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Found 64 results

  1. Hello, several images are opened only the active image will be shown in menu / window. For example image1, image2 and image3 are opened and image2 is active. Only image2 will be displayed under menu/window.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm currently working on a little booklet with Designer. I know, it's not the software for booklets, but I'm not fun of Scribus, and I don't have a licence for Indesign... and I'm waiting for Serif to publish their publisher software solution. So here's my problem, the booklet is full of images (it's a little comic book) and having 30 pages more or less, the file size raised the 315 MB! Which means an average of 2 GB of RAM used right after opening the project. Only some of the images are embedded as the Assistant has rasterized them when I've used Pixel Persona to blur some areas. But I can edit the original files and re-import them as external, no problem. Anyway, the project file size is still huge. Any suggestion on how to reduce it? Any best practice for working with big files in Designer? Consider that: format is A5 all the images have a dimension that grants an average of 200dpi (shorter side is 1080px) All images are masked in order to stay inside the comic layout so they could be cropped a bit Here an image to make all this a bit more clear. In one picture you'll see that the image is masked Thanks
  3. Hello, have a question. I'm looking for an option to save (opened or perhaps with drag + drop) images on a "contact sheet". On the contact sheet I can arrange the number of images of each page and add some informations (project, date …) and export (as pdf).
  4. Combining text with images is always a challenge. Most of the examples and work I see uses a destructive method and if sometimes it's not a big deal, others we need to do it all over again. Is this tutorial I show you how you can combine both in a non-destructive way. You'll keep all the editing functionalities of texts, shapes, filters, adjustments and layers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sqT5qHq2f0 The language in the video is portuguese but this time I add english subtitles. Hope you enjoy the video :) Pedro
  5. Is there any way to import the rich clipart gallery that comes with Serif DrawPlus 8 into Affinity Design for Windows 1.5? Thank you.
  6. I bought you´re app AD a few days ago and i´m am very happy with it. But i have a little trouble here i hope you could help. I´m working with and old macbook from late 2008 with the 10.9.5 osx installed. I have a problem with exporting my work. I texported in .Jpg and .Png and i´m not able to select the option to export the area i want... so i can only export the all document... Thanks in advanced Best regards
  7. Hi If anyone is interested in using / likes playing with Panorama's, l took a series of single shot iPad images at the weekend specifically to test the Affinity Photo Panorama facility, really, just to see how well it worked. Most impressed l must say. Anyway, the single, unprocessed / straight out the back of the iPad images for you to play with and a completely unprocessed stitched Panorama example can be found at the following link, (l hope you can access the images, sorry but l do not do Face page or the Tweeting stuff). https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0NGWZuqDGPYHGo I have also attached a LowRes version of the resulting Stitched Panorama just for info. Enjoy.
  8. hello I'm very new to Affinity products and I might be missing something But there seems to be a bug in the adjustment of embedded images in Affinity Designer I am bringing in PDFs from a client and I need to do minor adjustments to the color of embedded images the adjustment layers work very well for this and the adjustments are shown on the screen (yay good controls !) but when I go to print the adjustments are not there the image below shows a major shift in color via an adjustment layer that neither prints or is shown in the print dialogue box this is not true of the "Layer Effects" which show up fine on screen and in the print (see attached image of an applied blur) (As an aside there seems to be no way to "open in" or "export image" just the image in the layer; which would be a work around.) any thoughts? or workarounds? WH
  9. Hi, Can anyone help? I need to know what is the best format and size to save a "typical" image for viewing on a website. And how to go about compressing images in Affinity. My site at http://originalartworks.net is loading images okay, but I have to wait occasionally before moving to the next one... Really grateful for any tips. Regards, Ken
  10. Hi, I have a problem while resizing images in Affinity Photo. Probably I am just doing something wrong because I was used to use Adobe Photoshop and Affinity works a little bit differently in some ways. My problem is that when I import some picture into my workspace (by copy-paste) and I'm trying to resize this image it always loose it's quality and has wavy edges. When I export it to jpg or png it seems ok but in Affinity it looks bad (see the screenshot). It is very complicated for me to work with images in bad quality - is it some kind of setting or is it a mistake in program? Is there any way how to turn it off? Thanks for the advise.
  11. Hello, I have a little problem and I hope that is somewhere in options. You can see my problem in screenshot. When I import image I want to have visible whole image not just part which is in my actuall drawing area. I have one more question, when will be printing export available? (export with crop marks). Thank you very much and have a nice day.
  12. Hi, I know you're trying to keep this limited to Affinity Photo but it's the one feature AD is lacking for me. I work designing websites for e-commerce and I often need to cut out product images from white backgrounds. The work isn't complicated enough to require a dedicated piece of photo software like AP so I'm not going to spend an additional 40 quid for it. I'd like to see it added to AD. This feature is literally the last thing that's keeping me from removing Photoshop completely from my mac. Thanks
  13. Hi- I am new to affinity and loving it so far, I just have a super basic question. So I have a psd file which is a mockup of an iphone. I am trying to put my own image into the mockup, but I do not know how to drag the corners of my image to make it fit perfectly. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!
  14. Hello, I have created an image with transparency and would like to export as png while maintaining the set transparency. Now when I export it removes all transparency. Is this possible? Is it a bug that the transparency is removed? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Jeremy
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