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Found 11 results

  1. Most of my requests are for Production Artists. I'd like to make a full move to Affinity but at this point i cannot be 100% efficient in production work. I know scripting might not be a thing today but maybe these things can be standard in upcoming versions? 1. Close All Open Tabs: Please dont make us do this one by one. 2. Export/Save (all) Open Tabs As: Affinity Photo, || Tiff, PSD and so on.... 3. Export Options: Add export (all) pixel layers in a group. If sed group had adjustments, then that will be applied to each pixel layer upon export. Example: Where export has "whole document, selection area..." add export group contents (or something like that) and all pixel layers are saved out separately via tiff, psd or whatever ext you want. 4. Let us record w/less restrictions. Let us record making a group from a full selection, record layer colors, export options, and functions like ctrl+[] or cmd ~ to next tab, close. You get my point. Production artists don't have time to save one thing out at a time. I process 100's of images a day. 5. New Pattern Layer to Selection: (it's good for patterns from scratch) not good if customer supplied art and you have to make a pattern from their crappy art. It'll be more dynamic if we can isolate the source image in live view, line it up, then back out to skew and rotate everything at once. Right now, everything rotates and no means to line this up. Unless I incrementally rotate it, put it in New Pattern Layer to Selection to check it, back out and do it again till its right. Meh. As reference: Photoshops Pattern View. You can see what the pattern will look like. But if you transform the source image, you can rotate, skew and line things up whilst seeing how the pattern looks in live view. 6. Curve adjustments (or any adjustment): Some indication where the lights and darks reside. Perhaps even the little circle things show one black and one white to give us a clue. it flips w/CYMK and RGB and if you are processing art, it can get super confusing if you forget what profile you are on. its minor, but it helps. 7. My favorite BLEND MODES: Presets for blend modes. I use blend mode religiously. I'd like to save "only mids" or "no lights" as presets instead of building it out every time for each adjustment. 8. Document Size & Canvas Size: Ability to upsize or downsize by %. Not all my images are the same size and i need to upsize by a % number. This is super important for recording in a macro! I can't do either lol. 9. Macros: This might be the version of mac i'm on ~ but if it's not ~ My macros doesn't execute everytime upon pushing the button in my Library. I have to switch between my pan tool and my move tool until the macro decides to work. Perhaps some indication im doing something wrong? im not sure if when i recorded my macros if the pan tool or move tool is significant. Because Once i use my move tool it defaults back to pan and i have to grab my move tool again, and i probably do this recording lol. *shrugs on this one*
  2. Here’s an idea that might be considered. It is only the older forum members who will remember that before 1980 many people subscribed to monthly magazines and kept each year’s copies in a special folder designed to stand tidily on a bookshelf. In the December edition, there was an index of the year’s contents published which listed issue, page number and for every article that had appeared during the year. I noted that every email client had a facility for the input and output of Names, Email Addresses and other information that was held. Excel too could import files of many types. There could be a special sort of TOC which could output information to a csv or another sort of file which could be imported by Word or Excel. Better still would be one which could convert to a table (or just to text in a more suitable format) to insert to a page in the publication (although it would help if a table could flow across pages, if this is on the cards). Imported csv files could go straight to a table as well. It occurred to me that perhaps the ability to make a style, (heading 1, or Heading 2), into a Field might be helpful in this connection. I publish a monthly newsletter and I’m sure that this would help me to publish an index to the year’s issues of PDFs. As far as I know this type of facility does not exist in any other publishing program but I could be wrong in this. John
  3. The new timelapse feature is something I've been patiently waiting for, and am incredibly excited to start using with the official release of 1.9! After experimenting a bit with the beta, I've noticed some potential serious pitfalls for the way that the feature is currently intended to be implemented, and I have a few suggestions on how to improve on this. Firstly, the reasons why this feature may be limiting is as follows: You would need to make sure that you don't forget to toggle "Save History with Document" otherwise your entire process timelapse (hours worth of work) would be gone - I've done this a few times already. You're limited to your history states, and some projects (particularly illustration type projects) involve thousands of brush strokes and adjustments which would make it near impossible to ensure that your computer can save that many history states without getting really bogged down. That means you will need to cap your undo limit and subsequently override old history states meaning a chunk of your timelapse would likely be lost. Savings those history states will also create incredibly large file sizes, which is very impractical for anyone looking to use this feature. My ideas. In the old days (before Procreate along with its timelapse feature was born) there was a little app/widget called Schnapps for Mac - http://schnappsformac.com While the website is still up, I'm sure this app is no longer functioning or being updated in 2021, but it basically saved a snapshot of your canvas every time you saved your document. It had no direct impact on your document or file size, and had no relation to your history states or undo limit (which can be quite volatile if you aren't careful/mindful at all times). Upon export you could choose your desired video format (or looping gif) and also the playback rate. My proposal. Would it not be better for Affinity to use a similar approach? Instead of using the "Save History with Document" option, you can include a "Record Timelapse" option under the "File" menu, which can be on by default to avoid any accidental loss - or include it in the "New Document" dialog when creating a new document. Every time you save a document, the app can save a 1080px (1080px in height, and the width can be dictated by the canvas aspect ratio) snapshot in a folder within the app's program files which can then be recalled and assembled by the app when you select "Export Timelapse". That way the user won't ever see the snapshots or have to deal with big file sizes with limited history states as the timelapse files would be stored elsewhere on their computer. If, in the future, Affinity ever changed the way that the files are created, the timelapse files would remain completely unaffected since they would be existing snapshots, not past history states. Timelapses move pretty fast, so there's no reason to include every single step of the process in the playback, so in the long run every save-state would probably be a better option that ever history-state - either that or saving a snapshot, say, every 10 history states or so. Schnapps was a very simple and lightweight app, but it was incredibly effective at doing what it was designed to do. The only examples could find that I did with Schnapps (back while I was still a student) were these short videos - I did a little bit of post editing with them to add transitions and video elements, but the timelapses show the process: https://vimeo.com/111345964 and https://vimeo.com/107825113 I completely understand that the Affinity team has done a lot of work with the timelapse feature already, but I can assure you that nipping these potential future issues in the bud before it's actually released would make it a lot easier than accepting the limitations now and getting stuck them in the future after the feature is officially released. A lot of creative apps (Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, ArtStudio Pro, Clip Studio Paint, etc) now have timelapse features and have perfected them already, and it's become a highly sought after feature for the 'modern creative' so there's quite a bit of pressure to get it running smoothly and properly. Just my two cents, and thanks for making it through the super long post!
  4. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, it would be a nice feature to assign colors from a palette to a group of items. The workflow could be the following: 1. Create a document and palette. 2. Click on different items, which should become a different random color from the palette. I wished this feature many times. At the moment I'm selecting all of them manually and try to color them in a 'random' way. Best wishes
  5. Hey @ll, it would be SO nice, if I could mark an object or several objects, do a right-click and could choose my existing Groups to move the object/s into one of this groups. Please add this future into Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher! Thanks a lot... Nice greatings from Germany...
  6. I don't know if I said or report the issues that Affinity Designer have (I didn't tried in Photo, I don't know if have the same Issue) when you make a curve with brush or Pen Tool and then you expand this stroke/curve and the corners instead look smooth, looks like polygon, sharp and I have to fixed. Sometimes look smooth, sometimes looks sharp. I would like that you can apply wrap/envelope to a text without convert the text to a path (like in Corel). Some features for the future: An additional color palette similar that Inkscape and Corel, but I would like something more original, different. Option for add a node in the center between 2 nodes. Now we have 3 options in path Mode "Conver to Sharp, Convert to Smooth and Convert to Smart" I would like another "Convert to Asymmetric". Show and Hide Transform Square in a node selection, when you select a node or some nodes, you can click a button that show the transform square where you can Scale and rotate the selected nodes. Option for threat each character from a Text for separate without convert the text to a path. When you create a Text "Test", you can rotate the T, down the e, move the s to the right and rotate little bit without convert this text to a path, something similar like in Corel. Blend tool for path, create a circle and a Square and when you apply the blend, it will create objects from the circle converting to square, like in inkscape. Addon where you can find images from google, shutterstock, etc... with the option of add more search's engines. A Font identifier, it will make you easier identify a font and find similar fonts. If I got more ideas I will post let y'all know. Please, can y'all launch the Affinity Designer update before I spend my money?
  7. I would like to be able to update page numbers on my TOC without deleting line breaks and interruptions inserted manually. It would be quite useful when working on a TOC split in multiple text frames for composition purposes. It could be an additional "soft" TOC update that just reloads page numbers and section names without updating the whole TOC.
  8. Hi together, After Developing my raw-file in the "develop persona" all controllers are back to zero, when changing into the "develop persona" again. It seems that the tool treats it like a complete new picture. Would it be possible to change that, so that the controllers are back to the place where they were before? Then it would be easier e.g. to compare the settings of multiple similar pictures, to give them the same settings. Or does the develop persona work in the way, that the raw file is converted into a Flat-Pixel Layer? Nice evening, regards
  9. So recently Adobe XD's Preview 6 introduced 'prototype' mode where you can link different art boards together to have transition between them, as if you were running the design on an app, or website. I was wondering if the Affinity team had any plans to implement this feature or something similar in the future, before or even after official release. For the community would this be something you'd like to see? I'd love to hear what you guys thing. For reference (starts at 11:08): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VHEaVNsNVY&feature=youtu.be&t=11m8s
  10. First off, thank you for this awesome product! It's been quite smooth sailing so far (CPU-use is minimal, interface looks sharp on high-DPI screens and I could finally create something in a few mere minutes where on Illustrator I was wasting hours on finding the correct menu and tool). I only had some small suggestions: - It would be quite handy to have an option to snap an item to certain positions (for instance: at every 90 degrees when rotating an item or when making a perfect rectangle). Of course this should be easily be turned off too, for when you don't want that to happen. :) - Make it so when you use the app on a pen-enabled device (for instance; a Surface Pro 3) that when you use your fingers on the screen it'll automatically change to the select tool. I drew something with my pen and then tried to change the shape with my hand, but it would end up drawing another one! :P Such a small feature would make working with an pen/touchscreen combination even more intuitive. ;) Anyways, keep up the good work! :)
  11. Here's an idea...Who thinks it would be a good idea to have artists with different skills needs and abilities to meet up here and develop/finalise that project that would only gather dust on that proverbial shelf in our heads? If old and new, modern and old etc got together then something great could be about to take place. Look up Peter Gabriel's WOMAD record label for art/poetry/paper trail influences, to see what might work for you.
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