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Found 13 results

  1. I put out a scream thread about Affinity Photo blushing lacking behind the pen 🤬 After some very helpful comments, and experiments I have isolated the lacking to the Wacom Intuos But it doesn't happen when working with the Older Lightroom 5 (EDIT: I have notices the pen doesn't fully work after a file has be saved from Affinity . WIN10 Pc -- plenty of power/dics sizes/ram and all that stuff I use the pen only and none of the buttons -- eye/brain/fingers too old for all the fancy stuff . But I use the pen in the right hand and mouse in left hand -- as someone said "you have got to be sick!!" 😀 My main pen use is for Dodge/burn and similar I use only a small part of the tablet --- no idea how/why some use the bigger ones (??) I find most online stuff to detailed -- for artists mostly so far more complicated than I need --- do you have any links to share ? I generally use a basic round brush very similar to the Lightroom 5 adjustment brush So the questions about setting up the Pen/Table to work with Affinity Photo How have you set up your Wacon to work with Affinity ? Is running the mouse and pen together likely to cause problems? I will do some testing myself in the meantime. How do I know if the nib needs replacing ? Have replaced it a couple of times only because I thought I should . Your open thoughts, ideas, and questions about your mouse and pen (problems) welcome
  2. Hey I have an issue in that when i use my Wacom tablet in affinity photo, often (but not always) this will completely disable my ability to click with my mouse. Once I've used my Wacom , I have to stick with it until I close and open the program again. The keyboard still works fine, but Photo just refuses to accept any sort of mouse input. this is really frustrating as navigating menus and using sliders with a Wacom pen isn't the best. I actually have a home machine and a work machine, one with an intuos, and one with a cintiq, and affinity photo does this on both. As far as i can tell via google , I'm the only one getting this issue. What am i doing wrong?
  3. I'm currently looking into if I should purchase a display monitor, such an XP-Pen Innovator 16 or a Huion Kamvas 16 Pro, but I came across many reports that drivers for these devices will conflict with Wacom drivers. As I kept looking it seems like the issues lies with WinTab APIs, it seems like each of these drivers will install a different wintab32.dll. So Wacom drivers will install a version/variant of wintab32.dll that only works with those drivers, and when you install let's say a XP-Pen driver, it will overwrite the wintab32.dll file that again only works with itself. Bummer. But it seems like applications that use Windows Ink should be unaffected by this. So long as the drivers are set to use Windows Ink everything should work just fine. At least in theory. And that's my question for anyone using this hardware combo on Windows, were you able to make both drivers work in Windows Ink mode? Were you able to retain pressure (and tilt) sensitivity in both pen devices? Affinity software is a prime example of a software where this is easy to spot since you can easily swap between WinTab and Windows Ink at will. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  4. The said tablet behaves strangely under Affinity Photo for Windows (10 Prof.), in any case different than in PS CC. In Photoshop it is very convenient to use. The size of brushes, stamps and retouching tools can be increased/decreased by ALT + drag. This is simple and quick. I haven't found anything like it in AP yet. In AP my tablet behaves bizarre. Sometimes AP accepts it as a mouse replacement. So double click etc. This works for a while, then suddenly it doesn't. Or extremely tough. Also, individual tools sometimes work, sometimes not, sometimes tough. Operation with the mouse always works. What am I doing wrong? Greetings, Christian Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  5. I am thinking about buying a Wacom tablet to edit my landscape photos. I'd like to know if they are compatible with Infinity photo. Thanks in advance. Jim L
  6. During trial, I was able to scroll the touch ring on my Wacom Intuos Pro for zooming ( couldn't do pinching as I always do in Illustrator). Today just purchased Affinity Designer, I can't zoom with anything. Rotating the touch ring only scroll up and down. Any fix?
  7. Hi i know , i could use shortcuts if i use my intuos tablet to rotate the canvas by shortcut.. but well what would my intuos would be for , in this case... in Photoshop i could use two fingers llike on a i phone to rotate the canvas by pressing and moving my fingers directly on my tablet.. is this somehow possible in affinity photo and designer too ?
  8. Hi guys, first of all, happy new year to everyone! :) My problem is related to using a Wacom tablet with Affinity Photo (1.5.2. beta 2 right now). When I try to change the brush size as I would do with my touchpad, or mouse (pressing Ctrl+Option and sliding the cursor up-down or left-right) on my tablet with the pen, nothing happens. It's like the feature is waiting for a click to activate, but I can use the tablet otherwise perfectly fine (as far as I've seen). Is there an option in AP to check, that I am using a tablet device for input, or something? I may have overlooked that. ---------- My second issue is with zooming, in Photoshop a handy way to zoom in documents is by pressing Command/Option+Space (both works, but Cmd+Space interferes with Spotlight or Siri) and dragging the mouse, especially when using a tablet. Is there an equivalent feature in AP yet, if not, are you planning to add it? Thanks! Regards, Balázs
  9. Having issues with the brushes and my intuos wacom tablet. the curves come out choppy, and the flow of the brush on screen its weird. don't want to compare but I've tried other softwares for drawing and the tablet works fine.
  10. I ordered a slightly used Wacom Intuos5 touch Small Tablet with pen, cable and wireless kit for $140 from a graduating Arts student. Does it sound like a good buy? Being a lefty I noticed Wacom's tablets can be flipped around and software switched. I know Huion has handedness settings but I still don't fancy rotating the tablet and have the labels upside down. My only concern is whether it will lag on wireless with AD or APh? I recall reading somewhere that USB cable is preferred. Can you advise me. Have Affinity staff got inhouse experience with this model (PTH-451) Thanks Michael
  11. As some of you might know, there are new Wacom products since very recently: Mainly, the new "cintiq pro" in the new sizes (cleverly adding 16 inches) as well as -probably same tablet technology, Studio pro also in 13 and 16 inches. All these seem to share a very much improved pen technology, probably improvements in the tablet, too. Does any one know if they are going to be releasing soon the tablets ( the Intuos and Intuos Pro series, I mean) that apply all this tracking, accuracy !, pressure (I mean...8k pressure levels... noooone is goona ever notice/use it, but hey) and painting improvements ?... I was able to find a pic.... ....and someone mentioning have seen it listed for a moment on Amazon (pic supposedly downloaded from there. Yet though, fakes are everywhere. I mean, not in Amazon, just the whole story might be invented, people get fun making those. I saw recently one done even in video by a CGI 3D artist (very well done) . So, this could be just a fake.) That said, it'd be more than logical that they'd apply soon all that accuracy at least to Intuos Pro models. I'm progressively realizing more that the cintiq or cintiq alternatives are not so much for me, not only for the purchase price and the cost of replacing if you break it (which worries me way more than initial prices, specially if get too used to cintiq style), also because of my long habit drawing in intuos, and almost very certain that drawing over a cintiq would be way worse for my back and my eyesight (specially as, opposite to Cintiq, the alternatives are ALL *very* glossy screens, not only bad for the eyes, also leads to inaccuracy when painting and checking colors. I fail to understand why even a cheap -ain't cheap, is 600 bucks, yeah , way cheaper than cintiq, but still quite some money.- product for art making is having a glossy screen (and to be honest, we should mention this stupidity for art tools is also present in the iPad PROs (which is quite a sad fact for me, as I love that ipad.) , or the new MS Studio, which also comes with the jitter problem ! A pity, as is a sort of mid-high end monitor.). As indeed, not so much about money with the cintiq alternatives, and intuos Large is not specially cheap, is just that in the end seems better for some of us, despite being less accurate and fast than a tablet-monitor. So, am quite interested in knowing if the medium and large models are soon to be released, using these new technology improvements.
  12. I started trying out the affinity photo beta. I'm impressed and I will surely buy this great product when it leave the beta stage. I noticed bug when i try to paint witch my Wacom Intuos CTH-480 tablet. Affinity Photo doesn't recognize pressure at all. I have tried using pressure settings in brush panel but without any effect. My wacom driver version 6.3.17-3. System win7 64bit.
  13. HELP! I am completely stuck. I tried all settings but somehow it will not work... Q: How to configure Wacom Intuos Pro + Affinity Photo, that key ring can be used to alter brush size? configure zoom in/out to work correctly? Will appreciate any help! :) CU, Roland
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