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Found 91 results

  1. Is it possible to save an interface layout, with customized toolbar and palettes layout?
  2. In several places of the UI of both Photo and Designer I'm seeing noticeable color fringing. I'm using an EIZO monitor and I'm running it at my monitor's native resolution - 1920 x 1080. Where is this coming from and can I fix it so that text is more clear? I haven't seen anything like this happen in other apps that I've used, Photoshop included. Please check the attached screenshot.
  3. Hello, i am just switching from PS to Affinity Designer. I am a UI Designer for FatClient Apps on Windows. My first impression of Affinity Designer is great! What I am really missing is the abbility to set up an own folder structure in the LayerPanel Window! Including the the abbility to set colors for each folder. At the moment it is really hard to overview the LayerPanel Window. The function "Grouping Layers" does not replace the need of seting up folders! F.e. Grouping a font with pixel aligned graphics will often result in a blurred view. Feature Request: Abbility to set up an own folder Structure in the LayerPanel Window Set Different Colors to these folders Make the Layers searchable by Attribute or Name Please Make the selected state color more visible in the Layerpanel, at the moment its a dark "marineblue" which is hard to recognise on the dark ui THX for the cool Applikation so far! Best regards Nod
  4. Running 1.5.4. on mac. My interface is in Separated Mode. Selecting Merge all Windows does nothing. I have tried to reset everything by holding Ctrl key while opening app, but that didn't help. BTW, I am running the latest Beta version (just installed). That is working fine.
  5. I'm keen on escaping the adobe plantation. :unsure: But I keep getting frustrated with squinting to use the interface. Both tool icons and menu text is too small! Consider the visual effort expended on an application's interface and add it up over a day's use. That time and energy expended is that much lost on the work that matters. This may be acceptable on an occasional basis but if one's using an application daily for hours at a time, the interface design is critical. I think this aspect is a major factor in expanding adoption.
  6. Will affinity program interface in Russian? Because know were your Serif series of programs to x5 in Russian. Can we expect this from you? Or maybe it is possible to translate the program interface for themselves based on Photoshop and other programs. p.s. used google.translate :unsure: p.p.s. Now a lot of graphics programs on a PC and mobile systems support my mother tongue, therefore I have been asked a question.
  7. I've been using Lightroom for a few years, but it's limited so I've bought Affinity. However, I want to eventually delete Lightroom and use Affinity for all my work. Problem is finding files from Lightroom and associating these with Affinity. At present, the process is a little convoluted. I have a large number of photos (10k+) organised into a good number of folders and sub-folders. I'd like a way to transfer these folders from Lightroom to some other picture storage software that will allow that process. Anyone any ideas, please? Thank you.
  8. hi I would like to work on one window and see the change on another window containing my embedded documents. but i can t find the function edit embedded document in floating mode. is it ass well possible to have a floating view in non floating interface mode? Thanks
  9. There is a discussion on PPI vs DPI in the Questions and Feedback section. After discussion and consideration, I'd like to make an official feature request. In the User Interface section of the Preferences in both Designer and Photo, I request that you include a checkbox to change the default DPI setting of documents to PPI. I understand a portion of your staff believe DPI is an appropriate choice, so it could be set to DPI by default, and every one who feels strongly that it should read PPI could have a customization option to change their user experience within the software. I feel that's a good compromise, considering everyone who understands what the field is for would understand that it would typically make no difference to anyone's workflow, and it would appease each party that has a preference to one acronym or the other. Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate your time.
  10. Hello I have a request about interface: ;) On Designer I need to immediately understand what color mode is set to my document, if CMYK or RGB, maybe beside the name of the document or anywhere else. I usually import technical cad files and have to convert in CMYK from RGB and to check if the conversion is correct I have to go to "modify - document settings." and see the winodow opened. Or maybe I don't find it? :unsure:
  11. Just installed Affinity photo and put the interface into UK mode. However, this does not apply to all areas, wich is unacceptable. See image: If this is going to be a permenant error then I think I want my money back. If I am paying for software then I expect the interface to be for my country and not a mix of two. I also don't like having to have Aero enabled as I can't stand the Aero interface.
  12. APhotoWizard

    Need labels

    I am a new convert to Affinity, and so far it is the best thing going in my world. It has all the features I need and more. My problem is my transition from Adobe products. Others have complained about the size of the icons down the left side of the screen and I too would like larger icons as I learn. I have plenty of screen real-estate with multiple monitors etc, so larger icons would be a big help with no down side. What would be an ever bigger help is text labels on each icon. There are over 100 tiny icons, and each just might make sense to the originating programmer, and they may eventually make sense to me, but until I learn, having the ability to turn on a text label to the right of the icon would make my learning process much faster and just might increase the speed of adoption of your great software by others. You already have text labels on the icons across the top and the ones on the left, so how about some on the right. I can hear the programmers now: "That is not possible because there can be multiple columns of icons with multiple languages." My reply is as I stated at the start of this request - Screens are cheep and most of us have plenty of screen real-estate so if I select labels, make columns of icons with labels. As for languages, I suspect if you asked, there would be hundreds of volunteers to provide translated labels. Yes it will be less elegant, and it will take up lots of screen space, but it would make my life and the life of other adopters much, much easier. As a side note, that is why I do not use Olympic brand cameras. They only have icons for functions and I was unable to operate the camera without a manual in my hand and I tried for over 3 months. This is where I am with your software today. Nikon has a better answer I can read the screen in english for every function. Could you please follow Nikon not Olympic! Finally - Thank you for an excellent replacement for Adobe products. I only commented to make an excellent product even better. You will be receiving more of my money even though I need to keep a paper manual nearby with function names.
  13. I have a strange problem with my Wacom Cintiq 13HD. The pen does not work on the interface but only on the drawing board. Some solution ? Thanks
  14. I managed somehow to get out of the default interface (AF 1.5) and can't seem to restore it. How do I get it back? Thanks!
  15. As a photographer whose images are in museums, color judgement is critical to me. I have a 10-bit path showing 100% of ARGB. In order to do this accurately, one needs an environment that is LIGHT (such as the light grays of this very forum). I realize you're aesthetically fond of the dark environment, but any photographer worth his salt will tell you it screws up color and luminosity perception. If you doubt me, please see the attached image from: http://web.mit.edu/persci/people/adelson/checkershadow_illusion.html. Look at the light surrounds of the A square and the dark surrounds of the B square. Humans are not wired to see A and B as the same tone, as this example makes stunningly clear. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to select a light UI with black text. (Yes: as a retired programmer, I -do- realize that this will take some effort on your part, as all your icons are white; the font is white... I get it.) But this is a fundamental and nearly crippling mistake in your UI. Please fix it.
  16. Hi Affinity, First message in this forum so I want to start by thanking you for this really great piece of software. I was starting to use it in replacement of the adobe suite several weeks ago for illustrative, ui design and print work and I absolutely love it! So, I have a very annoying bug : I can't use the shift modifier for increasing text size by 10 in the dropdown. It's the same for the line height and paragraph setting. But this shortcut works perfectly in the opacity dropdown. Weird ?! Not sure it's relevant but I use a wacom tablet, and everything is up to date : driver, os, my haircut... Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is pretty lame (I'm french)!
  17. I find the UI in Affinity needs work. For instance, when pull up the "Soft Proof" dialogue and can flip through previews of the various settings, but I have to click each one, instead of being able to up and down arrow through them. That's very time-consuming and unnecessary. The same thing applies to the crop tool in Photo, where you can see a preview of the cut, but you cannot fine-tune adjust it's placement with the keyboard. I would like to be able to "nudge" the box where I need to.
  18. Gentlemen: I was a beta and enjoy using Affinity (although after using photoshop the learning curve is a bit of a problem). I was working on a project the other night when all of a sudden the original interface changed. The layers, effects, adjustments were gone. the tools were gone. I was able to get the tools back but everything was "disconnected". My question is how do I go about getting Affinity back to the original interface, and what I may have done to cause it. Thanks Chuck
  19. Now that we have symbols, replicators wouldn't be far off. Attached is how it works in Modo. You take any item (groups are items too), set it as a master object, activate the replicator tool and create live duplicates of that master. Anything that changes with the master changes in the duplicates as you make the changes. The position of the replicas is basically done with null objects/locators that can be automatically positioned with a formula (to form predefined shapes or cling to bezier node points of an item) or can be placed manually. What I'm doing in the video is just moving the centre point of the master object around, this creates an offset-like effect. replicator demo.mov
  20. Kerning and tracking are the most common tasks in typography, yet we have to deal with tiny archaic interfaces in pretty much all apps out there. You already have a rotation tool that's good for getting the values into the ballpark fast and edit details later. Kerning and tracking don't have anything like that. What I'm suggesting is head-up display options added to the regular tools. I made a mockup (attached) of the art text tool to better illustrate that idea. Ideally the regular tools would have a small button (a blue '+' maybe) that lets you add that specific controller to the HUD of the related tool(s). Everybody has different needs and this would speed up workflows without having things present that the user may not need.
  21. Weird. Weird. Weird. For some unknown reason, my tools (left of screen) started to appear and disappear with each click.This is with "dock tools" unchecked. If I dock the tools, it works fine, but I prefer using 2 columns and docking only allows me 1 column. I have tried: • Restarting while holding down control key. •Removing 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist' and restarting. •Deleting the app and re-downloading from Apple. No change. Any ideas or suggestions?
  22. I am excited to share with you the official announcement of my new Affinity Designer course on Lynda.com. It been out for a couple of weeks now and just getting around to sharing with those of you who might of missed it. Much of the course was based on the features found in Affinity 1.4, but I think their a good amount of tips and techniques in this short 1hr and 18 minute course. I made this course for the designer/developer who need to get up to speed on UX/UI specific tools and features fast. Anyway, check it out and again thank you all for your continued interest and support! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COURSE Course Description Learn how to incorporate Affinity Designer's features into your own design process. Here Ronnie McBride shows how to set up your preferences, use artboards, create custom color themes in the Swatches panel, apply styles and gradients, and create wire-frames, mock-ups, UI assets, and hero graphics—all with Affinity Designer's versatile tool set. Once you find out what you can do with Affinity Designer, you may never go back to expensive design software again. Topics include:Setting up your preferences and interface Creating new documents Using artboards Creating a wire-frame or mock-up Creating UI assets Exporting for prototyping ` Check out my other titles in my signature below.
  23. Hi! I wonder, if there is a possibility to change background colour of the upper toolbar? I've found "Customise Toolbar" options, but I can not see anything about the background colour. And when I change "artboard background grey level" to lighter, which I prefer, then the header section is too visually heavy and focus my attention too much. So I would like to ask you, if there is any possibility to give the lighter colour option of toolbar to the new upgrade of your program? It would be awesome! And yet there is another thing that distracts me, although just a little this time... ;) When I'm in the Node Tool mode, then the round curve points are little too big and I can not see the line clearly (like you can see on this strange animal, that I've attached). Is there any option I can choose to make them smaller in the Node Tool mode? BTW, I've observed Affinity from some time and I really like your program and your friendly approach! And wish you best luck on the market :)
  24. Hey, Congrats on 1.5 - it is sweet! Unless I'm missing something... And this is no biggie - but the export preset for OS X icons gives the folder a ".appiconset" extension, however, the stock provided tool for making icons (iconutil) requires ".iconset". Maybe this is something that I can fix myself, by editing the preset (if it is in some file somewhere)? Thanks
  25. Of all the speed and practical features i enjoy in my workflow- wich AD excels and covers me (thanks a lot!) - the most crucial for me is missing: profiles. (2nd most, right below shortcuts) I want speed. I want to focus on what im working with - and something that enhances the experience a lot is having the interface suited precisely for what im doing. The more tabs i have to find/click, floating windows, move the cursor across my monitor and such the less i concentrate; I easily get into 'the flow' - and AD is top on getting me there, thanks A LOT - but it fades and breaks the more menu fiddling i have to do. AD already is councious of that with the amazing Draw, Pixel and Export personas. Amazing. But how much im missing fine tuning then to specific needs. Typography for instance. How much i wanted to 'click' in typography (how i would call a personal profile) and the interface changing to show all text panels in the layout i liked most for that. Or the symbols and assets panels (loving these features) wich sits better docked alongside the artboard but only when i need then... Wouldn't be any fuss if my process was linear - first this then that - but i constantly switch between 'modes' so to say, ridiculously more so the earlier i am on a design - testing and tuning combinations of elements and alterntives and such. Surely not as critical as bug fixing, or major features (how much i want some kind of 'blob brush') - but considering how Ux is king and on my view what is making AD take on the competition so well (killing at it id say), this is pretty much the only major Ui/ux feature i see missing from the perfect AD i can envision. Just imagining assigning some shortcuts to profiles and swithcing in the blink of a eye would sit really really well alongside the fluid 10000 zoom, infinite history... the feel and practicity of the whole thing.