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  1. Hello! I am not able to save a document I’ve opened from iCloud Drive back to it. As you can see in the attached video, when pressing Save in the document view it doesn’t update in iCloud Drive and the [M] badge also stays active. I did the following steps: Open Affinity Designer Selected Open in the home view Selected an .afdesign file from the Affinity Designer folder in my iCloud Drive Opened the newly imported file (in Live Docs) and made some edits (changed font and a new artboard) Pressed the Document menu button (☰) and selected Save The Saving overlay appears shortly After the saving is done neither the existing file is updated nor a new one appears in my iCloud Drive folder I am running Affinity Designer for iPad v2.0.1.2 on iPadOS 16.1 Screen Recording.mov
  2. It's been an issue for a really long time and it still seems to of not appeared in version 2.1, when will we be able to create a document on the iPad app and when going back to the main screen it automatically save to iCloud for us to pick up on desktop? Currently it has to be saved each time you want it to upload for iCloud to realise it needs syncing. How can we do it so that its automatically saving the second we close the app? So many other apps do this automatically and the amount of times I've made something on iPad and then Gond to desktop and forgotten is really annoying, especially if I haven't got my iPad handy to save over. It's just really inefficient as it currently stands.
  3. I installed Affinity Publisher on a new M1 macbook pro and moved my main work files to icloud to have access from both the new and old machines. File Structure: icloud > project folder > project file (originally c. 7 MB) icloud > project folder > assets > linked image files (total c. 500 MB) Quite soon I noticed that Publisher became very unresponsive and saving a file took a long time. After checking, I saw that the project file was mushrooming with each save. Soon it had grown from around 6 MB to 750 MB plus. Eventually, after some online digging, I tested the following "hack-around" which brought the project file back to its normal size: 1. open resource manager 2. make all (apparently) linked files embedded 3. make all embedded files linked 4. save project file However, the file bloat returns regularly and I have to do the "linked > embedded > linked" trick every few days. Has anyone else come across this bug? Does anyone have any clue what's going on? I suspect some kind of interaction between Publisher and iCloud.
  4. I think automatic iCloud backup of the user data is needed on iPad. Such as assets, brushes and swatches... I've seen many people have lost it by accidents. But unlike PC/Mac, its not easy to copy user data on iPad. So automatic backup would be useful.
  5. hey all! I have a quite urgent question: Today I opened mit afpub file and was surprised that all the linked documents that I have edited many times in publisher are suddenly being overwritten with the original linked documents (all editing gone). This happens a few seconds after opening the file. So in the first seconds you can still see all the edited documents but they are being replaced with the "old" version soon. Is there any way I can stop the replacing with the original documents and keep mit edited ones? 🥺 I still have hope because during the first seconds the edited documents are still visible. but I don't know how to keep them... This has never opened before. I have worked several days on that file and this has never happened before but I have a deadline today... THANK YOU IMG_5840.MOV
  6. According to iCloud and iPad Storage, Affinity Designer Documents & Data are taking up 28 GB (28,000 MB). I only have 215 files and the largest one I could find (which isn’t easy to do because you have to save each file manually to another location to see the file size) is 133 MB. The second-largest file is only 50 MB, and most of the files are only 1-10 MB each. So the math doesn’t add up. Every single file would have to be 130 MB to add up to 28 GB (28,000 MB / 215 files = 130 MB). Even if all my files were 50 MB each it would only add up to about 10 GB. I’ve seen other people have similar issues on the following post with the only apparent solution being to export/backup all files somewhere and then uninstall/reinstall Affinity Designer. That’s a very laborious workaround for many files, and it really undermines the app’s value as a professional alternative to Adobe. I’ve tried doing a hard-reset to see if that clears the cache, but it didn’t work. It would also be very helpful if we could see the file sizes from within the app to see what exactly is causing the bloated file size. I’m using Affinity Designer 1.9.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2 on a 2019 ipadPro 12.9”. Thanks! Andrew
  7. PDF exports saved into an iCloud Drive Affinity folder do not reopen with the Preview app, but the Affinity app that initially created the PDF. Assumptions: - I have an iCloud account set with iCloud Drive and Affinity Publisher, Photo and Designer applications have set their own folders in there. - PDF files genuinely open with the Preview app by default on my Mac. However: From any Affinity app, if you export any kind of PDF file into an iCloud Drive Affinity folder, when you double-click on it, it will not open with the Preview app, but with the Affinity app that initially created the export file. Strangely enough, in the Finder, if I right click on the PDF, the default app to open PDF is set to Preview. And it opens with Preview if I click again Preview from this contextual menu. But, if I straight double-click on the PDF, it will open the Affinity app that initially created it. If the PDF is then moved away from the iCloud Drive Affinity folder to anywhere else, it will then open properly with the Preview app if I double click on it. I managed to replicate this issue with all 3 Affinity apps running v1.8.1, on an iMac and a MBP both running Mojave. Grateful if someone can replicate this issue too.
  8. Hi, Affinity Designer For iPad, at least in my setup, is not saving Publisher created files properly. If I make a file in Publisher Desktop and save to iCloud>customFolder, then "Open from Cloud" open file in Designer iPad, make a few edits, then save, it will not updated the file in iCloud>customFolder, but will instead write the updates to a new file of the same name in iCloud>Affinity Designer (default icloud app folder) I discovered this by accident and reproduced the error. 1. Create new multipage file in AfPublisher Desktop 2. Save in iCloud>WHATNOT folder 3. Close 4. “Open from iCloud” in AfDesigner iPad and make some edits across the pages, like this line. Save, close, save. close. 5. File in iCloud>WHATNOT is NOT updated. Went lookin elsewhere. 6. New updated version of the file in iCloud>Affinity Designer folder. Same name, but now has the afdesign extension where it showed no extension on original desktop save. 7. Opened in AfPublisher Desktop and added this test. Save and close. 8.Publisher Desktop did not move or make a new file. The file opened from iCloud>Affinity Designer was saved back to the same folder/ file. Expected behavior is that step 5 should not happen. Designer iPad was supposed to save in the same location in opened from. So yeah, this is one of the main ways I want to use Publisher and Designer together. Major bug as far as I'm concerned. (FWIW. 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, latest iOS and latest versions of Affinity Software across the board. 2018 Macbook Pro OS10.14 reproduced the bug. First found the bug with a Publisher file that started on a 10 year old Mac Pro running 10.13.)
  9. Hi there, when backing up my files to the cloud, it drops everything in one folder. I want to organise my files, but in photo going to import or open from cloud it does not give me a small tile of the file. so I have no clue what it is, via the files app it’s the same no preview tiles, am I doing something wrong? see the 2 photos. rgds Henk
  10. Hey there! When switching between Affinity Designer on iPad and macOS, the font sizes change, and it's quite ugly! I'm using the Damascus font. Screenshots attached. Am I doing something wrong here?
  11. Cannot "Import From Photos". After iPad Pro app update, screen continually spins on "Loading from Photos. Please fix.
  12. With Both Affinity Photo and Designer, I can no longer open any file or drag and drop a file that is stored in iCloud. The only exception is if the file is stored in the official Affinity Photo/Designer iCloud Drive folders. However, if I have a jpg/png/svg on my desktop (which is on iCloud) I cannot drag it into any Affinity document or open it directly via File->Open. I see two different errors depending on the file. Even though both are on my desktop... The only workflow that seems to work right now is to move the file off iCloud and then I can use it inside Affinity.
  13. Hi guys Designer and Photo create a special folder on iCould Drive, Publisher don't. For consistency reasons it would be nice if this could be added, also I am hardly utilising this feature with Designer and Photo. Cheers, Roland
  14. Hi, I had thought that Open from iCloud meant that I could use ANY folder on iCloud, not just the Affinity folders. I feel like it was working this way before, but since 1.7 I'm not able to do that, if I ever was. I thought if I "Open from iCloud" opened a file from iCloud > MyPersonalSubfolder, I thought it would save to iCloud > MyPersonalSubfolder. But currently it will only save to iCloud > Affinity Designer folder. So now there is a duplicate of the file in my iCloud. Is this the expected behavior? I feel like it was saving in place for me on the last few projects I did. Am I wrong there? This was a file made in Publisher. I want to work between 3 desktop apps and the two iPad apps all on the same file in my personal iCloud Subfolders. I don't want to use an App based folder. This isn't a Designer File, I want it to live with the file, where al the other associated project files live. Am I crazy, I thought it worked like this but I can't get it to right now.
  15. So, I try to import a macro in my program and this window appears but I don't even know where this file is located or if it even exists? I would like to copy them in this file so they could be linked anywhere on my mac or my iPad in a near future. To specify, I think it requires to copy my macros into this unknown file to be able to import them at all.
  16. I have seen some strange behavior with Affinity Publisher and Apple's iCloud. In some versions of the beta an Affinity Publisher folder appears aloneside the Designer and Photo folders in iCloud, in some versions it does not appear at all. In the last few versions the Affinity Publisher folder is there, it's just invisible. If I move from a standard Mac view to show invisible files, the Publisher folder appears and is accessible. If I go back to a normal view, that folder disappears, although the contents are available from an open file dialogue box. The attached video shows an iCloud folder going from a normal view to showing invisible files. Affinity Publisher invisible folder.mp4
  17. I’m looking at moving away from Adobe, but one thing I use a LOT is the sync between devices and the desktop, across the cloud. is this ability native to Affinity? thanks
  18. Hey, I've just started using both Affinity Designer and Photo on iPad. I think both apps should better integrate with Apple's "Files" extension/app! This should lead to an easier cross platform and app exchange. The current solution with "open from cloud" and "import from cloud" are confusing and don't work as I would expect. My idea was that using the "open" option it just saves any changes I made directly back to the "Files" app (no matter if the document is located in iCloud Drive, Dropbox, iPad or some other location). There could be a little icon next to the document (in the overview), that indicates that it is linked/located to the "Files" app. So you can easily distinguish between app documents and documents in the Cloud (or any other location). In this case the wording of "close" (in the popup menu of the document overview) would also make more sense. When "importing" the file I would expect that the app creates a copy of the document inside the app. To save it back to "Files" I would have to press the "Save" button in the document overview. I tested it and this isn't the case. What is the actual difference between "open from cloud" and "import from cloud"? The icons are also extremely confusing to spot a difference. Thanks for making great Pro software available on iPad! Cheers! PS: Hope the label translations are right, as I use Affinity in German.
  19. Hi, im new to affinity designer iPad and I want to know if there is a way for it to automatically save to iCloud. At the moment it save to my iPad and then I have to save a copy to iCloud but I end up with two versions. thanks for any help.
  20. Import from ICloud or Open from iCloud doesn’t recognize my photos in iCloud. Says I have zero items. Apple tech said its the App not them. Please help. I’ve spent so many hours trying to fix, spent time with super yappy tech person at Apple all to find out, that their end checks out, but yours doesn’t.
  21. Hi all! It's currently not possible to create multiple nested folders in either Affinity folder inside iCloud Drive. Only one level is allowed whereas most apps permit multiple subfolders now. I mean, I can't organize my assets like: - iCloud Drive - Affinity Photo - My Awesome Project - The Awesome Icons of the Awesome Project - And so on... Are there any plans to allow this? Thanks!
  22. I'm trying to understand the Affinity Photo iCloud Drive setup... I've set to save all my files on iCloud Drive from Affinity Photo and its working fine, but... The Affinity Photo folder appears only on the Files app in my iPad; Its hidden and i can't access it on my iPhone (Files app), Laptop (iCloud folder) and even online (icloud.com)... the "Affinity Photo" folder is missing. So... if I lose my iPad... its gone? until i buy a new iPad? right? I guess it must be a hidden folder for some reason (so i don't mess the files up?) I'm currently leaving my finished and unfinished files in the iPad's iCloud Drive / Affinity Photo Folder. But since this folder is hidden everywhere, i can't call this a proper backup, since i need an iPad to access it. BTW: I move my artworks into an external USB HB (with Backblaze backup) only once a year (in december) in a very arduous process that i know i have to improve. I used to work with Pixelmator, which i have for iPad, iPhone and MacOS, and its iCloud Folder is synced on all my devices. My options/questions: 1) Isn't there a way to unhide this folder to actually be a shared iCloud folder? 2) Or an option to always save new files into another iCloud folder that i've created (and is shared everywhere)? On the screenshot's below you can see i've already created an AffinityPhotoShared folder, but just exported some files, not sure how to best proceed here... 3) If I buy the Affinity for MacOS app, the Affinity Photo iCloud folder on MacOS would be the same / shared? So my files would appear there (guess it could/should be different... or have an option to be the same shared folder for macOS and iPad) Screenshots: a) iPad Files: showing the Affinity Photo folder (with the icon and 11 items) b) Laptop iCloud drive, even showing the 'hidden folders' (CMD+SHIFT+.) it doesn't show AP's folder: Thanks a lot!
  23. Hi! I have trouble importing RAW-files to my iPad Pro (12,9, 2nd gen) running iOS 10. I have uploaded NEF-files to Google Drive from my Nikon D300. The problem is that they won't open. If I try to open them from GD with the "open in app"-command, nothing happens. And if I navigate to GD from within Affinity Photo the NEF-files are greyd out and cannot be opened. I tried to send a file to iCloud Drive but it too is grey and cannot be opened. I converted one of the files to a jpeg. and it opened just fine from GD. Looking forward to your reply, thanks! - Tuukka
  24. So I’ve been having problems trying to export my files. When it gives me the options of where to save the file, it doesn’t give me the full menu breakdown and when I do select one of the few brief options the jpeg file isn’t anywhere to be found. I’ve attached images displaying my issue and any help or explanation would really be appreciated
  25. Hi. I am super excited about the 1.6.7 update that brought better iCloud integration. I have few issues / questions. Is it possible to save file directly to Affinity Photo folder on iCloud — seems to be grayed out to me whenever I try. How to fetch a changes to the file on iPad? Lets say that I create a file on iPad. Save it to the iCloud drive. Do some changes on this file on a desktop. I would like to coma back to this file and continue working on that. It doesn't do any update in a background although the update file is waiting in a cloud fully downloaded. There is such a thing as "fetch file" od "update file" or "sync file". The only way it to close import this document again from iCloud to AP and we are ending up with a duplicated file. Am I doing something wrong? Are these know bugs? I have a solution / suggestion for issue no 2. Currently these is no clear differentiation between files kept locally on the iPad and files mapped to files on iCloud drive. My suggestion would be ti introduce to the apps UI iconography that show three things (presented on an attached prototype). File is mapped to the iCloud (and versions match). File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to update iCloud version. File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to fetch changes from iCloud version. Thanks in advance for help.
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