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Found 8 results

  1. ’Allo ’allo … Back again with Today’s Dumb Question: Why Isn't ‘Auto-Distribute’ Activating in AD 1.10? Please see the attached image of the setup for a proposed document. Simple, really. A few resizable squares which serve as placeholders for text. BUT: they need to be properly distributed. I've watched the Affinity Tute ( https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/301625950/ ) that demos the way AutoDist should work … but doesn't - and isn't. I can access Alignment thru the Layers panel, but that does nothing. It even fails to align all objects’ centre point, both horizontally and vertically. I thought that wasn't possible. Please advise if you note anything that I'm not doing (or doing incorrectly). Everything is (or appears to be) set up correctly for the objects to be auto-distributed - but the AutoDist does not light up and make the function active. I'm so puzzled. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  2. I was trying to setup a brochure in A5 ... horizontal orientation with the facing pages on the long side (like a horizontal calender - binding on the long side) ... And I need 4 vertical columns on each facing page (so setting up the document as A5 vertical with facing pages is NO option) ... is AP capable of that (maybe I just did not get it) - if not: any chance this will be implemented? Cheers, Timo
  3. My first question here! :-) Love the paths! Just a first thing that I don't get to find (maybe not implemented yet?) I know that I can press SHIFT to force Horizontal, Vertical, 45 degrees, when drawing. OK. But, how to force to that angles H/V/45 to some existing handles? (previously created, I mean) In Illustrator/Photoshop we press SHIFT. But Affinity uses that key to maintain existing angle (a fantastic utility, I love it). Thanks!
  4. Hi, Try to horizontal align a PNG transparent image with the crop tool, but as soon as I click save the image flips back in the previous position. How do I achieve this in AP? Regards & Thanks, David
  5. Hey! I've bought Affinity Designer about a day ago and haven't found out how to center a object (e. g. Text) inside another element (e.g. rectangle, square, ..). I know there's a way to center an object inside the whole page (using Layer -> Align -> Center) but I don't know if there's a way to use this tool to also center something inside another element. And is there a shortcut for the above called menu buttons? It's pretty unhandy to navigate through the menu everytime I want to center a text on the whole page. Greetings, Lars
  6. Hey AD pals, help here would be greatly appreciated. I have a logo design done on my MacBook with AffinityDesigner 1.5.4 and have it set up as a document on an artboard with both vertical and horizontal Cut and Bleed lines visible on the document in all 3 Personas. The Cut and Bleed lines were done 'by the book' using the menu item 'Guides Manager' and the file has been named and saved. My problem/question: I need to export this artboard showing the Cut and Bleed lines to the sticker printer however when I go into export mode and export it (so far have done .pdf, .jpeg, and .eps), the file described above exports successfully but WITHOUT the Cut and Bleed lines being visible in the exported file. Please advise on where I'm going wrong and/or what step I am missing. Thank you! -Christo
  7. Ideally would love to have 2 buttons - to lineup nodes vertically and horizontally - up there with the flip and rotate buttons in the top tool bar. In illustrator it's called "averaging" and it's a 2 step operation, which is a bit of a pain if you do it a lot. See screenshots. There is even an option for both, which can be handy when you need to have two nodes on top of each other or want them to be centred. I can't find a way to do this yet in AD with nodes. If there is way to line up 2 or more "nodes" either vertically or horizontally please let me know. I've tried aligning but that seems to align to coordinates in the document - centre, left, right, top and bottom... Cheers for any insight.
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