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  1. Hi everyone, I want to show you my vector art based on a real photo of a Honda Motorcycle.
  2. Don't say Covid 19 is only bad (even if it is!), thanks to a big dent in my workload I finally found the time to get my hands really dirty in Designer, that is doing some "old style" illustrations instead of the usual logo work. Some input would be nice !
  3. My first piece of work done entirely on iPad. Absolute game changer, thanks for all your efforts Serif. It was worth it. (Hi-res of this will end up on instagram later, once I’ve worked out how to reformat for square on iPad)
  4. Mucking about during Covid downtime. This is a combination of AD and Cinema 4D.
  5. First time I designed in Affinity Designer in sted of using Illustrator. Really loved it! Also I used "The Shizzle" pack from Bob Byrne – very cool stuff hi makes!
  6. All drawn on a Huion Tablet in Affnity Photo. I am experimenting with the layer composite effects (hard light, overlay, and soft light)
  7. Invisible skeletal forces can be revealed in a playful, unsophisticated way.
  8. I don't know if the Calligraphic Art Brush exists in Affinity Designer sice I'm a beginner but if it doesn't exist I think that you would need to add it to Affinity Designer because it helps a lot in vector inking. I hope that you will take this into consideration. Thank you
  9. I created this illustration, loosely based on the Citroen Mehari, in Affinity Designer. It is a part of a map project, but as this one did not really fit, I wanted to share it with you here. It is all done in vectors and it was very enjoyable. I hope you like it.
  10. This is a model. But with plastic mirror, windscreen wiper and door handle missing and the luggage rack at the back bent and twisted, I finished it by referring to photos of a real Isetta.
  11. Haven’t done any figure drawing in ages... I like that AD lets me correct all my mistakes (at least the ones I can recognize...)🤓 The fish is a stock Upsplash photo, and the figure drawn from imagination...
  12. The bowl was difficult ... not sure if a strictly pixel drawing would have been more successful. The photo version was the reference but lack of detail was problematic. The perspective on the “leaves” is not quite right. Any and all criticism or suggestions are welcome...
  13. Waxy the Waxman, is a fairytale they say...
  14. Having some fun with custom Type in Designer
  15. Photo(s) of "Head of Bearded man" (Greek, 160-150 BC, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA) were processed in Affinity Photo. Illustration completed in Affinity Designer.
  16. Here's a tribute illustration of the famous 2017 TV Series directed by David Lynch, made entirely with Affinity Photo 1.9. This is my first work with this software. Comments are very welcome. Bye
  17. I first used Photoshop on 1997. Twenty five years later Adobe goes to rest while Affinity is rising. This is my first attempt to create something in Affinity Designer. "Darkness" The moon was captured with a canon camera and edited in Affinity photo. The skeleton was created with an old 3D character design software. The ground, plants, and the clouds created with the Pixel Persona of Affinity Designer. I can not tell in a few words, how happy I am using Affinity products!
  18. Just trying to sharpen Affinity skills with the endless supply of clutter at hand here...
  19. Experimenting with hair and fur brushes and this emerged...(not a real animal)...
  20. Hey Everyone, I made this comic book style portrait of Clark Kent from scratch using Affinity Photo and I've also included a video tutorial of how I made this illustration in the tutorial section. Thanks, Mike
  21. Hey Everyone, I created this video tutorial on how to create a comic book style portrait art in Affinity Photo. I'll be going over the process of sketching, inking, flatting, and coloring. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed creating it! Thanks, Mike
  22. Something is wrong with this picture...
  23. Decided to have a little fun and made this digital sketch of Bernie Sanders 😁
  24. Hey everyone, I'm back with another video tutorial. This time, I've decided to create a minimalist vector illustration using Affinity Designer (Desktop version). I will be covering a few things in this illustration such as shape tools, pen tool, and geometry functions. Feel free to leave any feedback and I hope it will help you on your design journey. How to turn a sketch into a vector illustration in Affinity Designer (Desktop) Thanks, Mike
  25. Experimenting with illustrating different textures using all vectors, and fx... may come back to this to attempt wood grain...
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