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Found 137 results

  1. Hey! Excitingly for me, this might be the first time I've come across an iOS app which is able to take advantage of open type features (extra ligatures, etc). I was left disappointed. Within the very first use, the app crashed immediately. The crash was triggered simply by accessing the font library to select a font. This crash is reproducible 100% of the time on my iPad Pro running iOS 10.3.2, build number 14F89. It has crashed several times when trying to execute other tasks too, and overall feels very much like a beta. Other apps,of this genre such as Pixelmator and Graphic by Autodesk manage and access font libraries well, without incident, so I am really hoping this can be fixed, as I probably won't use the app at all until it is fully functional. Thanks!
  2. I know it's a bit early to be requesting features on the iOS apps, but seriously, this would be all kinds of awesome. Handoff is typically used to sync up the state of an app and then let it go do what it wishes, but there is also an option to open a data stream (continuation stream) between the two platforms. From there, you can make edits on one and have them reflect on the other. Notably, they would not have to reflect one another's view, so one can be zoomed and the other show the big picture. The user would be able to use both platforms at the same time, editing one file and choosing to use the most convenient or appropriate input or view. From a marketing perspective, Apple might give you another design award for rocking out with one of their newest features. From a business perspective, it gives people a solid reason to spring for both apps and not opt for one or the other. From a fanboy nerding out perspective, omfgjustdoitsocoolsqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. Does not work! I have the latest Apple upgrade installed. When touching any icon exept the tutorial pages the app quits.
  4. Now that Affinity Photo for iPad is out, and since Apple's iCloud, Photos, photo libraries, camera roll, etc., etc., confuse me a bit, (what's going where, and when?!?!) any chance that you might do a video on the interactions of AP for Mac and iPad and all those Apple functions? How can they be brought together into a nice workflow? If you've already posted such a tutorial, sorry. Thanks.
  5. What happen with Affinity for IPad is still in development I hop so because I need a pro tool on iPad pro for vector and photo
  6. I just bought Affinity Photo as I'm trying to move away from adobe products. Overall your software is stellar and I'm really happy with my purchase. Aside from photography I also do digital art and have been using photoshop with astropad for a few months now and it works really well. However, I tried the same setup with Affinity Photo and it works fairly well but there seems to be some random pressure inaccuracies. The lines randomly become thick abruptly. Is there some setting that will sort this issue out or is this a bug that needs to be looked into. I hope someone here can assist me. I've attached screenshots of Affinity vs Photoshop strokes using the same setup. You can clearly seem the random blobs on the strokes. Photoshop Affinity Photo
  7. Very, very curious about the potential of AP on the IPAD PRO....the hardware on the IPAD PRO seems very adequate, right? are we looking at processing raw files?...is there a file size limitation? ... will the IPAD PRO eventually read files stored on a multimedia storage where you downloaded your files on a trip ? having to carry a laptop to download + the ipad pro would not resove much on the road i guess.... With 128 GB max storage on the IPAD PRO is a no way to work on the road with lots of large raw files... you need to read from an outside sourced storage but then which one is compatible? how to connect it on the IPAD PRO ? How would you export large files from an IPAD PRO? Do we have release date estimation and first specifications for AP on the IPAD PRO ?
  8. Hello, I am a recent "convert" to the Affinity line of apps. I'm loving the potential to get out of the grips of the "giant" in the industry and be able to once more afford to be a designer. The software so far is outstanding and I'm sure it will only get better from here. That being said, it's increasingly becoming a mobile world, and now with iPad Pro available, will we be seeing mobile versions of Photo and Designer anytime soon? I believe that would be an amazing game-changer, especially in light of the fact that the Photoshop "versions" of apps available for iPad are mediocre at best, and useless for real work. Keeping my fingers crossed that this wish will come true very soon! -Glo MacDonald
  9. I love Affinity Designer and, if Apple's iPad Pro and Apple Pencil promo videos are to be believed, these products could be the perfect companion for Serif users when they're released in November. Is it possible to use an iOS device as an input for AD? If so, what's the timescale.
  10. This is two "requests" in one - or rather suggestions and kudos as well. I've been working with digital illustration along with analogue since I bought my first Mac in 1998 and although I have done some logos etc. and during a period even had Illustrator and now have a few other vector based alternatives, I never really got into vectors. It felt slow and frustrating, especially since I work very fast and don't have the patience to read instruction manuals - and perhaps also since math is not my force, although one doesn't need to know math to work with vectors, but it shines through that it is code based instead of pixel based - or something like that. A "mathematical" approach to creativity. But this Affinity is different. I think you have nailed it. I don't know how, but to me it is just to dive in and start working and I can already work almost as fast as I am used to and that is not bad after less than a week. It would still be good to have a manual which goes into the finer details, and I hope it is in the works. I have also tried to work with animation, but it is even more frustrating than vectors used to be. I am using Toon Boom Studio Express, Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom's Harmony Essentials and the latter is the better, but it is still not where I wish it was. I am sure you people could do it that way :D Oh well, but I guess you have your hands full, but I am hoping that there will come an animation application which makes 2D animation just as easy to get into as vector is in Affinity (you should pay me for all these nice words!) But if files made with Affinity would work well with said programmes, that would also be fine. So far, they don't :/ And yes, I am planning to get the new iPad Pro. How about a vector app for that one? With support for CMYK since some illustration still need to be ready for print... I am dreaming of a white Christmas...
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