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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I have a pages with 2 columns. These columns are created in Master pages. Now I need to pick the single page (A4) from my document and drop they in another (32x45 cm) document that have registrations marks. In this 32x45 page I need to drop my A4 single page to make a correct imposition to double-sided printing. Now, If I pick my A4 page, I grab only pictures... no text, because it's flow in a masterpages columns. How to move my A4 page to 32x45 page to create an imposition print-ready documents? Thanks
  2. Hi there, people. I would sure like some advice here. Even though this is rather off topic in an Affinity group. I haven't been able to learn how to do impositions on my own, it seems to be too advanced a topic for me. I have access to both Devalipi Bookmaker and to Montax Imposer. I can't get started with either one because I'm too ignorant :-\ I'm stalled totally. What I want to do is impose pages on letter size paper, so as to make both 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. booklets. The imposed pages will be cut as necessary from the letter sized printouts. This is all I will be doing. I'm unsure if I'm even wording this correctly. I find very little info online on how to do this, and it comes too thick and fast for me to follow along. I need to add that I'm deaf so that multimedia is usually useless. Where it's captioned, it's difficult to watch the video and see and absorb the captioning at the same time. Is this question answered in specialized printing classes? I'll take this somewhere else if you say I should! Thanks for reading it anyway. James.desperate
  3. Hi. Although imposition of page numbers on a booklet is working, it is not possible to SAVE any document to the PDF printer at the bottom of the printer list. This means that booklets cannot actually be printed with the correct Affinity-created page numbers because EXPORTING to PDF format does not hold the imposition needed. Currently, it appears that the only way would be through that (virtual) PDF printer. (I note that the TUTORIAL on printing booklets conveniently terminates before the printing command is invoked. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337465816 Perhaps the procedure will be clearer once this tutorial has been updated to cover Affinity Publisher It rather looks as if we will have to continue publication of our magazine using the older Serif PagePlus X9 for a little while yet. Anyone know how little?
  4. In Publisher I set up a 12 page booklet (facing pages) , 2 pages per side of letter sized paper which will have 6 sides. If I print entire document everything is in the correct place. In PagePlus with a similar document, if I specify to print page 1 it correctly prints page 12 on the left side, and page 1 on the right side of a sheet. I get the same result if I tell it to print pages 1, 12. However, in Publisher, if I tell it to print page 1 I get a sheet with page 1 printed on the right side, but the left side is blank rather than having page 12. In Publisher, if I tell it to print pages 1, 12 I get a sheet with page 1 on the right and the left is blank, and I get a second sheet with page 12 on the left and the right is blank. I cannot get it to correctly print individual sheets unless I print the entire publication. So if I am printing a sample copy of the booklet and decide to make a change on 1 page of the booklet, I cannot reprint a particular sheet to replace in my sample copy; I have to reprint the entire booklet. And, by the way, I can't find a Print Preview icon/menu item in Publisher.
  5. Hi Guys. I cannot find any reference to the Imposition facilities which will be available natively to Affinity Publisher (AP). I would prefer not to have to use additional software along the lines of IDimposer Pro, although it has certainly addressed many of the imposition shortcomings in InDesign. Can any staff member say anything about the currently included or intended imposition capabilities of AP at this juncture? Thank you.
  6. A simple imposition tool is always useful for the designers wanting to print little leaflets or small books. See imposition software like imposition studio, absolutely imposing, Montax, impose online, etc.
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