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Found 302 results

  1. giantlobsterprd

    Premiership Pete (NSFW)

    A tribute to football comics of my youth. And the football culture of today. And yes, that is Comic Sans. Sue me. Scamp: Final:
  2. Craig Deeley

    Dragon for Illustration Friday

    Experimenting with Intensity brushes. All vector based painting. The ability to sketch in a raster environment and move directly to vector is great. Here is the rough:
  3. Frankentoon

    Beardly Morris the Pirate

    Playing with some new techniques. I've been sketching directly with vectors and so far I'm happy with the results. What do you think?. Any comment is welcome :)
  4. giantlobsterprd


    Fun with strokes and blending modes :)
  5. OutlawPete

    Baby illustration

    I have created this new world citizen :)
  6. Hi All! I too am making the leap from Adobe to Affinity. I use Photo from an illustration perspective, working with scanned-in drawings, removing the white backgrounds, and then going crazy cutting things out, resizing, arranging, coloring, etc. It's been great so far, just getting used to where things are in Affinity Photo. My question here is: I see how one can paint an alpha channel only (equivalent to locking pixels on a layer in PS), but how do you bulk fill an alpha channel (i.e. locked pixels) on a layer? In PS, you can select the layer (with locked pixels), choose a color, and either select "fill"from the drop-down menu, or "option/command-delete". Does anyone know the equivalent in Affinity Photo? I hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance!
  7. :) Hi! It's been more than a years since I switched to Affinity and...I couldn't be happier. I used Illustrator just 3 times in the past 8 months, and it was just to check an eps exported from Designer. This is one of my latest. Thanks to all the people involved in making my life easier. :lol:
  8. predick

    Songkran Festival Banner

    A Banner for celebrating the traditional new year's day in Thailand. Which one's better? please help me.
  9. So, what’s the different between Smooth & Smart curves? I’ve played around and can’t figure it out.
  10. Available on the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/pastel-keyboard-themes-extension/id938571723?mt=8
  11. Fox Illustration Affinity Designer #Concept
  12. Today I working out some new techniques. I am looking forward to sharing some of this stuff in the new content I will be posting. Thanks for the tweets and emails everyone. It really has been great to hear the content I have provided has been of use. It really has been humbling to hear from so many of you in support of me creating more content. I have been busy with client work and travel, but I am finally getting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have a few things I been dying to share with you, but you have to hold on a little bit longer. In the meantime. enjoy this coupon to take my course for 25.00 USD
  13. Drew

    Quick Draw - Desert

    Quick session from yesterday. Used the brushes for the sand. Vector shapes for the cacti. And then threw a water color texture over the sky. :)
  14. MantaMike

    WIP - Family

    Hi everyone I've been visiting this forum for more than a year now, and thought it was about time to post something. I'm working on a poster of my small family that I intend to print if it turns out good. Still a long way to go, a lot of details I want to add and textures etc... I have never been good at posting the things I make, but thought it would be a good place to start here, since Affinity is the reason I started enjoying working with vectors again :) Thanks for watching. Michael
  15. Hey everyone! This is my first post here. In less than a year, Affinity has changed my workflow in ways I couldn't even imagine some time ago. Here it is, my first project developed entirely using Designer. If you like it, feel free to check it out at Behance and show me some love :-) https://www.behance.net/gallery/31974255/Panic Thanks!
  16. I'm doing a sixties rock icons portfolio and decided to give Affinity Designer 1.4 a go for Peter Paul & Mary. I like AD more and more. Kat
  17. Using the trial version. Definitely going to make the purchase. This is great for vectors / icons and hopefully will become an even better tool for UI / UX Design. Love where this is headed.
  18. giantlobsterprd

    The saliva squid

    Another experiment in lo-fi effects. AD more than holding its own at this point, despite me probably pushing my luck with file complexity :D
  19. My tribute to (or, to put it another way, theft from) the great Charley Harper. First of probably several Xmas card ideas I'm throwing around for the coming season.
  20. wildfox76

    Fairy Tales Illustration

    Hello to all, I show you my latest creation, is fully developed in affinity designers, the trees I applied the finishing touches with the pixel persona. I enjoyed myself to realize it, and my idea of starting er aun colorful illustration suitable for example for a storybook, hope you like it, Greetings to all of you. and thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to look at my work.
  21. giantlobsterprd

    More fun with half-toning

    Some more messing about while I wait for "real" jobs to come in.
  22. giantlobsterprd

    Hot dog!

    Mmmmm reformed porkmeat
  23. David

    Book illustration

    Thought I would share a lovely little project I have been working on this last couple of weeks. Two 30page page educational books for UK charity Epilepsy Action. The story has been adapted for both a Dad and mum version. To be published in hard form in 2016 also to be released as a digital download sometime before Christmas. Artwork had to adhere to many readability standards and fonts had to follow NHS guidelines for accessibility. All illustration was undertaken in Affinity Designer (of course) and page layout in InDesign (let change that soon hey, Serif Devs).
  24. Hi there! I just wanted to share my illustration "series". It's basically composed by a few movie (faceless) characters, which are pretty recognizable. There are more to come, I hope you like it!
  25. giantlobsterprd

    Double feature

    Was trying something different here, attempting to recreate the look of printed material. To this end I've create patterns of 1000s of dots to try and get that letratone/halftone feel. What's impressive is that Affinity Designer's devs aren't kidding when they say the thing never slows down or runs out of memory. It really doesn't. I think this number of objects would have made AI weep tears of blood...