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Found 13 results

  1. It would be really great if Affinity Designer would have image trace function.
  2. Coming from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer, I'm rather shocked to discover that you can't convert hand drawn sketches to vectors without drawing over them with the pen tool. My sketches are too detailed for this so I'm looking for the best tool to convert hand drawn sketches to outlines/vectors for editing in Affinity Designer on a Mac running Mojave. I've seen mentioned the following... Inkscape, Super Vectorizer2, Vector Magic and Image Vectorizer - there are probably others... can anybody recommend one based on experience converting fairly detailed pen & ink sketches to vectors on a desktop Mac and then importing into Affinity Designer for further editing. Thanks Debbie
  3. It's very useful feature which increasing speed of creating content. Please, consider adding this feature. I very miss to this function. Already see topics with this request, may be we should pushing this theme? It's very important functional, which absent. I hope, that it's very hard to ignoring many, many request, to adding important function(obviously), which many others software already used it(inkscape, CD, illustrator)
  4. The ability to bring in a raster image and trace into vector would be a good feature. This is something I often use in Illustrator and would love to see in Affinity, ideally with more control. While switching tools between personas is great, only being able to rasterize a vector and not the reverse is troublesome.
  5. Good day! Add the ability to Trace bitmap images to a vector as in Illustrator (Image Trace). For Affinity Designer iPad / Affinity Designer Desktop 102C970A-0328-4134-8D43-1FF8F60731B0.MP4 8ED29873-C14B-4548-A449-0C85C24A6053.MP4
  6. Hey friends of Affinity Designer, I need to create an icon with a very complicated structure. This is the structure I need to simplify and put in a circle: Do you have any idea about which steps I have to take? Thank you for your help! ~Jessie
  7. can you please guide me how to trace image from jpeg or pdf
  8. Hello, I just downloaded the free trial of Affinity Designer and I'm trying to figure out if I'm missing something or if it's unavailable. I'm looking for an image trace option to take hand lettered sayings into scaleable vectors. I normally use Adobe Illustrator for this option but I can't afford the $20/month. This looks like a beautiful program so please, please have this!
  9. Hi Affinity! When I use Adobe Illustrator, I can open a file, click on "image trace" and it will convert the lines of the drawing to vector-editable objects. I can't seem to figure out how to do that same thing in Affinity Designer. Can you help? Thank you, Colette
  10. Hi! I think the "vectorize pixel selection" on your road map is the same thing... but not sure. So, I am suggesting that you add a way to import an image and do an automatic image trace, much like AI can do. I do a lot of offline sketching and then translate the line drawings into vector graphics to manipulate for fabric and web design. I'd love to give up my AI completely! Colette
  11. One of the main thing that I missed in AD when leaving Illustrator was the Image Trace option. Just to let anyone struggling with that kind of decision - there's a small cheap app (£3.99 pounds) in app store called Image Vectoriser. I hope I don't sound dull, like I'm advertising anything... just a simple solution for anyone that has a problem with this feature when leaving Illustrator.
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