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  1. Hi Suppose I copy and page an image into my affinity photo document. By default it is put on to a new layer of the type "image layer". This is useful because I can shrink the image or stretch it using the move tool and all the original pixels are remembered if I stretch or scale the image again layer later - it is not resampled like Photoshop. My question is, after shrinking the image layer, is it possible to restore it to the original size it was when it was first pasted in to my document? At the moment I can only get it to roughly its original size/aspect ration by guess work. If I make it even slightly bigger than it was originally, it will become pixellated. Thanks.
  2. I wish to produce a table that includes cells with text and images in them, and wrap the text around the images. This means the following: One cell has text and an image inside it (the image is inside the table's cell in addition to the text) The text inside the cell wraps around the image inside the cell Repeat this process for other cells Is this possible, and if so, by what means?
  3. When i try to import from photo library my app crashes.
  4. The current process of using a the Pinning Studio to place images floating with text or in-line with text could see some more streamlining. I would like to see a new handle appear when you select an image or image frame. This handle could then be used to click drag an image to a particular position in/ relative to the text. For simple operations, this would circumvent the use of the Pinning Studio and would therefore save users from having this studio open or to have to open it in the first place.
  5. When placing an image, the fill colour of my image frames disappears in Publisher when the file is linked. The first file is copied from the web and pasted into the image frame. The second image is saved to disk and then brought into the frame with the replace image button (I had to actually replace images earlier to retain scale and position). 2022-11-17 17-48-02.mp4 Notice that when the image is deleted, it leaves a white mark where the fill is supposed to be. Removing the stroke of the object gets rid of this, despite not having applied a stroke, nor a stroke colour. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create an image frame that spans the entire page 2. Select the image frame and apply a fill to it 3. Click the replace image button and place an image 4. Notice how the fill colour of the image frame disappears. Image placing policy is set to embedded. This is on Windows 10 19044.2251 (21H2).
  6. I have been trying to convert this PDF to a PNG or JPEG to include in a Wordpress blog post and it keeps looking blurry upon upload. You can see that when I download these, they look normal, but as soon as I put it on a Wordpress post, it gets all blurry, like this: My plan was to put a shadow behind the JPEG or PNG to make it look like a digital download product but I can't get it to look right on a Wordpress post even without a shadow?? I don't know what to do anymore Any help here would be amazing. Random List - PDF Flattened.pdf Random List - PDF High Quality.pdf
  7. OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Firefox: 106.0.5 (64-Bit) Affinity Photo: Some days ago, I started switching my browser from Vivaldi to Firefox. When copying an image in Vivaldi that is opened in a new tab into the clipboard, I was able to paste it into Affinity Photo without problems. In my case, I copy the following image from the website via right-clicking the image and select "Bild kopieren" (Copy image). https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/1151640/library_600x900.jpg?t=1593707775 In Affinity Photo I create an empty, white image and paste the image copied from the link into this white image with CTRL+V. This worked for years. Now in Firefox I try to do the same, and it doesn't work. Trying to paste the copied image into the new image only pastes the temporary local link. Creating a new image from clipboard (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+N) works. But I need the copied image in an existing image. When pasting the image into MS Paint it works as expected. Also, pasting the copied image into MS Word works, too. It seems that it's an issue in Affinity Photo, only. I already asked in a Firefox community if there is a difference in copying an image in Firefox and Vivaldi. But they send me to here. Is there any setting I missed for pasting images from Firefox? What can I do to get the copied image from a website into a blank image in Affinity Photo?
  8. Hi, im new to Affinity and I like it a lot. In photoshop when you drag a file from folder directly onto a canvas youre working on - it resizes to the same size as canvas which is very convenient In Affinity photo when you drag it it keeps its original size and its very painful to resize it each time. Also sometimes it simply gets pasted somewhere outside the canvas and its not even easy to locate it. Is there any way to drag the file onto canvas and make it resize to fit it?
  9. Hello! I work a lot creating videos for social media and sometimes we need to alter the information of the screenshot, so I wanted to know if this is possible. In the example below, I've selected an area and I want to quick import an image to this area with the same size as well, this is possible? Like when you put a image on a mask and want to keep the image size but to replace it. How I do this on Affinity Photo? Cheers,
  10. Hi guys, I have been using affinity to make small flyers or brochures, so I have basic knowledge on affinity. Right now I need to do a catalog with around 500 products, and every week are coming new products. So it is quite important that images stays linked or pinned on the right text with the right sizes; and the tittles change of page correctly. I have already prepared a style text, pinning images and forms. What would be the best practice? Where could I found like a small guide for catalogs. At the moment when I added a new product sometimes the image scale change, Dont know why and this take me a lot of time to correct again and I need to move manually the tittles that fit with the products. Thanks a lot!!
  11. I know I used to be able to change the blend mode of single image before, but for some reason I can't get it to work anymore. I can change the blend mode of an adjustment layer, but not the image itself. Is there a setting I need to change I'm not aware of or is this a new feature in AP? I've attached some screenshots to better explain. Can someone please help me with this?!
  12. I just purchased the program today after using the free trial. I would like to make my image's background transparent. It's not an image background per se because it does not have layers. I would just like to be able to make the selection of the white background and turn it transparent so I can use the logo on any image or website with any kind of background color. Thank you in advance!
  13. Publisher 1.10.4 on Windows 10 and 11 crashes when I select an inserted image and attempt any action on it such as moving it or clicking on the 'float with text' icon. Is there a crash report somewhere in the system? Where would it be located? Would it help to change the persona to Photo? Will this bug be fixed very soon?
  14. Hello I am writing documents with text and graphics. My graphics are linked in ressource and are floating with text reference. All is running well until the text is at the end of the page. I am trying to explain what's going wrong. When I import the picture as you can see here my picture is outside the bounds (of course option isn't checked !). But when I activate the option here the result I get. As you can see I do not want the picture here Is there anything I am doing wrong ? Regards
  15. Hi, does anybody knows if the is any method for replacing an existing image for another one in Affinity Designer for the iPad as there is in the desktop version? Thanks
  16. I need to fill shapes with images, in Designer. I've watched a tutorial which instructs me to create the Shape and then drag the desired Image (already in the working space) up onto the Shape. In the tutorial, the shape fills with the image on both the Artboard and the Context dashboard . However, when I try the same actions, nothing happens. See screen-shots below. I have a project due TODAY. Need an answer ASAP pls. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  17. Hi, when I import my PNG logo it gets pixelated regardless of dimensions I import. The same png logo looks great on my web page and other materials. I also use it in Sketch3 App and it looks great as well. Any Ideas what do I do wrong?
  18. Hello, I need to create a mask image but with a border colored, also the image need to be dynamic so my client can change it but keep the mask.. But when I try to put it with the program I use for web development, it's not working. I know that I am making something wrong with the design part. This is the final result I am trying to achieve with elementor : this is the form of the mask : but when I export it in svg or png I get this : or that if I put a pixel mask : please someone have any idea ? :)
  19. I have an image that I want to position in the upper-left corner of a text frame so that the text wraps around it -- see attachment, which shows the image and text as separate objects. How can I do that in Affinity Designer? I am using Designer version 1.10.4 on a Mac running Version 12.0.1.
  20. How to crop an image on a selected layer - Affinity Photo v1.3.4? It seems the Crop Tool is a global function. How would I accurately crop an image in a selected layer?
  21. Hello. So I've got the photo below. I wanna replace the marked with red arrows places with the white-ish color that's marked by blue. What's the best way to do that?
  22. I wasn’t sure where to put this thread so please move it to a more appropriate place if necessary. I have two very minor issues with the image used for the data merge functionality: 1. The changes between the samples are very difficult to spot – one digit difference in number under vertical barcode, one digit difference in number to the left of the horizontal barcode, and one digit difference in the vertical barcode number (red ‘circles’ in my attached image). 2. It includes barcodes, which might lead some people to think that Publisher can create barcodes, which it can’t (by itself). Would it be better to use an image which shows easy-to-spot differences, maybe conference name/photo badges or something like that? Not a major problem but something which I think could be improved.
  23. Would be nice if you could enable K Only option for RGB mode as well.
  24. Hi, Until the latest update I used this function all the time - I've created a Picture Frame, inserted an image and if I double clicked this image, it opened directly in Affinity Photo. Just this image, no other layers. I then could edit the image alone in Affinity Photo and after saving it took me back to Publisher. And - it did not matter whether this image was embedded or linked. But now when I double click on the image within the Picture Frame, it only zooms into this layer. And - with the image layer selected - when I switch to Photo Persona in the tope left corner, it still shows all the layers, not just the image, as I would expect. Am I missing something? Does this function have to be allowed somewhere now? Thanks.
  25. Today I wanted to work on a new Image, where I use severe mask, but what I try to get working with a mask using the paintbrush its not working. See the screen movie. photo.exe_2021_04.09_-_13_01_32_02.mp4
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