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Found 3 results

  1. This concerns defining new Textured Intensity brushes on iPad and MBP. Both are running latest AD2; iPad is latest published iPadOS, MBP (early 2016) is running Monterey 12.6.8, latest for that hardware. I am building experimental TI brushes. My goal is to make them in widths that double from one nozzle to the next. The nozzle widths I’m using are more accident/experiment than insight. The Issue The issue is that I have a TI nozzle I can turn into a brush on the iPad, but the MBP changes the entered width on the MBP. This is the same PNG Nozzle file on both machines. Same brush settings; iPad accepts brush width of 1424px, MBP makes a brush, but reduces that width to 1024px - silently, no alerts for the bug at the keyboard. Surely the upper limit to Nozzle Width should be the same on both iPad and MBP? Making this Mischief On iPad: I made the nozzles using the attached AD2 document, and exported the Nozzles with Export Persona. After making the brushes using the exported PNG files, I used the X8 and X4 variants in the associated Butterfly Wings. My brushes are somewhat crazy, but AD2 did everything as expected. Moving to MBP: I airdropped the iPad AD2 document and PNG Nozzles to my MBP, and set about making the brushes in AD2 for MBP. That’s when I noticed that AD2 was putting the fattest Nozzle on a diet - no 1424px width for the MBP, just 1024px. The Cargo AD2 source document created on iPad, X4 and X8 nozzles. I will add at least a screenshot from my MBP to this bug report shortly. Note Document is 300DPI, reflecting my photographic background, just makes things simpler for my head. These are wide brushes, but I’m very pleased to report that I’ve not seen any hint of performance issues on either of my machines. I’ve played with both Repeat and Stretch setting, no perceptible difference. Brush strokes inside the Butterfly wings deliberately have very acute angles, causing mitre issues/artifacts, which is why some got split into 3 separate segments each. Nozzle Construction and Samples.afdesign
  2. So I've added a document below. I did custom text with the path tool in AD. When I use the 'expand stroke' function the appearance changes. It becomes thinner, and it shouldn't. The appearance also changes when I do exports via the export persona. I am using Affinity Designer v1.8.4 expand stroke difference.afdesign
  3. Hi, I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find it from a quick search. Basically, zooming in and out with the mouse wheel you'd expect the zoom levels to snap to 100% and logical numbers (like 5%, 10% or 25% differences etc) but sometimes the zoom level goes to things like 96% instead of 100% forcing me to have to change the zoom value manually to 100 again. I'm on the latest stable version of Affinity photo. I can't be the only one irritated by this inconsistency. I know it sounds minor but it's super annoying. It seems to only be with mouse wheel while right clicking and clicking zoom in/zoom out use decent values. I looked in preferences but couldn't find anything related to it. EDIT; attached an image of what I mean, just some screenshots showing the kind of zoom values you get from using the mouse wheel. The most annoying part is you may not even be using the zoom tool at the time meaning you have to switch to the zoom tool just to set it back to a decent value like 100%. The blurryness in the photo is because I took the second screenshot while cropping the first so you can see how it looks when the zoom isn't perfect.
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