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Found 8 results

  1. Hey there, I just registered myself to share my problem. I have red similar cases in which the app crashes after seconds, without a particular reason. I live in Germany/Berlin and currently study architecture. I use affinity both on my MacBook Pro as well as on my Ipad Pro. But for some reason the App continually crashes after using the same document for more than an hour. It only takes seconds for the crash, not giving me the option to save. When I try to exit the document the App crashes. It is quite tiring having to work a long shift even further extended, because it takes at least twenty attempts to save one line. But I now realized through a different post, disconnecting the Apple Pencil is a solution for not having the app crash. So I now can work again, after hours of trying, but only using my fingers. The same occurs using affinity photo. It has occurred to me different times. Sometimes I can use the pencil and than out o nowhere the app continues to crash when I try to work on my document. I really like working with affinity, but this is really annoying and time consuming. For now I will continue using my fingers, but it would be great if someone has a solution for me on how to use my pencil again. Thanks
  2. Have been trying out text on a path. Findings: AP has crashed for me exclusively, but sporadically when I am using text on a path. Could be a font issue, don’t know. Have not recorded screen captures as this happens sporadically. difficult for me to initially start the text path. Perhaps that is because I don’t use designer a great deal and haven’t experienced this function. when I get it started, easy to us the art text tool, am able to change fonts in midstream, size, colour etc. Difficulty at time to select particularly when the text has wrapped around under the curve. Have saved a curve, copied and then paste on another image. Have no idea how or when to use convert to curves (perhaps a tutorial would be appropriate in the future) But randomly, when I am closing the app, AP crashes. Have been sending the report through FlightTest However, I have noted in some cases that devs are asking to submit crash reports thru this site. These reports I am seeing have a particular thread that deals exclusivesly with the Photo App, AP, plus other threads that report crash reports that show Crash reports. Hoping that the information needed gets sent to the correct places so that you can see what is going on.
  3. Crash example every time I try to use selection tool to create new layer I crash out on iPad iOS 13 mini 5th gen using Apple Pencil see enclosed video and crash report can also supply images (original) JetsamEvent-2020-04-07-112819 affinity crash report.ips
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought Affinity photo on the iPad Pro and I was trying to insert an Arabic Unicode symbol to add it to a picture but instead of pasting it, a missing icon is shown. I don’t understand why Affinity photo don’t support that while others app on iOs like Procreate, Pixelmator or photoshop do...Can someone help me ? thank you.
  5. Wondering if everyone has issue with screen-sharing (multiwindow) support being absent? Could have sworn I was using this in previous (pre-1.8.3) versions. Serif, care to weigh in?
  6. I’m on an iPad Air 2 - model MH312LL/A running the latest iOS update (13.4.1) and the most up to date version of AffinityPhoto. any time I try to make color selections lately when I drag the dropper to select a color everything freezes for 5-10 seconds and I just have to wait to be able to move the dropper around again. same thing happens with the inpainting brush tool. I’ll go to use the brush and I won’t see anything on the screen, then the app hangs for a few seconds then magically everywhere I touched shows the brush pattern and then the inpainting tool does it’s thing. It’s very annoying as it takes away all precision while using it. the app will randomly crash when selecting a newly added font sometimes as well. this all happens on any size project file, including brand new documents. It wasn’t doing this before, maybe an update or two ago I believe it was fine.
  7. Hi there, One of the big news of iOS 13 is the ability to attach USB sticks, SSD drives etc snd have access to all the files (at last!). However, I cannot access these attached media from the Affinity apps. The attached media does not appear in the Files browser WITHIN Photo, while I can see it in the Files app. Is this an iOS bug/limitation? If it is not, I think it should be top priority to have this feature. So that we are able to leave the laptops at home when going outdoors!
  8. Hi, whenever I switch into the different brush types, they suddenly disappear. Whenever I restart the app they appear again but once I switch away from the pencils, I only get one or two in the different sections and as I keep switching they completely disappear. I'm using an 10.5" iPad Pro with iOS 13.2.2, and affinity designer
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