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Found 305 results

  1. Ok, this maybe out there but it just an idea. I thought it be cool if there were a set of tools to create a bone structure or maybe a sort of morphing tool. The application could go beyond just characters but perhaps could expand the capabilities for some unique art. Illustrators and Animators could use this after they create character to move and pose a character or simply make slight adjustments to their character pose. then they could maybe save that as a morph target similar to a snapshot. Graphic Designer could use this tool to take certain graphic forms or shapes and push and pull solid forms into an organic shape for instance if you wanted to make something look gooey from a flat shape you could place a pin where you don't want things affected and place move point with a fall off adjustment to make that stretchy form. Sure you can draw this form but it be more organic to push and shape the form. Just had a thought if you have this morph target or snapshots recorded you could use them to create the points for some basic animated Gifs exports. I should referenced the puppet tool... (I am sure you will do it better) ;)
  2. Using a couple of different reference images I used the textured brushes to try and create a more painterly style. Adjusted the line width, transparency, shading and blending modes - multiply. Liked how they worked like you would have in a raster (photoshop) program. Wish list - an artboard crop too - I always start with a larger canvas then shrink down to fit the illustration or artwork.
  3. Davis

    Cold Mountain

    I was just playing around in Affinity, but I'm quite happy with the result :) Feedback is welcome :)
  4. I tried to apply or create a more "sketchy" style using affinity. I use some of the textured brushes and reduced the size of them from the default sizes to like a stroke width of 2 or 3. I think I'm going to scan some pencil marks next and create some custom brushes. Fun, responsive software - keep it coming Serif! The UI is great so intuitive. Mouse Macbook Air
  5. Hi guys, total Newbie here. Love Affinity, very snappy. Of course I found quite some bugs, that's why we are testing. Can I post my findings here or is that a no-go? While working on this illustration I was missing deeply a function I'd like to see here. General question or idea: is there a way to draw in autofill/loop mode with the vector line-tool? that's for creating closed shapes, maybe with a smoothing slider? And even more important: do you see a way to integrate intelligent gradient fill for this function? would be a KILLER feature. Settings: Smooth, Autoloop, Fill, Gradient The idea is to make the gradient fill depending on where you start drawing your shape. Gradient fill always from color to transparency, with a slider for color intensity. (Please see attached file). 1 is the starting position. There is only one app offering this and it's sooo helpful. Second attachment is my first drawing with Affinity, hope you like it ;)