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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if this is due to a misconfiguration of my Mac system, but with illustrator it didn't happen. It is very annoying and inconvenient to go around hiding application windows or repositioning the finder window to see areas hidden by affinity tool windows.
  2. I was looking for an answer to my problem, but surprisingly I did not find it and I am very surprised. From the beginning, as I use all three Affinity applications, it really bothers me that the panels appear above the windows for creating a new document or opening another file. It should be exactly the opposite. Maybe I have to switch something in the settings, but I'm surprised that no one is shouting about it. Videos from A.Photo and A.Designer attached. MacOS 12, latest Affinity apps, but the problem accured with previous OS and Aff versions too. aff-photo.mov aff-designer.mov
  3. file > new dialogue Inconsistency: While A4 is highlighted on the left, there's custom document size settings on the right. What happened: file > new --> trusted highlight around A4 --> create --> Bam! Square document appeared (WTF moment) file > close --> file > new --> clicked on highlighted A4 > create --> got A4. Conclusion: it's an inconsistency in the interface - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - There's a lot more inconsistencies I've tripped up on. Was going to make a list and then post it all at once. Should I just add all consistencies I've observed here, or post them as a list? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Why these nit-picky details are so important I'm not sure whether Serif have sight of the priority their interface inconsistencies should have. So I'm hoping this will help create absolute clarity. Depends how(if) Serif want to grow their market of course.... Each inconsistency is a WTF moment?? I hate WTF moments.... they inevitably lead to wasted time. The apps are more difficult to learn than they need to be. The above are big reasons why studios won't even think about converting from Adobe. Anyone know of a studio that was Adobe, but is now Affinity? If yes, how big are they? None of the studios I work with have (all more than 4 designers). They know I'm committed to learning Affinity, and seem to put store in my opinion. I tell them they'd "be in a whole world of pain because these apps are still not there yet. Too many inconsistencies in interfaces and I'm not sure Serif are on it". Strategically - Get studios converting and the market will follow. Freelancers are not the force that will achieve it. (Very slowly perhaps, via the few affinity freelancers who become studios.... not a market storming strategy in my view). One thing I'd like to see is more hamonisation between ipad and desktop interfaces.. though that is really challenging. I'd counsel harmonising to the ipad, rather than the other way round (I've been using both).. no doubt I'll be shouted down, though I've sound logical reasoning for suggesting it. I've also a weirdly uncanny *record of predicting the future* where tech is concerned. I predicted the downfall of QuarkXpress long before Adobe acquired Macromedia... and the meterioc rise of a weird little search engine no one but me used, called Google. I recall my thoughts when I first saw it back in 1998: "that's a winner". Understatement?
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