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Found 351 results

  1. I've read that AP's raw converter supports reading from some uncompressed DNG files produced by some Leica cameras. But does it support Adobe's DNG beyond that subset? Or are there unimplemented features?
  2. Was I wrong to expect that a native Serif file-type could be imported into Affinity Photo?
  3. DPX and J2C are common exchange formats in film business. Could you please add it to the süpported file formats for import and export? best regards and thank you very much for the good work Auggie
  4. When I try to open or import the attached EPS barcode the number are missing at the bottom. It is complete when I open it in Serif, Corel or Illustrator. I can even open it in Serif and copy and paste it into Affinity Designer and it is all there. barcode (1).eps
  5. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer to create scientific posters and for editing scientific plots. I have been having a particular type of problem when importing PDF plots into Affinity which is best illustrated in the screen-shot attached. As you can see, the text part of the PDF is messed up upon import. The actual PDF plot is also attached with this message for comparison. I am not sure why this might be happening and what I can do to fix it. So far my solution to this problem has been to produce high-DPI plots in PNG format and work with those instead, but I would prefer to work with PDFs, and that is the primary reason why I chose Affinity Designer. Thanks. Sincerely, Deepak oht_partition_pliocene_mod.pdf
  6. I simply want to import a PDF file as shown below. I do not want to edit text, I only want it as an image. Is this possible? Can someone help me by telling me how it's done? PDF before import: PDF after import: Best regards!
  7. When importing a pdf file (attached), created by Pages (5.6.1), using the font FontAwesome, Designer (1.4.1) is incorrectly mapping characters. e.g. tick is mapped to house. pdf-import-160123.pdf
  8. Sebster3

    Assets Import AD

    Hi all, Not sure if this is a small bug or if it's intended. When in the assets tab on AD, if the tab is completely empty (no categories at all) the Import Assets option in the dropdown can't be selected. However, if there is at least one category, even if it is empty, the Import Assets option is selectable, and will import the assets into its own brand new category. Haven't checked to see if it is the same for the macOS version though. AD version:
  9. linkererror

    Can't open PSD

    I'm having problems opening a particular PSD. This PSD had given a cannot parse error on older versions of Affinity. Now it just fails silently and refuses to do anything at all.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm having some issues with the brush imports in AD First: the "box set - handlettering 1+2" brushes are the same file? The brushes (and filesize) are indentical as far as I can see. Second: Of the "DAUB essentials" brushes, only the "DAUB-Inkers" show up in my dropdown menu after installation. The other 4 will not show up, no matter what.... Is this a user error, or maybe a issue with the brushes/import/versioning? cheers! rob p.s. the DAUB vector brush v2 imports just fine.
  11. Hi. I'm trying to open AI file exported from Rhino 3D modeler. I have been using this workflow with Illustrator and there's no problem but when I opened the file in Designer, it's all blank. Can you please tell me where is the problem? I'm sending you the exported AI file and screenshots from both software after opening the file. Thank you for your help. ico3.ai
  12. I would really like to see more fonts included, but since they are limited... Can I import a better selection of fonts? If yes, what is compatable? What font group(s) product is best? How do I import and use them? Thank you, Scott
  13. When importing a PSD file into AD, the text is moved off canvas. I have found no way to fix this issue so I have to leave a copy of CS5 Photoshop installed on my system. I have many PSD with this issue and most are generated from CS5. The one attached was a PSD file exported to PSD. The PSD opens fine in Photoshop CS5. mockup3.psd
  14. Hey, So I just bought Affinity Designer for Windows, and noticed when importing some of my old Illustrator files, that Affinity doesn't import the vector objects that exist outside the page area set in the Illustrator file (I usually place work in progress objects outside the page bounds)... I was wondering, how hard it would be to enable support for importing these out of bounds objects? If Affinity Designer doesn't support off page objects, maybe add a check box on the open window which ignores the original documents page dimensions and sets it to all the available content, not just what's on the page. That way the data is still accessible and not lost after I no longer have access to Illustrator. Cheers, Mark
  15. One of the sources I use supplies images in PNG, EPS, PSD and SVG format. What is the best format for importing images into Affinity Designer drawings?
  16. Is there any way to import the rich clipart gallery that comes with Serif DrawPlus 8 into Affinity Design for Windows 1.5? Thank you.
  17. I have just been sent some client files that I have tested importing their supplied PDF into Designer, the font from Typesenses called Blend Script is used in the original indesign document. Designer imports the PDF but the OTF swashes and alternates are all messed up. Changing them from default to 'swash 1', 'alternate 1' puts the text back to how it was in the original Indesign file. Would you like the files to see what is happening? If so I would need a private place to send them/upload them Regards, Mark
  18. I use for years the different versions of Serif DrawPlus. I have installed Affinity designer this evening. Although it seems to be nice, I noticed that it seems not possible to open or import files from serif draw plus. If this is really the case, I find that very inconvenient. Furthermore, it seems that the sofware needs a larger time to start than DrawPlus.
  19. Hi Small usage but PPM files open in PS and FastStone but not in AP. Can it be included in the future?
  20. Christian Stüben

    [AP] .kro file format?

    As i have seen, affinity foto 1.5.0 beta (both mac and win version) cannot open .kro file format. Will support for .kro (read and write) come? greetings from germany Chris
  21. Hi, the main thing affinity designer needs, for my workflow, and for me to decide to definitely switch from adobe products, is the ability to correctly import and retain vector smart objects from PSD files (often produced by other designers) without rasterizing them. Thank you, regards
  22. This probably a dumb question but I am either confused or not understanding how Assets work. The latest version of AD comes with a number of preloaded iPhone assets which is cool. I would like to create assets for my Flyer business. So in the Assets panel I created a new group called "Print" all well and good so far. In Designer I created some assets I can us across multiple documents. Like phone, email, and badges like Equal Opportunity Housing. So now I want to import them into my newly created Print Assets folder. But how do I export thee new created assets so they can be imported into my newly created assets folder. I have tried everything and not having any luck. I have tried SVG and EPS but when I try to import you can see the files but they are greyed out. I can load them into Symbols just fine. But Symbols are not persistent and only work on the open document. So clearly doing something silly and any help/guidance would be appreciated Cheers MK
  23. Hello community! How can I place a specific page of a PDF into Affinty Designer? If I place it with File>Place I can’t find import options. The only way I found, is opening the embedded file and deleting all other Artboards, which is a real pain in the *** and half of the time it didn’t work. I would also appreciate to place all pages or a range of pages. thanks for your answers :)
  24. Due 1.5 and the awesome symbols feature, I would like to open up some sketch files in AD. Is this possible now, and of not, or there plans to support this in the future? Thank you, R
  25. Hello, I have two questions on guides. 1. Why don't my guides saved to my Illustrator document work in Designer? I can create new guides but the ones from my AI files doesn't work. None of them seem to get imported, which is strange because Designer works otherwise very well with my AI files. 2. How do I export/import guides from one Designer project to another? Thanks, B