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Found 137 results

  1. I can't seem to figure out the exact reason for this, but when I have my palm resting on the ipad pro screen and I am making a gesture or using a tool somehow the color picker is activated and then it freezes on screen and stays there. Even if I close the document and go back in it is still there in that exact spot. I can still activate the color picker again but that frozen "circle image" of the color picker remains. Also, if I go out of the document and go into another document the "circle image" of the color picker is there too in the same spot. The only way to get rid of it is to quit out of the app and reopen. See attached screen capture.
  2. So far I had only used AP for photo editing on my iPad Pro, but finally got around to draw and paint in it yesterday, and I was enthusiastic! This was as close to draw on paper as one can get on a screen, I thought. Better than Procreate even, which I’ve been using for my daily work since I bought the iPad Pro when it first came out - but I was disappointed today and had to give up on it and shared the drawing I had started with Procreate and finished it there. What went wrong? Well, it started to lag. The line was dragging several millimetres behind the tip of Pencil and it made it impossible to draw with quick strokes as is my manner. There is still plenty of space on the iPad, more than 80 gb out of 128 and the drawing wasn’t that large, either. So, anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? I’ll attach a short screen recording which shows what happens. ADFC4E31-3A27-4ED0-97C2-A065AF00998F.MP4 The screen recording didn’t play on my iPad at least so I attach a screenshot, too.
  3. Hi, i’m using an iPad Pro 12.9” and iOS 11 the most recent version, plus the most recent version of Affinity Photo. i’ve noticed That when I use the Patch Tool or the Healing brush tool do more than just their usual duty and also slightly blur the part of the image I use them to paint over. It kind of kills the detail of the picture. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting that effects this? often times I use the frequency separation filter and when I do, my hope is that the high frequency layer will remain in clear detail, but the Healing brush or and patch Tool just blur everything...
  4. I created a document in the Affinity Photo app on my iPad Pro. I then saved a copy to my Dropbox. I then tried to open the document in Affinity Photo for the Desktop and I get a message that says "Failed to open document...The file includes features from a later version of Affinity." I was gearing up to use this for my next client project but now am unwilling to take the risk.
  5. Hi guys love love the software.... But can you allow an edit from Lightroom to open in affinity then go back to LR?
  6. Hello dear Affinity-Team, I really want to thank you for making such a great iOS app. It’s so much fun to edit and create images. However I got some major problems with the raw development. I know that the app is not comparable to any desktop raw development and is not meant to be one. However the raw development was advertised as feature. Unfortunately it is completely useless for me when I try to edit 25MB RAW files from my SONY A6300 on my iPad Pro. But I think Affinity Photo should at least hold up with a free iOS app called „VSCO“. Look at the two pictures I attached, I didn’t pay attention for reducing highlights or any other feature except recovering shadows. created with „VSCO“ increasing the shadows by 100 % created with Affinity Photo increasing shadows by 100% It is quite obvious that Affinity Photo looses all Details in the shadows. Why is that, if a free iOS app can do better (however I don’t like the app at all and love affinity photo)? Am I doing something wrong? I would love to be able to recommend affinity photos for raw development, but as of know it’s simply too bad for that, shadows just being an extreme example for minor quality results in the raw development of affinity photo. I hope that the problem gets fixed soon! And again: I’m not comparing it to a professional desktop application. I think affinity photo could do a lot better! Kind regards, David B.
  7. Hello, I've noticed that when you click a history point, if you so much as brush your finger over the screen while, for example, you were using the burn brush, you immediately lose EVERYTHING after that point - presumably forking to a new history. Please, please put a prompt in like "Do you want to continue with a new history?" Or something. Or allow an easy way to go back to the old history fork. Maybe in the upcoming release? let me know if there is a different workaround or if I'm missing something. Much appreciated, Brian
  8. Hi! I need some advice on colour management on iPad Pro using AP since the colours on my exported photos look different on my desktop (calibrated iMac with sRGB). The colour settings in AP I have left on sRGB. I turn off True tone and Night shift before working in AP. Obviously I need to calibrate my iPad display, I have mailed Datacolor since their app Spydergallery is gone from App store. That might fix my problem but I am not sure. My question is, since I have a display with the new P3 profile, should I not use that as default profile and export the images as sRGB? Regardless of the setting being sRGB in AP it is very easy to see that orange and reds are enhance on my iPad compared to the desktop. So I'm confused. I would be very happy for som advice, it is of course imperative that exported images look the same or as similar as possible. Thanks!
  9. Selection Glitch App Crash -Open file -Go to Selection Persona -Use Polygon Marquee Tool in Freehand Mode -On the tool options at the bottom right of the screen, touch the icon of the brush with the thick blue line. -This series of steps crashes Affinity Photo. iPad Pro 2 generation, iOS 10.3.3, Affinity Photo ver. 1.6.4 I have attached a video of this happening and attached it to this post to illustrate. IMG_7912.MOV
  10. Hi, I just bought ipad pro 10.5 today and just downloaded this incredible apps. I try to play with it all day to make me used to it. Even though I struggle a lot because I'm a newby but I found it is fun and amazing of how much this app can do. I still have many things to learn from this. However, I have a question. How to draw a perfect square shape? And how to scale it without any distortion? Normally in photoshop I just press shift and that's it. So simple. It appears in both shape, object, and picture. It might sounds silly but I have no idea how to deal with this. It made me feel frustrate and bothers me for 2 hrs now. I can't find any forum about this (Or maybe I search the wrong keyword). Please help. Thank you
  11. I noticed that the Halftone filter wasn't working properly when I tried to apply the filter to a layer filled with 50% gray (or any percent gray) to create a screentone effect like those used in Japanese manga illustration. However, despite activating the filter and the preview of the effect being shown in the Filter studio the effect was never applied to the canvas. I tried doing a live preview but that didn't work either. I've added a photo of the situation in hopes that it will better illustrate the situation in case my words fail me. This method works in Photoshop and I don't see why it wouldn't work in Affinity Photo considering it has all the tools necessary to achieve the effect. Is this a glitch? Thanks for your time, -Simone P.S. This is my first post on these forums and I hope I put it in the right spot.
  12. When working with RAW files in Affinity on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" in the develop module for some annoying reason the image goes dark...I mean to where it looks black but I know image is still there. I have zero clue why or what is causing this. Super frustrating please help. Aloha
  13. Hi, I just want to ask if there someone of you has a video or pdf tutorial of frequency separation work flow using Affinity Photo in Ipad Pro? I just recently downloaded Affinity in my Ipad Pro and I would like to try the new way of photo retouching using my iPad. Before I do my photo editing using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Nix but now I would like to try something more portable and easiest way to edit photos. Thanks a lot to those who can help. Best regards, Judy
  14. I am using a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro with Affinity and when in the develop module working with a Nikon RAW file for no reason the image seems to darken to the point where it looks black. The image is still there, but it is as if something was done or something which I am not aware of and don't think I did. The layer opacity seems to be at 100% and nothing seems to be abnormal, but yet can't trigger it to go back to the way it was once I initially added to Affinity. I have to delete the file and import again hoping it doesn't happen again. This happens more than not and really sucks. I am an expert level Photoshop user and have been using for past 15 years and although Affinity is really nice...lots of improvement and intuitiveness have to still be integrated into the app in my opinion at least. I also have issues with the history palette or whatever you call it here not showing every move I make and not working again intuitively like one would think. I have many photo apps and most have undo commands which do just that...undo every single thing you do in the app and don't see that here with the Affinity app. Anyway....if someone can shed some light it would help. I want to love Affinity but find it very frustrating to work in many times. Aloha
  15. Hi, I am cannot access my camera roll or camera itself via Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro - basically any content on my device itself. I can import from cloud with no issue but get a blank screen when clicking on Import from Photos or Import from Camera. Anybody got any idea why, and how to fix this? Thanks
  16. I have beta and when I'm adding layers or masks I'm getting areas of black or reddish colors that don't go away until I go to the home screen. Below you will see screenshots and I think it is obvious which one is the correct. I was trying to add a layer but removed it and the box remained.
  17. I just painted some white on an empty layer and when I scrolled through the blend modes an unwanted box appeared. It is not the size of the whole image but close to the size of the paint. It makes it hard to blend with the hard edges.
  18. Is there a way to nudge a layer on the iPad Pro? When I look under the help files on the open screen it mentions it but it doesn't say how to do it. Since there are no arrow keys is it possible?
  19. Is there a way to create a drop shadow? I've tried using fx but can't get anything to look even close to a drop shadow.
  20. I'm having a few issues with pixelation when working at high magnification and moving across the image, spot retouching. iPad Pro 9.7, 32gb
  21. -Survivor ​Another composite created in Affinity Photo for iPad, made up of about 7 images, went really dark on this one for some reason! *Edit: I've updated the image, this is version 3, I've made a few edits to the original Allan
  22. Hi I purchase an ipad pro and excited to download and use Affinity photo. Upload a few images to google drive and try to open on ipad. The file appeared dimmed and not able to opened. I have some read and said for xt2 raw file it is ok to open uncompressed RAW but not compressed. For XE-2 I cannot locate a setting from menu that related to that. Anyone have any idea about XE-2? Seem like it didn't have the option is that mean that XE-2 file are not compressed. So why it cannot be opened? Very disappointed at this stage. Hope someone can give a hand. Much appreciated.
  23. Kinda bummed :/ can't use the Brush tool (running on iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 11 Beta 2). Apple Pencil and finger painting don't work. I understand this might be a beta compatibility thing but just letting you know :) Sometimes when it works, I see a white stripe on screen, which covers the pixel. Keep up the great work, guys!
  24. Hi, I've just downloaded Affinity for iPad on my iPad Pro 12.9" and have been working on some photos. Doesn't really have any problem until I try to flatten my layers and the process takes forever. I've tried waited 30mins and it's still going, is this normal for the progress to be so long? I'm only working on 3 layers with some masking and layer adjustments. I've also tried to exported it as JPEG and I'm stuck at the "preparing to export". Anyone facing with the same problem? By the way, the photos are taken with my Cano 5Ds so the file size cold be a factor? regards, Calvin
  25. Hello, First of all, I would like to thank the Affinity Photo team for the work it has done on the ios ipad pro version. However, I found that you have the possibility to improve 2 small defects for the conford of use for the designers in digital painting: The cone at the bottom of the app to cancel: it would be more comfortable to cancel by tapping with two fingers on the screen! The second defect is that it is not possible to rotate the worktop with three fingers for example as in Procreate. I think its two suggestions implemented in the software would be appreciable by many users. Thank you for reading me. ;) (Google translation) French version: Bonjour, Je tiens d'abord à remercier l'équipe d'Affinity Photo pour le travail qu'il ont fait en ce qui concerne la version ios ipad pro. Cependant, j'ai constaté que vous avez la possibilité d'améliorer 2 petits défauts pour le conford d'utilisation pour les dessinateurs en digital painting : Le cône en bas de l'app pour annuler : il serait plus confortable d'annuler en tappotant avec deux doigts sur l'écran ! Le second défaut est qu'il n'est pas possible de faire tourner le plan de travail avec trois doigts par exemple comme dans Procréate. Je pense que ses deux suggestions implantées dans le logiciel seraient appréciables par beaucoup d'utilisateurs. Merci de me lire. (traduction faite avec Google)
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