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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I am not able to save a document I’ve opened from iCloud Drive back to it. As you can see in the attached video, when pressing Save in the document view it doesn’t update in iCloud Drive and the [M] badge also stays active. I did the following steps: Open Affinity Designer Selected Open in the home view Selected an .afdesign file from the Affinity Designer folder in my iCloud Drive Opened the newly imported file (in Live Docs) and made some edits (changed font and a new artboard) Pressed the Document menu button (☰) and selected Save The Saving overlay appears shortly After the saving is done neither the existing file is updated nor a new one appears in my iCloud Drive folder I am running Affinity Designer for iPad v2.0.1.2 on iPadOS 16.1 Screen Recording.mov
  2. Hi developer team, please check the (unlisted) video, everything explained there. When I say backup copy, I mean recovery file. Both have been there and for that I didn't lose any work. I can not reproduce it this happens coincidentally. There is one pattern: only on first start of AP. After crash and 2nd start, the problem is gone until next reboot of Mac. Something completely different, I ask this each post here in the forum: When will get Effects/Gaussian Blur be enabled for masks? When will we get a Fill slider additionally to the Opacity slider. When will be an indicator added, showing the layer has Blend Options applied? Compliments: the Affinity implementation is far better to use as he flimsy Blend-if sliders of Photoshop. Version 1.10.5, additional purchased on Serif homepage instead of AppStore. Reason: Photoshop add-ons such as Topaz Denoise do not work with AppStore version of Affinity Photo. Once I got told here in the forum because AppStore apps have to run sandboxed. Cheers and Happy Halloween, Roland
  3. hey all! I have a quite urgent question: Today I opened mit afpub file and was surprised that all the linked documents that I have edited many times in publisher are suddenly being overwritten with the original linked documents (all editing gone). This happens a few seconds after opening the file. So in the first seconds you can still see all the edited documents but they are being replaced with the "old" version soon. Is there any way I can stop the replacing with the original documents and keep mit edited ones? 🥺 I still have hope because during the first seconds the edited documents are still visible. but I don't know how to keep them... This has never opened before. I have worked several days on that file and this has never happened before but I have a deadline today... THANK YOU IMG_5840.MOV
  4. Hello, Here's the scenario: Have an AD file on iCloud Drive opened on Mac. Go to work on it on iPad and save the changes back to iCloud. Right now, to get the file open on the Mac to show these changes, we close it and then open it again. Is there an easier, quicker, shortcut way to accomplish this? Because we do this like a hundred times a day. (Well, okay, dozens.) Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am trying to work on a children’s book and am hiring someone to edit my pages to be ready to upload to Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing). The person I’m working with said he would need PSD files. When I try to export as PSD it seems to work until I find the documents in my files. Every time I have tried this they always end up being exported as PNG’s. If anyone knows a solution please let me know! I’m relatively new to this so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m making a mistake in the process.
  6. Because the sync was not done on my devices, I deleted the affinity files from iCloud. Then by reactivating everything, I was surprised to see 2 Affinity Publisher files. They are absolutely identical. If I delete a file in one folder it gets deleted in the other. This error only appears on my iMac. On my Macbook the folder does not appear duplicate. Vincent Muller
  7. When saving a file, Affinity Photo is creating a separate file each time I press cmd S, almost like saving as. I noticed this when I navigated to the folder I had saved my file to and found lots of copies of the file. I am saving to iCloud Drive. As I'm a newbie I thought this might be a versioning feature but I have since found that it shouldn't be happening. Tom
  8. Quick Background: I have Affinity Photo for both iPad and Mac and use is since 2017 (on and off as hobby). My main use is on the iPad and since 2019 i've started making big files (10.000px vs 7.000px) and many layers, some files are 1GB. I've had many crashing issues in the last 4 months (with older Affinifity Photo versions, then i got tired and stopped using it) where i lost my lastest editing since it wasn't automatically saving the file on the iCloud Drive (had set it to 'Save on iCloud' and even sometimes i clicked 'save' it didn't save the file on iCloud, because after crashing i saw i lost 30min, 1h work. I've resolved it idiotically by doing 'Save a Copy' into iCloud by every major editing i did (and this with 500, 700MB files isn't ideal). So I've just deleted Affinity Photo from my Mac and iPad, also manually deleted the 'Affinity Photo' from both iCloud Drive & iPad Drive folders and also deleted the Backup Folder. Now i'm ready to start afresh and would love to hear how you deal with files and folders... specially people dealing with big files on the iPad: Where do you save your files: iPad or iCloud Drive directly? Do you use the 'Affinity Photo' folder or some external iCloud/iPad Folder? If I open a file from iCloud, anytime i click Save, will it save it over this file? or into the 'Affinity Photo' folder in the iPad or iCloud? i know it creates these folders once i've installed Affinity. How many projects/files do you have on your iPad? Once you finish an artwork, do you save it on iCloud/iPad/USB and then 'close' the file to cleanup Affinity? I've had 30+ projects open, so not sure if this was also helping to crash Affinity. thanks
  9. I'm having an odd problem - I'm not sure if it's iCloud itself or something related to Designer. Here's the issue: I took a Udemy class on my iPad. I created a subfolder under the iCloud Drive\Affinity Designer called Udemy [so iCloud Drive\Affinity Designer\Udemy] and stored all of my files in there. That worked fine on my iPad, and I could see and work with the files on my Mac just fine. On my PC, however, the iCloud Drive\Affinity Designer folder is there, with a couple of other subdirectories that I created from my PC (those also appear on my iPad and my Mac), but the iCloud Drive\Affinity Designer\Udemy folder has never shown up on my PC, even after a couple of days. I stopped all of my iCloud processes and then started up iCloud on the PC again, and it appears to be downloading files (the Apple Photo process is very busy), but the folder stall hasn't shown up. But here's the odd thing - if I go in and add a new directory from the PC called Udemy under Affinity Designer, the name magically and immediately changes to Udemy 2. To me, that says the PC knows that the Udemy subdirectory exists, it just refuses to show it in file explorer. If I open Designer on my PC and look at the iCloud Drive/Affinity Designer directory, it doesn't see the Udemy subdirectory either. Anybody have any ideas about what's going on?
  10. Some of my exported images from Affinity Photo show with a preview image in Icloud/affinity photo and some do not. The previews are available with the Finder tab on the Mac and the file finder on the PC. The images can be uploaded from the Icloud drive but they cannot be previewed. All formats are affected. Help would be appreciated. DManf
  11. Why iPad version of Affinity saves projects in app instead of icloud drive affinity folder, i guess the ipad version should link it main screen to affiniy photo folder in icloud file app, if i update from ipad i can use same on mac, but in this case i have to export project to icloud drive in order to use it on mac, and if i forget to export then i cant open that project on mac, same as if i export that project in icloud and edit it on mac then i want to do something on ipad with same file then ill have to open from icloud and that copies to ipad version but not updating the icloud version, with this practice the more i import the more copies ill get on ipad version, which is quiet waste of space.
  12. A question just occurred to me when thinking about how iCloud will work with the suite. Affinity shares the same file format across all the apps right? So in other words I will be able to open my Affinity Designer files in Affinity Photo? If that is the case then how does sandboxed iCloud storage work? If I save one of my Affinity Designer files in the iCloud sandbox then when I go to Affinity Photo it won't be in the Affinity Photo sandbox.
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