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Found 305 results

  1. cheshiredesigner

    American Diner Show cover

    Hi everyone, Cover for Summer School Show. Hand drawn basic outline then scanned and bought into Affinity Design to Trace. This is the first actual project I've done in AD and really like the workflow (once I got used to certain ways of working). Looking forward to playing around a bit now this done.
  2. bodobe

    Sport Project (hurdles)

    First steps for a sport project (mockup), still in progress ...
  3. It's just a small bird (Kohlmeise, Great tit), but he has made me a little nervous. So many layers I had previously only in some large portrait illustrations. I thought so a bird is easy to draw, but he is not. Respect, little bird ;)
  4. Santos Flores

    Heart Shield.

    Hi!, this's a illustration i did in Affinity Designer, i hope post more of my work. Greetings from Mexico.
  5. Inspired by some guys who show their impressive cars in this forum; pure vector, without pixel persona. A lot of work, but it's fun to work with AD ;)
  6. Jaison Justus

    Playing around with lines

    Hola Amigo, Played with Affinity Designer today too. Trying to get familiar (i am not that good at illustrator too). Today I made a small poster called "Neo Japan" :P :) Feel free to share your suggestions.
  7. giantlobsterprd

    Bus stop

    For anyone who has ever had to wait in line. Adendum: I've revised the composition and refined some of the details: Individual components can be viewed on Bechance here: https://www.behance.net/danrobinson/wip
  8. bodobe

    different eyes

    Another vector portrait. I love to work with the pen tool, the gradient- & gaussian tool ^_^
  9. bodobe

    Her Companion

    Pure vector illustration. Clear lines & perfect curves. Love ... Vector!
  10. You can watch my workflow in this speedart video. First do do a sketch and I use it for guidance of my illustration. https://vimeo.com/129035357
  11. bodobe

    Jean Genie

    Something in (vector) blue.
  12. retrograde

    3 doggies

    Here is some recent client work. 3 stylized doggies for a doggy daycare on Oahu. All in Draw Persona in Designer.
  13. OutlawPete

    Poster Design

    Hello everybody, I've created this double bill poster of Laurel & Hardy. This year marks the 125 years anniversary of Stan Laurel's birthday. These two movies are coming to the big screen in England, Scotland and Ireland. Using my sketch as a guide I created this poster completely in AD. This is my first larger artwork in AD. The first release of AD was a bit too unstable to me, but much has improved since the update. So, I'm very pleased working with this piece of software. You can follow me on twitter: @artbyjuhl Best, Soren
  14. Santos Flores

    Alone space

    hello again, this is a illustration i did in my free time. Greetings from Mexico. :)
  15. giantlobsterprd

    Heroes of the 1970s

    Beginning of an occasional series celebrating the icons of my youth...
  16. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    Hey Folks, this is my first attempt at using affinity designer. I really love drawing in vectors, all my works are 100% (pure) vector illustrations, and now I'm glad I found AD - an awesome tool … think we're getting married ;)
  17. giantlobsterprd

    Movie ABCs

    This might become a larger project. Biggest problem is narrowing down all the options...
  18. penwiper

    sktchy portraits

    So I joined an app on my phone called sktchy where people submit photos to provide inspiration to others, and members also draw from photos submitted to the app. Here are some portraits I have drawn of people there in the last week with Affinity Designer. It's a neat idea! There's obviously a wide range of talent there, but that is part of the fun.
  19. witmin

    Fuego Volcano

    Totally draw and painted this in Affinity Designer with both the vector mode and the pixel mode. First try to use the brush tool in AD. Really love affinity designer! Posted in on dribbble: http://drbl.in/onMe
  20. penwiper

    Some random people. :-)

    Here are a couple of new images I made this week. I borrowed the pose of a celebrity and designed a new outfit for her and a new environment earlier in the week. I love this one. :-) This evening I also redrew a previous sketch I made during a Sunday service of a woman and her child who sat across from me at the time more than a year ago. (I often stealth sketch people Sunday morning while listening to the sermon because, well, we're both sitting in the same place for an hour and why not?... it keeps my hands occupied, anyway, and they're too busy to notice.)
  21. Hi, i set the brush and the controller to pressure, and even tried the controler: Brush Defaults... but i draw a line with my cintiq and it draws exactly the line i want, and when i let go it becames finner or changes in a way that i never know what to expect. Do you have a tutorial on how to customize the pressure so it is more acurate? Like in the ilustrator i set the brush and chose the variation, and in the affinity i think it was the same but it's not working! And this is a big thing guys!!! Please help! tks
  22. giantlobsterprd


    Something I've been scribbling at while my renders render. I need a holiday.
  23. penwiper

    walking the dog

    Another practice drawing of a girl and her dog. Critiques welcome! I wish I was at the beach right now! Last week I sat down with my newsprint and charcoal and drew a lot of small images, took pictures of the best ones, and now I'm excited to turn them into something more substantial. :-) I love how if there's a line you don't like with charcoal you can just erase it with your fingers (it'll get a little smudgy but who cares) and newsprint is cheap enough that I'm not worrying about wasting materials. I've included a photo of the sketch, as messy as it is, so that you can see my starting point! Some changes made to the sketch: the hands are more defined, there's an actual background, the legs are placed better on the body and more proportionate and I nixed the sandals. I may put them in later, but I think that's enough for right now. Not sure about the darker reflecting green stripe on her dress. That may be too contrast-y.
  24. raymondemery

    Shading with Gaussian Blur

    I've been focusing on shaing and coloring techniques in Affinity Designer lately. With this Blue Cobalt Shot Glass, I used gaussian blur, layer blending modes (Color Burn and Average) and opacity to acheive the effect that I was looking for. What methods would you use? UPDATE 3/15/2015 Thank you for all of the great input. I'm including the following to this post: The original image I used for inspiration My .afdesign file so you can see the layers Further Explanation (What I was trying to acheive) My goal was to make this illustration as "real" as possible. I've been expirementing with Gaussian blur, gradients, blending modes and opacity to acheive realistic highlights and shading. blue_cobalt_glass_RE.afdesign
  25. Etiennepascal


    Testing the new affinity photo beta! Works pretty well!