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Found 350 results

  1. alekhkhanna

    App crashes

    Hi, Have a couple of questions: 1) Can we import RAW from Photos app directly ? I'm using an iPad Pro 10.5 on 10.3.3 with Affinity 1.6.3 and the only way I can import RAW is via iCloud. Any easier way ? 2) The app crashes every single time I use edge refine tool. Tried with 10-11 photos, and all of them crash. This is the biggest pain point for me as I cannot select specific areas for selective manipulation. Any workaround here ? Maybe a different way to manipulate selected areas ? My camera is a Nikon D5100. Thanks in advance everybody.
  2. Hello I am thinking of buying AP/AD, but a prerequisite is that I can combine (without flattening) two psd files. Is this possible?
  3. Hi Team Serif & everyone on the forums. As per a request from @macfinity on Twitter, here are three files to illustrate my import issue. The RAW is 4:3 but as the screenshot shows, after import from iOS photos, the RAW is being rendered as 3:2 - only thing I can think of, is that I shoot in 3:2 and this has somehow affected the import into Affinity for iPad, but it's not happening in the photos app, so your guesses are as good as mine. Any help as to what's amiss would be appreciated, as having to boot up the MacBook is a link in the workflow I do not want in the field. Thanks in advance... M ADDITIONALLY: I'm getting the message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" with regards to the .orf RAW Olympus OMD EM1 Mi .orf RAW
  4. Hi, i am trying to import my sketch work to affinity designer to convert my work to PSD. however, whenever I copy and paste my work to affinity, my icon does not appear properly, and I have to redo my work in affinity.. any ideas how to solve this problem??
  5. When opening TestArch.svg there are two "router" images missing at the top that should be above the lines going nowhere. If you go to http://www.rapidtables.com/web/tools/svg-viewer-editor.htm; replace the "code" pain with the contents of TestArch.svg; push the "Magnifying glass" resembling a search icon. See incorrect.png from Affinity Designer; See online representation from web as correct.png. Version of Affinity Designer: Mac 1.5.5 Thanks for reviewing. Allen TestArch.svg
  6. For obvious reasons I'd like to transfer a lot of my graphical work to the iPad Pro and according to the specs Affinity Photo should fit my needs perfectly. As part of my usual workflow I use a lot of logo's that are mostly supplied in either .eps or .ai format. I have no problem importing AI files from my Dropbox. Importing the .eps files however does not work. All the .eps files in the list are light grey and can't be selected. Either the eps import feature is not yet active, or I'm doing something wrong.
  7. Hi there - after the early July update, the "Import from Photos" section changed for the better in terms of UI, but the devs seemed to have taken away the ability to access photos synced from your computer - meaning, I can ONLY choose iPad-native photos - which are extremely limited because almost no one takes pictures with tablets. Including myself. Where did the options go? I had thousands of pics to edit but now have access to maybe 20, including screenshots and selfies and other things I don't want to edit in a professional capacity. Do i really have to go through and mark all my MacOS photos as 'favorites'? Something is off here, any help would be appreciated! Best, n8r
  8. Hi, I tried importing this SVG file in Affinity Designer but there are lots of objects that appear completely out of place. The same file opens perfectly well in Chrome, MS Edge, Inkscape, CorelDRAW and Xara Designer. This file was obtained here: https://openclipart.org/detail/231022/computer-circuit-layout. Computer-Circuit-Layout.svg
  9. In Affinity Designer fails to load import SVG swatches, as exported by Inkscape. 1. Create new Inkscape document. 2. Use colors from swatches 3. Save as SVG 4. Load in AD 5. Colors fail to display. The problem is that I have 20+ documents that were designed using Inkscape and that use swatches, but I would like to effortlessly open them in AD. color-link.svg shows the minimal svg that renders correctly in browsers/Inkscape, but fails to load in AD. swatches.svg shows Inkscape export. (The weird part is that, linear gradients use similar construct, but it is loaded successfully)
  10. I'm having issues with importing from the photos app. Raw import from my Sony dslr will work if I upload from a photo that I imported with the card reader adapter, but not if it was imported from my computer and synced in iCloud Photo Library. In photos synced with iCloud Photo Library, the photo will either have an error message saying the file was not found, or will upload a jpeg. Additionally, I am not having an issue where any photo I import will incorrectly load a previous photo. This has happened 3 times in a row now.
  11. I notice that when I try to import files from iCloud, particularly RAW files, I use Canon so nothing too obscure, all I can see in the preview pane for file selection is icons of files and no thumbnail preview. This makes importing the right file very hit and miss as I can not actually see what the file contains prior to importing it into Photo. A major problem if I have lots of images to browse and or I want to import files for merging into HDR etc. Is this a bug or an as of yet unimplemented feature that we can expect to see in a future update?
  12. Hey, First of all congrats on the app, for a first version it certainly is fantastic. Now, my problem is as follows: 1) Shoot with Nikon D5100 as RAW+JPEG 2) Import photos using SD adapter to iPad Air 2 (iOS 11 dev beta 1) 3) Open Affinity Photo and import from photo gallery imported image 4) The image loaded is the JPEG version and not the raw. However, if I shoot only in RAW I can open the raw image from AP. SUGGESTION: Give us the option to select whether we want to work with the RAW file or the JPEG. Also, if possible, communicate this issue with Apple, since the Photos app neither allows us to choose which version to import from the SD card, neither makes it clear if photos have both a raw version and jpeg. Thank you very much and continue with your amazing work. Best Regards, Panagiotis
  13. Hello Affinity team, I've bought your app on App Store and tried to use it by importing a PSD file. The file is composed by images and text levels. As soon as I opened the PSD file (Photoshop CC), I tried to modify the text but its not possible. The text is created using the Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold font. How can I modify the text using Affinity Photo on my iPad? Thank you so much!
  14. Hello, I'm trying to use a psd template for the facebook cover (attached) from here https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-cover-photo, but when I imported it, I got the below message. Any idea? Cheers! individual-fb-cover-photo-template.psd
  15. I have a PNG file with a transparent background which I use to overlay my images with my logo...when I open the PNG file, it opens with a white background...How do I open the file and maintain transparency.
  16. A question I have not seen raised yet concerns importing the vast number of DPP files I have made on Serif DrawPlus. Are there plans to enable users to import DPP files from SD without having to open Serif Draw and save the DPPs as SVG files first?
  17. Hi, what is the recommended way to import a powerpoint slide layout? I have got a poster that was done with powerpoint and I want to switch to Affinity Designer now without starting from scratch... Any ideas? Stefan
  18. Assets are a nice way to organize your massive library of components which are usually saved in folders and hard to find when you need them. The problem what I have with assets is the import possibility. For example if I would like to import an icon library of let say 100 icons which I downloaded as SVG or EPS files then it is not possible to drag them all onto the artboard and import them into the assets panel. The only option I found was to double click each and every icon (in some cases group the layers and give them the icon name) and then import one by one. As all of you can imagine, that method takes me ages to import a bigger library of graphic assets. Is there some workaround or did I understand something wrong? Thanks for any feedback! PS: Photoshop files work fine. Just open the document, select all elements you wish to import and done.
  19. I cant work out how to import a photo into affinity photo. ?? Also, I use adobe bridge and camera raw as I am photojournalist. How can one batch process and Copyright etc etc. WE NEED A PROPER MANUAL!!!!!!
  20. Hi, I just got a load of PNM (Portable aNy Map) files and Photo can't import them. Please will you consider adding PNM import support in a future release? Thanks, Paul.
  21. I wanted to make absolutely sure before purchasing brush sets off of Creative Market... Affinity Designer can import .ai files correct? Are there any special considerations I need to consider? For example, this following brush set: https://creativemarket.com/Guerillacraft/100638-Scatter-texture-brushes-for-AI Would I encounter any problems in AD? I see on the https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/full-feature-list/ that AI is included in importable file extensions but it says "Adobe® Illustrator® AI (containing PDF stream)" Not sure what the last bit means (PDF stream..?) I just wanna buy some cool brush sets on Creative Market! lol :P
  22. Hi, When AD imports SVG files, it seems to transform any SVG groups into layers. I made several tests and searched the forums, but I found no conclusive responses to this: is there any way that AD would import SVG groups as AD groups instead of AD layers? Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Have a scanning process or task to edit huge files that requires lots of memory but need to load the files and edit them with just 4-8GB? That can happen and when it does, you can get so frustrated about removing dust etc on the huge files. On Unix commandline I used a ImageMagic a lot for that task to automatically process a input file and slice it to smaller ones without really loading the whole file to VRAM etc. And then use the image editor to open the separated files that were sliced pieces and after each edit to combine the files back to one big one (a la panorama stiching). It made possible to load on a computer with 512MB RAM a files size of 400-500MB and do the spot healing for dust removing, build a script for the contrast etc editing and then apply all those separately to multiple 50MB files without stressing the hardware. This would help many photographers who use film and does huge file scanning or even panoramas with high megapixel cameras (80Mpix shooting a 5-20 frames for panorama) so you could just use computers with 3-8GB RAM with others software loaded too. And then just apply same curves etc to all files in batch, run the "new panorama" and then let the computer heat up!
  24. On macOS most apps like Pixelmator can directly import from the scanner using the build in scanner printer driver. Photoshop will use the scanner plug-in Would be great if Affinity could do the same
  25. Hello. Every time I open a PDF the any font that I do not have gets wacky. What I found out is when I click on the text of that field, under character, the "Tracking" for all my font is changed to an absurd amount (Usually in the few hundred %) It's also never the same amount. I can manually select each text field and just reset the tracking to 0% but this gets a little tedious. I feel like this could have something to do with my setting but really I am unsure, this has been happening since I first got this program a little over a month ago. I'm attaching a GIF of me opening what the PDF is suppose to look like, then me opening it with Designer with the result of large tracking %s.