’s only been $29.99 for one week. It’s even been discounted as low as $9.99 a couple of times and now it’s $14.99. If I’d been able to actually use Photo at launch, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, but it was horribly buggy at launch and for months after. I even bought a new iPad Pro with hope that would make photo run better. It didn’t. So, I basically, stupidly paid a premium price for the agonizing privilege of being a beta tester. Had I waited until the app had been properly tested by all of the other suckers, I could’ve picked it up for $9.99. What’s done is done, but I can say that I’ve lost a fair amount of trust in this company, and I for one will NOT be foolish enough to buy one of your apps at launch again. Fool me once...
  4. Hi, I recall seeing a post by Andy, in the iPad features forum indicating that an update was due around the end of December. Is this update a 'general' release or just another beta user update? A number of updates featured in the beta would certainly be nice to have, especially improvements to iOS file sharing. Having said that I still find Affinity Photo an amazing app in its current form!
  5. When I import a HEIC file from photos, AP reduces the dimensions of the file from 4032x3024 to 3072x2304. This happens on all HEIC files but not JPGs. Why is this happening? Thanks!
  6. I have an iPad air I understand the app will work on an iPad air 2 Has anyone tried using this app on an iPad air...believe it came out 2013 or 14. I know it is not an iPad air 2 but the model before
  7. I was recently advised to check out affinity. I must admit I didnt check the price or functionality before buying but so far its practically useless for me. I generally import my pics onto my pc or nas using lightroom 5.7. this works well for my pc centric workflow and I am not interested in upgrading lightroom at present. What I want is to auto sync a number of folders to the ipad so I can introduce an ipad work flow. The minimum I want to do is review pics and remove them. Perhaps Ill progress to doing some raw edits prior to syncing back to the pc. I do not at any stage want to use the cloud or import pictures 1 by one. Lots of apple apps can see my nas although I have not found an option to download a whole folder or folders. Ive looked at the import from options and they just seem to be missing an import from nas option. Any thoughts/help greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm fairly new to Affinity Photo (so glad being able to leave Adobe's subscription...) Is there a way to multi-select documents from the iPad AP home screen and transfer them to a WiFi drive ? The only way I found to have a copy of the ".afphoto" document is by using the "Save a copy" option, one document at a time... which is tedious when you come back from a trip and want to transfer all the work you have done on your iPad to your Mac. The Mac is the place where I keep all pictures (RAW, JPG and AP documents) as my main repository and for which I have real backups. I don't trust any cloud offering and I don't want to use them. Here is what I'm using: - iPad Pro (iOS 11) with Affinity Photo V1.6 - WD My Passport Wireless Pro - iMac 27" (mac OS Sierra - V10.12.6) with Affinity Photo (V1.6.6) While on a trip: - copy all my pictures (RAW) taken during the day to the iPad Photos - use AP to do editing of some pictures (usually my daily "Top 10") - copy all my pictures (RAW) taken during the day to the WD My Passport Wireless Pro (as backup) Once back home - load all RAWs from the WD My Passport Wireless Pro to the Mac - load all pictures in LightRoom (stand alone) (waiting for Affinity DAM software....) - would like to be able to batch transfer all ".afphoto" documents from iPad to Mac (subject to this post). BTW: Affinity team, your software is awesome !!! Congrats !
  9. It would be great if de macros functionality also was enable on affinity photo for iPad.
  10. Been trying to come up to speed w. Photo on the iPad. While I've found where to change the stroke weight on vector objects, thru the Pen tool, I haven't been able to find a dialogue for changing color, mitre, etc. Anyone know what or how to tap? THX
  11. Hi Forgive me if this is explained somewhere, but I’ve not been able to find it. I downloaded Photo for iPad a couple of weeks ago or so and have played until now. I’ve now just started to properly educate myself about this software. i hope the attached shows you what I don’t understand. There are two overlapping circles at the top left of the colour studio. What are they?
  12. Hello, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful software you guys have created. I’m glad to inform you that I have successfully and delightfully moved my entire workflow from Photoshop on the Mac to AP on the Ipad pro. The one feature I miss though is being able to use the Topaz Detail plugin for skin smoothening. I’ve tried various workarounds for smoothening, but nothing quite gives me the same result. Is there a way I can install the plugin on the IPad version of AP cheers Zaheer
  13. I have a number of of individual layers. On AP/AD Mac, I would Cmd-click individual layers to create non-contiguous selections of layers. But this functionality does not seem to exist on iPad. All it needs is a Command key, or an "add" mode similar to what is used in the selection brush. But when concerned with layers - for instance when aligning multiple layers, this seems to be ridiculously buried, or not included. But it's basic functionality, and I can't believe it's so difficult to find, or not included. Anyone know how to do this? Dan
  14. In this short tutorial I'll will show you how to create an Affinity Designer template with nested symbols to draw snowflakes, ice crystals and other interesting things in all Affinity products. The content of this tutorial isn't new but I think at this time of year a nice idea to draw some nice snowflakes, ice crystals, stars... Have fun to draw your own... and keep on drawin' Norbert
  15. Hi folks, I would like to insert a freely composed image in another picture wiith the perspective projection feature on iPad Air 2, newest app version. Unfortunately I've been not successful after tying for one or two hours. When I mark an area with the perspective projection function and zoom in with the hand tool, I can draw freely and everything works fine after tapping perspective projection again. But this does not work with objects like pasted images or rectangles whose always get inserted in new layers. When I group the layers and rssterize them to one I am not able to reset the zoom mode. Is there any possibility for doing that in the iOS version? I wish you a beautiful snowy Advent Sunday!
  16. I’m having difficulty placing a photo and adding a bitmap gradient fill in the iPad version of Affinity Photo. The place dialog will go though without a problem, and process the photo for import, but when finished nothing displays in the canvas. From what I gather, selecting the bitmap fill in the gradient tool is supposed to open a dialog to select a bitmap, but when I select it nothing happens. I CAN copy and paste in a bitmap using the clipboard, and in another tutorial I saw I could drag the icon for the imported photo on to the shape layer to trigger a fill that way, but when I do the pixels also disappear. Is anyone else having this struggle?
  17. I just bought Affinity Photo for IPad. I have the latest version of IOS 11 on an IPad Pro. I can’t seem to get Affinity Photo to work in split view. The description in the App Store says that it supports drag and drop. How is this possible without split view. Split view works with most of the other programs I use.
  18. Opening an afphoto file from Dropbox worked fantastically well, but I didn't have one of the fonts on my iPad - would love to be able to add fonts to keep the visual fidelity in sync. (also for AD on ipad when it is ready) Amazing work on the app!! I'm stunned how much you were able to do, and how well. thanks, -damian
  19. Second day into using AP. (On a tablet enviroment) Looked around re my question which is “Finger rotate canvas / image” At best i can use the select image at the top is a handle use this to rotate image. What i wish to do is be able to pinch zoom in and out with the fingers, this works great thank you, now I like to rotate the image with the fingers please on an ipad, similar to say procreate. Can this be done ? If so how and if not can this be implemented in the near future up dates please. Regards Rob
  20. Hi Affinity Forum. I´m using Affinity Photo iPad Beta / iPad Pro 12,9" 1.Gen Feature request for the awesome Affinity Photo iPad App: Depth of Field / Tilt Shift with two finger functionality With one finger the lines are going all over the place, it would speed up the workflow, if i can hold down another finger to keep the lines in horizontal position. Affinity Photo Mac / Windows already uses the SHIFT key to move around the lines with more control and that leeds to a much quicker workflow. Please add this feature to AP iPad, this would help to move around the lines horizonatlly and to stay in place. For example: I created a Affinity Photo Tutorial yesterday, i´m using the Filter - Depth of Field - Tilt Shift with holding down the SHIFT key on Mac. Jump to the section at 3:22 - https://youtu.be/R1EfFDQBzQA?t=3m22s
  21. Hi there, I want to process only one pic and than apply this adjustments to all others. Do I work with LUT in this case? I found the export function and tried to export my settings (all applied to the main layer) and when I use LUT in the adjustment and load this created LUT there is no change! thanks in advance
  22. Hi, As the heading suggests, when editing panorama in iPad, there does not seem to be an 'inpaint missing area' tool. In the examples shown, their is a magnifying glass ? icon above the panorama window. Is this only available in the desktop version. is their any way to inpaint the missing areas in the iPad version? If not, is this feature likely to be included at any later date?
  23. Hello, will there be Affinity Designer for the iPad? Thanks Gabi
  24. I would like to be able to save an image directly from the develop/RAW persona without having to do a roundtrip through the photo persona. This would be especially great if the edits could be saved non-destructively. Some pictures don't need editing with the photo persona, this would definitely speed up my workflow for certain images.
  25. Hello. I´m trying to figure out how to disable the spell check / spellchecker in Affinity Photo iPad. I already checked the iPad Settings with no luck. Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Auto-Correct and so on is turned off. The red underline is still there. Thanks in advance. I´m using Affinity Photo iPad Beta 1.6.3(
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