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Found 9 results

  1. I just downloaded the iOS 11 UI Kit expecting to use the new iPhone X bars to generate app mockups, however when I drag the assets into my iPhone X artboard generated from "new from template" it's not already the width of the artboard. How does this make any sense at all. Auto scaling the font's and other sub layers doesn't work intuitively and at this point I'm struggling to find a reason to stick with Affinity Designer for UI/UX design for mobile.
  2. So I’ve been having problems trying to export my files. When it gives me the options of where to save the file, it doesn’t give me the full menu breakdown and when I do select one of the few brief options the jpeg file isn’t anywhere to be found. I’ve attached images displaying my issue and any help or explanation would really be appreciated
  3. With iOS11 Apple seem to have changed things yet again. I have some photos in Photos (Apple) on my iPad. The only way they could have got there is by my emailing them to myself and then importing them to Photos. Earlier it was possible to then import from Photos to AP on the iPad. This route doesn't seem to be possible now. I am very reluctant to turn the iCloud on - I know that "everyone" else uses it - but I absolutely don't want to. Despite what Apple and others say, I don't trust clouds, and I have confidential data on some of my machines so I don't want to run any risk that it could migrate. I know that that happens. So now I don't seem to have any very easy way which I trust to get images into AP on my iPad, so I'm reverting back to using AP on my MacBook Pro. PIty - as some of the features in the iPad version seem a bit eaier - once the UI has been figured out. The tutorials for all the versions are excellent. I really wanted to make up a new composite photo using the concepts from the Sky replacement tutorial - though my application is to replace a blown out (overexposed) window which is "framing" some people in a room with a better background. I looked at the tutorial about using the iOS 11 "file system" - but it hasn't helped in this instance - seemingly because of the way Apple have now configured the iPad.
  4. Sorry if this is repeat question - Im wondering what exactly iCloud Automatic Backup saves when I enable it on iPad and on Affinity ? I understand currently, the only option to backup/save files is to copy/export each project, so I dont understand what the backup app on iCloud does. Thanks
  5. After ios 11 update on ipad pro AFFINITY PHOTO wont import cloud files, no mater the type of file I choose.
  6. After ios 11 update on ipad pro AFFINITY PHOTO wont import cloud files, no mater the type of file I choose.
  7. Awesome feature, will use this a lot! But if you drop an image into an already opened file, it imports it much bigger. If you drop it into Affinity's homepage it works fine. Steps: Create a Affinity file size: 5411 x 2516px (size of the image bellow) Open this via safari: https://unsplash.com/photos/QqSlW0a2Dwg (click the download button from here - it opens the high res image in a new safari tab) Drop image in affinity Check the imported image dimensions in the "Transform Studio" on the right pane (update: and if you try to resize this layer to the original dimension, via the Transform Studio, it freezes the app) Someone with iOS beta 8 could try this? and from other sources besides safari... Thanks Stuff: iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) Affinity 1.6.5 (Beta 1) iOS 11 beta 7
  8. Hello, I am running Affinity photo on an Ipad pro 12.9" with the beta of iOS 11. I am coming across an issue when I try to save out my work. After I select the type of file and size and choose to save to a cloud storage, my screen goes black and the app crashes. I know the app isn't fully optimized for iOS 11 yet, but I just wanted to bring up this issue, and see if there were any fixes in the works. I have attached a video demonstrating my issue. Thank you. afinity video.mov
  9. I'm starting to use the iPad version and I found it really great. It would be nice if in a future version it will be supported HEIF codec complaint to iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Another cool feature but i know it will be harder to do, the possibility to use a Spyder5 to calibrate to iPad monitor. Like app ColorTrue does.
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