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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Since installing Affinity photo version 1.9.1, every time I try to insert an image from Stock. The program closes Thank you for helping me.
  2. After creating a table according to the instructions given in the tutorial titled "Tables", I have trouble inserting my file from Excel. After selecting all the cells in my table, I choose "Paste without Format" as he says in the tut, but all my data ends up in a single cell and my table gets expanded way off the page. HELP!
  3. I am creating a newsletter. The text is in a a series of text frames, linked together for each article and with two columns per page. I would like to place an image into the text inline. I have viewed the Affinity Tutorial video on this, and have tried to follow it, but so far I have failed. I'm sure it is a matter of getting the right order between: placing the image on the page, selecting the insertion point in the text column, selecting the image and clicking on the Inline icon. As Eric Morecambe didn't quite say: I'm clicking all the right things, but not necessarily in the right order. Could someone please explain to me in words (not video) the correct procedure to do this. John
  4. Hi, I am a beginner and have loaded an image and wanted to cut out a part of the image and paste it back into an empty document. That should be the simplest requirement ever. BUT what I expected doesn't happen with the following steps: 1. I load a picture 2. go to Cut out 3. open a new document 4. go to Insert. Instead of the cut out part of the image appearing in the new image, only an empty area is shown. I have tried this at least 4 times with different images. It is always the same result. Who can tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your support. Guenter
  5. So, in the old versions of PagePlus X8 and X9, I could Insert > PDF Bookmarks automatically, by choosing which text styles were in which part of the bookmark hierarchy. So Heading 1 would be a main bookmark, and Heading 2 would be a level beneath it. When I exported to PDF (and ticked the Include bookmarks tickbox), I'd get all the bookmarks in my PDF no problem. I can't find this functionality within Affinity Publisher. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
  6. The Ability to add(Insert) a photo(s) to our posts and easily resize the image. When Making Posters this is crucial, if this is already something available... Please show how to go about it or provide somewhere to learn
  7. I use Pageplus X6 on Windows10 and cannot get it to insert a picture to a publication from my files. It will insert texts from files, but when clicking on Insert, Picture, From file it goes to a file (one which I have frequently used in the past) but none of the pictures in the file appear. It simply says 'No items match your search'. I have tried doing copy paste and get a similar result. When trying the same with a word document, copy and paste works, so why not for pageplus ?
  8. Hello, In .afpub for macOS Mojave, I've noticed that text formatting/font changes upon PDF import placement. It doesn't matter whether I set the document to place as an embedded image or linked. The PDF appears fine when opened on same system in other viewers (Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat, & Pages). I suspected it could just be AfPub's preview of the placed PDF however it retains the wrong formatting upon exporting as PDF also. The solution to fix issues like this is to have the PDF Options dialog popup when a user selects File Menu - Place.
  9. Love the way artboards behave, but I'd like to have more control when inserting, aligning etc.
  10. Hi folks, I would like to insert a freely composed image in another picture wiith the perspective projection feature on iPad Air 2, newest app version. Unfortunately I've been not successful after tying for one or two hours. When I mark an area with the perspective projection function and zoom in with the hand tool, I can draw freely and everything works fine after tapping perspective projection again. But this does not work with objects like pasted images or rectangles whose always get inserted in new layers. When I group the layers and rssterize them to one I am not able to reset the zoom mode. Is there any possibility for doing that in the iOS version? I wish you a beautiful snowy Advent Sunday!
  11. Insert artboard – wrong size when object has a stroke with Mitre Join. Reproduced on two Macs with non-beta and on Windows with Affinity Designer in beta version. How to reproduce: Create an object eg. rectangle, Set it's stroke width eg. 5pt, Set Join: Mitre Select that object Use Artboard Tool -> Insert Artboard Size of created artboard will be larger than it should be, there is no problem with Brevel and Round Join. As you can see on a picture I attached, there are two rectangles, only difference is the first one has Round Join and the second Mitre Join. Left artboard was created with proper size the second one has strange margin. Sometimes margin is bigger, sometimes smaller – I haven't figured out what it's size depends on.
  12. Customised Keyboard for PagePlus Working: Dead keys for acute, grave, umlaut (Ctrl + Alt +2), caron (Ctrl + Alt + 6), cedilla (ctrl + Alt + comma), dot below (Ctrl + Alt + period), and ring above (Ctrl + Alt + Shift @) äëïöü ǎěǐǒǔ àèìòùẁỳ áéíóúśẃý áéíóíṕśẃý çḑḩļņŗşţ ḅḍḥḳḷṃṇṛṣṭẉỵẓ Ctrl-Alt + 3 = ¤ (Currency) ¤ Ctrl+Alt + 4 = € (Euro) € Ctrl+Alt+Shift + $ = ¢ (Cent) ¢ © (0169) ® (0174) ¯ (0175) ° (0176) ± (0177) ² (0178) ³ (0179) ´ (0180) µ (0181) ¶ (0182) · (0183) ¸ (0184) ¹ (0185) º (0186) » (0187) ¼ (0188) ½ (0189) ¾ (0190) ¿ ()191) etc. Not Working: Dead keys for circumflex (^), tilde (~), and macron (underscore) âêîôûĝ ãõñ āēīōū Ctrl+­Alt+­Shift + £ = ₤ (Lira) Ctrl + Alt + F = ƒ (florin) Ctrl­+Alt + Shift F = ₣ (Franc) Ctrl+Alt + Y = ¥ (Yen) Others: Standard Windows shortcuts for cut, copy, paste Shift Insert, Ctrl Insert, Shift Delete ¶ (20) § (21) † (0134) ‡ (0135) ‘ (0145) to ” (0148) and • (0149) – (0150) — (0151) ˜ (0152) ™ (0153) š (0154) › (0155) œ (0156) ž (0158) Ÿ (0159)
  13. Hi Folks, Happy new year and all that blah.... Quick questions, How would be the best way to go about adding a separate colour within a shape? I have created a a shape with a black fill and now within that shape I need to further add grey stripes/blocks. I need them to fill it accurately. If it was a square shape then no problems but this is far from square and has curves all over the shop. Any ideas? no doubt you will have, hence why a reply on this forum like nothing else :huh: Cheers again and thanks in advance Mark
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