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  1. On April 24, 2023, I upgraded to v2. I had no problems downloading the installation files from the website. I decided to install Designer and Photos on my iPad a few days ago and was surprised to see that it was unavailable in my region. I'm currently in Ukraine. Is there a way to resolve this issue?
  2. I’m bumping that feedback. Can we hope to have the split screen function on iOS? Slide over is OK but it hides half of the toolbar on left or right side when I use it.
  3. In the Designer desktop app, the option in Preferences > General to disable automatic selection of another object after an object is deleted, by un-checking 'Prefer to keep selection after delete', is very useful. It would also be helpful to have this option in the Designer iOS app. For example, when going around the canvas selecting multiple objects at a time and deleting them, it's easy to accidentially include an automatically selected object in the next group of objects to be deleted, as there's a tendency to get into a rhythm of pressing a second finger on the screen during every selection. If the automatically selected object is beyond the current view/zoom extent there's no clear visual cue that it's been included in the next multiple object selection, and by the time I realise it's been unintentionally deleted it's often far too late to recover it. To avoid the above happening, at present one needs to be consious of selecting the first object of each multiple selection without a second finger pressed on the screen, in order to clear the automatic object selection that resulted from the previous delete operation, and then press the second finger on the screen again only when selecting additional objects. It's easy to mess this up and not notice at the time.
  4. When I try to place an image on a new document, it seems to start the process then never complete - all i see is the progress circle going round and round. Used to work fine before.
  5. I know this was missing in V.1, but was hoping that page rulers would be added to V.2 apps. The desktop version has page rulers (View > Show rulers), but not sure why the iOS version does not. If I am missing something, please let me know. If not, please add page rulers like the desktop version has.. Thanks!
  6. What are the system requirements to run V2 of all three Affinity apps on an iMac and iPad? I've searched through the Affinity/Serif website and have not found any mention of system requirements. I would like to purchase a Universal License for the upgrade, but I want to be sure the apps will work on my devices before I spend the money. Thanks for the help, Paul
  7. Hi all, Not sure if anyone will be able to help on here but here goes! I'm working on a Shared iPad setup using Jamf and have run into a couple of issues. The primary issue seems to be that every time a user logs into Shared iPad and opens either Affinity Designer or Photo, it's requesting that the user registers the app. You can of course skip it by selecting 'Don't show me again', but as this occurs every time a user signs in it's not ideal. If anyone knows or can share the App Configuration (strings, keys, etc.) that could really help. If this is the wrong forum for this type of question, I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Many thanks! Miff
  8. Is it possible to import/export Swatch Palletes for the iPad Version of Affinity Designer (or Photo, for that matter)? I have purchased several commercial products that include colors that I cannot install on iPad version. Yes, the makers of these products need to maybe take the iOS crowd into consideration. But my question is: it that even possible for them to do?
  9. Hi! Does it make sense to wait for the light version for the iPhone in the near future? I really miss the pocket vector editor for accurate sketches ... with symmetry and sticking on the grid Or can you recommend an application from another manufacturer?
  10. I am looking for an option to auto-clean the mixer brush in the ios app. I have found that the small "water glass" icon in the bottom right of the brush menu will clean it once, but is there a way to toggle this option permanently on and off? Thank you so much for all your hard work on this app Serif. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite painting tools.
  11. When using my self-created brushes on mask layers, each intensity brush image dab (or whatever the proper technical term is) is surrounded by a square shape. The attached image is an example of my problem. This does not occur with any of the default intensity (I assume) brushes that came with the application, only custom/downloaded brushes. I followed the instructions for custom brush creation found in the help files. Then I followed all of the recommendations I discovered here in the forums and on YouTube: square image, PNG file type, 300dpi, both black on white and transparent backgrounds. Each attempt resulted in block-surrounded image dabs. Affinity Photo has shown iPad Pro users the way forward, as well as the way around the Company of the Big Red "A". Hopefully we have returned the favor via the App Store. It's time to help us further by updating the documentation and tutorial videos concerning the creation and use of custom brushes. Thanks!
  12. Hey everyone! I have been using Affinity Designer for the iPad, for a while now. I love it! One question that I have been researching non stop and cant find a solution - how do I find up to date iOS assets? I came from using Sketch, so I just download the library Apple supplies. I see Affinity came with iOS 12 assets. I would 100% be willing to pay for iOS 13 assets as well. I need some assets from iOS 13 to design certain screens so this is kind of a blocker for me, unfortunately. Thanks
  13. So as the title says, I'm new to AD and graphic design in general. I'm self taught and am keen to hone my skills to perhaps make a hobby of it. I've finished my first concept piece and I looked into exporting into an ESP, as this is the file I would be commonly exporting as to then send to a print company. However after exporting to my google drive the document only exports a very small part of the entire document as seen below; Would anyone know why this would happen? And how I can export the entire document instead please? Many thanks
  14. Summary Affinity Designer, as of 1.9, produces SVG exports where at least one simple, hollow shape (donut) is unusable in Xcode or subsequently on iOS Impact The problem effectively prevents the use of Affinity Designer by many developers working on the creation of svg assets for the Apple platforms. Similar issues perhaps for Glowforge users, see https://community.glowforge.com/t/bug-svg-fill-rule-fix/20413 Setup macOS 11.2.1 (20D74) Intel Affinity Designer 1.9.0 on Xcode 12.4 with iOS target 14.0 To reproduce New document, Presets -> Devices -> iPad Mini Use Donut tool to create Donut (screenshot "ad donut.png") Export entire document as SVG (going via Export Persona and slices doesn't make any difference), (e.g. "xcodeProblem.svg") Open an Xcode project and navigate to an Assets.xcassets Drag SVG file exported in 3 into the project's Assets.xcassets Observe that Xcode renders the Donut incorrectly as a solid circle (screenshot "xcode ad broken.png") Workaround 1 Manually edit the exported SVG file in coding editor such as Vim, Emacs, VSCode Find the Donut's path element. Add a "style="fill-rule:evenodd" attribute to the Donut's path (or if there's an existing one amend it to include the "fill-rule:evenodd" value. Save the file (e.g. "xcodeProblem tweaked style.svg") File works okay in Xcode, i.e. has empty middle (screenshot "xcode showing broken and both workarounds.png") Workaround 2 Manually construct the Donut from two Ellipses, the inner of which is drawn with the opposit rotation. Draw outer ellipse Draw an inner ellipse NB: manually mirror the inner ellipse so that its drawing direction is in the opposite direction to the outer. Align inner with outer Select both and XOR differentially union together to create singe curves, donut. Export as SVG and file works okay in Xcode (e.g. "xcodeProblem xor'd different rotations.png") File works okay in Xcode, i.e. has empty middle (screenshot "xcode showing broken and both workarounds.png") Tips on how to workaround, were picked up from the Glowforge forum here https://community.glowforge.com/t/bug-svg-fill-rule-fix/20413 where they are encountering a similar issue. Misc Likely to have similar issues with other hollow shapes. Omnigraffle screws this up as well. Inkscape and Sketch gets it right. The SVG renders just fine in Firefox, Safari, preview etc, just within Xcode and on iOS xcodeProblem.svg xcodeProblem tweaked style.svg xcodeProblem xor'd different rotations.svg
  15. Hey there, I just registered myself to share my problem. I have red similar cases in which the app crashes after seconds, without a particular reason. I live in Germany/Berlin and currently study architecture. I use affinity both on my MacBook Pro as well as on my Ipad Pro. But for some reason the App continually crashes after using the same document for more than an hour. It only takes seconds for the crash, not giving me the option to save. When I try to exit the document the App crashes. It is quite tiring having to work a long shift even further extended, because it takes at least twenty attempts to save one line. But I now realized through a different post, disconnecting the Apple Pencil is a solution for not having the app crash. So I now can work again, after hours of trying, but only using my fingers. The same occurs using affinity photo. It has occurred to me different times. Sometimes I can use the pencil and than out o nowhere the app continues to crash when I try to work on my document. I really like working with affinity, but this is really annoying and time consuming. For now I will continue using my fingers, but it would be great if someone has a solution for me on how to use my pencil again. Thanks
  16. I recently purchased Affinity Designer (both MacOS and my iPad), along with additional brush packages (Christis comix, chalkiest) and when I import the brushes on either version, they do not show up in the brushes window. However, when I import the fineliner brush set, it works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks. /pkyancey
  17. Hello, guys! Just a quick post to share with you a template for designing iOS App icons. Icons come in different sizes and done with the last angle for corners set by Apple. The icons are symbols so you can see changes quickle on all of them. Hope this be useful! Best regards! Template - iOS Icons - Share.afdesign
  18. Hi everyone, I just bought Affinity photo on the iPad Pro and I was trying to insert an Arabic Unicode symbol to add it to a picture but instead of pasting it, a missing icon is shown. I don’t understand why Affinity photo don’t support that while others app on iOs like Procreate, Pixelmator or photoshop do...Can someone help me ? thank you.
  19. Could you add an iOS app extension? When we find an image in Apple Photos, or Files, or Dropbox, or Google Drive, or lots of others, an app extension would make it much easier and faster to switch to Affinity Photo and start editing it.
  20. Hey everyone, so I found those templates to export iOS icons and another document for Android apps. Since, we are developing an app in Flutter, this document is perfect fit. So I created a template doing both at the same time. Enjoy it. Follow instructions in the document and please write a comment for any bug / suggestion. App Icon Exporter - v1.afdesign
  21. If you're designing an iOS app icon, you can use this template to export the 18 different icon sizes required by Apple named according to Apple’s guidelines. To get started, edit the Icon symbol on the App Icon layer. When you are ready to export, switch to the Export Persona and click the Export Slices button. Make sure to disable the mask layers before you export – icons should be exported as square images. You can download the latest version on my website. Thanks for looking!
  22. Please see video, but when using a grouped set of vector images and adding them together via the Geometry - Add, system crashes. iPad Pro 2018 - 13.3.1 Affinity Designer - 1.8.2 IMG_0100.MP4
  23. Hello Fellow Designers, I would like to share my latest work with you. Last week I created an iOS 13 app with Affinity Designer and Apple's latest user interface framework, SwiftUI. The application itself is a part of my new SwiftUI Course as the first project which students will build from scratch. I found both Affinity Designer and Photo very helpful in the creative process and I decided to continue work with them in the future. If you do not mind, I attach some snapshots of the SwiftUI app. What do you think about it? Any suggestions or tips? I would appreciate it so much. Have a nice day! Cheers, Robert A short video about the final app: App Gallery
  24. I generated 5 color swatch from an Instagram image, I matched them with a personal photo, and saved it as a preset, but I can’t find it under LUT or Presets. Where else can I find it? It’s also not on Files
  25. Hello Serif Staff, I am currently looking into purchasing a new desktop computer, more specifically an iMac 21.5 inch With Retina 4k Display. My question goes as follows before I make a purchase: What iOS version does the Affinity suite (Photo, Designer and Publisher) require to run on an Apple machine? Is the Affinity suite compatible with Mac Pro "Six Core" 3.5 (Late 2013)3.5 GHz 6 Core Xeon E5-1650v2? Will the Affinity suite upgrades be compatible with a Mac Pro "Six Core" 3.5 (Late 2013)3.5 GHz 6 Core Xeon E5-1650v2? What specifications do I need to know before I settle on a permanent purchase? I have ruled any Windows software out of the equation for my investment, and as soon as I have an answer, I plan on purchasing all three desktop in one go. I currently run the mobile app on an iPad (6th Gen). Thank you for your responses.
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