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Found 305 results

  1. elzekah

    Space Sheriff

    I did not know that you could share with the community work done. I want to share with you my first job with Affinity Designer. Criticism and advice are welcome (if also explains how to get with Affinity Designer better. So the program learn more) I also share my account of Behance, but now is empty until I put up. Thanks to all (: Behance: www.behance.net/elzekah
  2. Bruno Rhuan

    The astro boy - work in progress

    Working on an illustration for a friend who just gave birth to Samuel, a cute little boy whose bedroom is decorated with spaceships and stars. Using only the pixel persona and mostly the Bristles Brush I found here at the forum.
  3. giantlobsterprd

    Mischievous martians

    From my ongoing (possibly never to be finished) ABC project...
  4. giantlobsterprd

    Talk like a pirate

    Piece I had to put together quite quickly for the September page of a calendar
  5. giantlobsterprd

    UFO spotting

    Just a bit of fun/practice I've been doing between other projects.
  6. giantlobsterprd

    Stereo rainbow

    Another in an occasional series, and a bit of an experiment with blending modes. Hope you like.
  7. Okay! So I have finished drawing my first lady villain; Cruella de Vil was a LOT of fun to draw. I loved the Disney movie as a kid and I am ashamed to say that I have not read the book, although I just picked it up to read on an online library. That'll happen maybe later on today. :-) "A large car was coming towards them. .... A woman came out onto the front-door steps. She was wearing a tight fitting emerald satin dress, several ropes of rubies, and an absolutely simple white mink cloak, which reached to the high heels of her ruby-red shoes. She had dark skin, black eyes with a tinge of red in them, and a very pointed nose. Her hair was parted severely down the middle and one half of it was black and the other white-- rather unusual." 101 Dalmations, Dodie Smith I've taken a couple of liberties because I felt they worked better with the design; namely, the coat and the hair. I'm still rather pleased with how this turned out, though. Also, this is a call for female villains from literature. I'd like some more ideas; I have a few-- Shine, from Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones (plus a few others; DWJ had a THING about evil older ladies due to mother issues of her own, apparently), the Medusa, Belatrix Black or Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, and the infamous principal Agatha Trunchbull of Matilda's school by Roald Dahl, and the Winter Queen from the Dresden series too, perhaps. Anyway, critiques welcome! More villains to come later.
  8. penwiper

    1900-ish lady

    I had fun drawing this lady; I grabbed some images of 20th century dresses, mixed and matched various items (the top, the skirt, the belt, etc,) and drew my own face and hair to make her mine. I was intending to get started on my villains series but, well, she doesn't look particularly villainous. She's just ready to go to a party. That said, anyone have ideas for female villains from literature? :-) I've got *plenty* of guys. (I think I'll try for an illustration of Cruella de Ville next. A fur coat ought to be interesting to draw!)
  9. giantlobsterprd

    After work

    My first attempt at illustrating using Affinity - have found the workflow very easy to pick up, gradient tool and 'paste inside' have been the most useful so far. Haven't tried the raster tools yet, I'm more of a vector native, but I'll experiment at some point. Have to say I'm loving this software - anything that will help me get out of the grip of the evil empire is worth having!
  10. TheBoar

    Bobby Blackbird

    Hi All I thought it was about time I started being a bit more active on here and shared some of the Illustrations I have made using AD. This is one of the Illustrations I have done for The Christmas Birds series (see more of the series on https://www.behance.net/jbrett)
  11. penwiper

    Hobo rabbit

    Yet another attempt at a sketch from my notebook, this one from a doodle I made for a print class. (I never did turn him into an etching which was my original plan.) At least I'm using him for something! This time I'm experimenting with "clipping" my vector sections to make cleaner lines along the edges. It works much better than my previous tries, although my layer panel is a *mess.* Critiques welcome.
  12. This is my fist post... not sure how to make the images smaller. hope it works out. Any way, this is my first experience with Affinity Designer. I'd like to share with you! Jake Zhang website: jakeanime.com instagram: instagram.com/jakeweirdpower
  13. ronniemcbride


    Here a small portion of a project I have been working on and hopefully I'll be able to share more with you soon. stay tuned. His name is Flint
  14. ronniemcbride

    Panda Pete

    Another doodle. Mostly simple shapes in affinity design help create this guy. Update: update: pixel brushes used to add some texture to his clothing and hat
  15. ronniemcbride

    Black Ice WIP

    So I have this client project for a legal department that want something "edgy" ( how I hate that word) Anyway, I wanted to try and pull of this fo 3d look. This is not final but this exploration taught me a little bit about the 3d effects in the fx panel. I will definitely have to play wit that feature more but it quite powerful! This entire piece was created in Affinity Designer. I amazed by this application everyday! interesting moods
  16. wildfox76

    My colorful artwork

    hello friends of this wonderful group I want to share with you the joy I feel in using this program. Unfortunately I can not draw well, I've never succeeded. But this software is really fantastic and so I challenged my imagination and I created some draft (I found on pinterest a few items that have inspired me) blending them with my imagination ..... I share them with you, thanks and good day to all !!!!
  17. ronniemcbride

    Birds of A Feather

    So tonights late night doodle is dedicated to the special lady in my life... Ok maybe this was an excuse to play with creating my own custom brushes. I am building a nice little collection of brushes. So tonight was about brushes and mixing up some vectors with some pixels all in one image. You work in this application long enough you start jumping between the pixel and Draw Persona and you dont even think twice. I love to know what everyone interpretation of the story is in this image. (Squirrel) ohh did I mention I say Big Hero 6 the movie today? Go see it !!! It is worth every bit of the coin. Anyway enjoy.
  18. I'm delighted to have been involved in putting together this article on the popular Creative Bloq for designers using Affinity Designer... you'll know some names in the piece from this forum :) http://www.creativebloq.com/examples-affinity-designer Please share these talented folks' artworks by using the social buttons at the top of the article. You'll also recognise most if not all the designs as they have appeared in some form on Twitter, in the product in some cases, in the forum, and in some Affinity marcomms. I take my hat off to these designers in particular for what they've achieved but appreciate all of you that are producing artwork with AD, I hope we're able to give you all an opportunity to look fantastic. Designers in this spotlight piece are: Val Motsch (Lescot) Jonathan Ball (Poked Studios) Ben The Illustrator (The Huddle Formation) Neil Ladkin (Serif & Affinity Art Director) David Wildish (FLOKK Creative) Sascha Preu╬▓ (Bubblefriends) Paolo Limoncelli (UX-DesignStudio) Ignacio Valicenti (IDV) and YoAz Thanks guys, Dale.
  19. ronniemcbride

    Queen - doodle

    Tonight doodle was to see what i could make without drawing it in my sketch pad first. No pen tablet was used either, I retrained myself to just a mouse and a dream.....
  20. ronniemcbride


    This is a work in Progress. I not sure where I want to go with this or if I want to move further with it. The idea was to have him flight through a cloud. I kind of want it to be some what abstract. Thought any comments or ideas are welcome.
  21. Tonight I decided to see if I could render an entire product in AD using basic illustration techniques. The following image was complete created with AD the only thing I did not create was the logo. which I could have but it was late and I ran out of steam. It is simple but elegant product. The more I tinker in AD the easier it gets. You can pretty much illustrate anything in this application you just need to focus on understanding lights, shadows and how light falls off a given material to get it right. I used a image from google as reference to create this. *tip: create palette from document is your best friend when matching colors of an existing product.
  22. ronniemcbride

    Marvel vs DC

    So, my buddy who is a big time comic book geek was going off about how there is going to be a Superman Vs Batman Movie. Anyway, every time we chat about comics I always confuse which superheros is in Marvels universe and which superheroes are from the D.C. universe. Anyway, Today was his Birthday so I decided to make him some original art. He is a big Batman fan so I thought this would be fitting. My process is still the same. sketch on paper. shoot it, import it, trace it, and color it.
  23. ronniemcbride

    skeuomorphism UI Design

    So, I was browsing the Iphone App Store and came across this beautiful Dieter Rams inspired app called WTHR By David EIgena. I wanted see if I could recreate one of the screen entirely with Affinity Designer. Part of the reason I am doing this, is to see how I can utilize Affinity in different situations and workflows. Of course I don't have time to design an entire app for in a few hours but I can recreate the look for study purposes.Doing this sort of thing shows me where Affinity Designer is strongest. Working in different workflows also gives me a better understanding of how this application can replace other tools in my arsenal. After completing this exercise, the only thing I would wish is the ability to add multiple artboards in one file. Everything was created with Affinity with the exception of the IPhone Image which you can download here: http://www.teehanlax.com/tools/iphone/ Credit to Andrew Vega for supplying the iphone link resource in his Affinity training video
  24. ronniemcbride


    So let me first start off by saying I am a visual designer. I do graphic work, but I have been trying to draw more lately. I spend a lot of my time doing corporate branding type work. Now that Affinity Designer is here it really has freed me from the Adobe world. I am not very good at drawing directly into the computer( I really not as good at drawing as I want to be either) and to be honest I prefer to step away from the screen and doodle in a sketchpad. After I am done doodling I take a picture of my work with my phone and import my drawing. I use the drawing tools to trace, alter, clean up, and embellish my work. This is my first go beyond doodling and it was all completed in Affinity Designer! I did not experience one crash. The program is as fast, smooth and intuitive as they say. I am looking forward to growing with this application! So much to learn so little hours in a day! Thanks guys! You really are putting a powerful and respectable tool in our hands!
  25. Ok, this maybe out there but it just an idea. I thought it be cool if there were a set of tools to create a bone structure or maybe a sort of morphing tool. The application could go beyond just characters but perhaps could expand the capabilities for some unique art. Illustrators and Animators could use this after they create character to move and pose a character or simply make slight adjustments to their character pose. then they could maybe save that as a morph target similar to a snapshot. Graphic Designer could use this tool to take certain graphic forms or shapes and push and pull solid forms into an organic shape for instance if you wanted to make something look gooey from a flat shape you could place a pin where you don't want things affected and place move point with a fall off adjustment to make that stretchy form. Sure you can draw this form but it be more organic to push and shape the form. Just had a thought if you have this morph target or snapshots recorded you could use them to create the points for some basic animated Gifs exports. I should referenced the puppet tool... (I am sure you will do it better) ;)