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  1. When a manual is in .PDF form, I can simply read one page after another, till I get to the end, and know I have read the entire manual. HTML-based manuals force me to navigate a maze of links, hoping beyond hope that I have successfully found every page. Even with a navigation bar on the side, one cannot be sure that every single page is linked to in said navigation bar. Many, many HTML-based manuals end up with sub-pages that can only be found via an obscure link, buried in a paragraph somewhere. So, you are forced to click every link you see, out of fear of missing out. This makes reading a manual kind of exhausting. In a .PDF, I can annotate the document as I see fit. I can highlight important parts. I can insert any questions I may have while reading (even when away from my main computer). Then, I can go back and try to answer those questions when I am either at my main computer or when I am online. Plus, sometimes you just want to insert a question and then keep reading. With HTML-based help, you have to use a separate method to keep track of all these notes and questions. It then becomes extra tedious to keep track of which note or question is about which part of the manual. I can synchronize a .PDF manual (along with all those annotations) between different devices, simply by storing it in some cloud-based service. Yes, I can sometimes save "favorites" or "bookmarks" in an HTML-based help system, but those can never be synchronized between all my devices. So, if I want to make use of that feature, I am forced to always read said help on a single device. Without these abilities, reading HTML-based help can become extremely frustrating. Especially when said "help" glosses over most of the actual detail of how to use the program. As a former network manager, and a former technical writer, with a degree in Computer Science and Education, I can definitely tell the difference between me simply not being able to understand something and just poor documentation. I do have the tools available to convert existing HTML-based manuals to PDF. But it can be a tedious and error prone process. And the whole process must be repeated each time the HTML-based manual is updated. It is always far better to just start from the source files and use a reliable utility to produce the .PDF version of the document. Usually, the same tool that generated the HTML-based manual has a feature to generate a .PDF file as well. So there is often no real excuse for a company to neglect doing this. Sometimes it feels as if software companies rely solely on HTML-based documentation just so they never have to worry about users working from an outdated copy of the manual. But I also feel that this is a bit of a cop-out.
  2. I have a macOS updated to current Ventura software, I downloaded all of my V1 and V2 affinity apps from the developers site. First I installed V2 Migrated V1 into V2 when prompted Then I erased all V1 apps as best I could from Mac OS I have yet to see what this did or any effects this will have if any at all. Im interested in creating as much space on my computer as possible by getting rid of all V1 package contents, cache, etc. Can anyone tell me if there is a efficient way to do this manually and with out a cleaner. in my experience the cleaners still tend to leave a lot behind and id like to trash all of the old V1 contents. I just can’t remember which folders I should check in macOS , any help would be great ! Im also interested to know about the best way to install/uninstall 1) Install/uninstall A. Did you Uninstalled V1 affinity apps to include photo, designer, publisher, before you installed the V2 version? OR B. Did you Install V2 and then uninstall V1 apps after ? Did you encounter Any problems? did you find a solution? 2) Migrate V1 into V2 A.Did you migrate V1 into V2 when prompted ? OR B.Did you decide not to migrate V1 to V2 and install plug-ins add-ons etc. afterwards ? Did you encounter Any problems? did you find a solution? *ANY INFOR YOU ARE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE QUESTIONS ABOVE ARE APPRECIATED Thanks !
  3. I currently have a few files (two folders, each with 10 or so files/projects in them) in Affinity Designer that I would like to move to Affinity Designer 2. There are no files visible in Affinity Designer 2 by default. The "Affinity Designer" folders in "On My iPad" and "iCloud Drive" do not contain the aforementioned files. The local folder has a log folder, and the iCloud folder has two .afdesign files that do not show up in either the old or new Affinity Designer. I can't see any way to export my files or any place they are saved in the Files app. I'm sure I am missing something obvious, but can't work out what it is. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hello! I need some help. I own on windows all three Affinity products: Photo, Designer, and Publisher, which I bought from the Affinity Store. I own all 3 software's. I bought them separately last year; does that mean I have no access to those new updates? I looked in the help menu and couldn't find any updates! I'm confused. Please tell me I'm wrong and that Affinity just didn't throw me from the ship. Is this morally acceptable for a loyal customer who paid for all three Affinity software products? Please tell me I'm wrong and they are still working on it and it's just because of the region or something ! And, if that's the case, does that mean there will never be any updates for me or other users who already purchased all Affinity software separately? Q: 1. Why should I pay twice for the same product to the same company when they specifically stated "free updates for existing users"?Just go to the top ''menu'' press ''help'' and press ''updates''. No more no less. 2. What is V2? Does this also apply to V2 users who, like me, will experience this when V3 is released? Extra money! Those who already paid for V2 are happy and laughing at us; just stop and think for a moment what will happen if V3 comes out. I hope I'm mistaken and just hysterical, but all things considered, it appears that I'm correct. Please correct me! I agree Affinity deserves more extra cash for their hard work, but not from loyalists who have already contributed. I would like to pay extra but backstabbing isn't how you do it. Saying one thing and changing the context isn't right, right? I love you, Affinity, but please don't go to the dark side. Thank you, waiting for your response Affinity team. (This was also posted on the Affinity Facebook thread with no reaction, no hate, no help, and was probably deleted.) just edited because of the rules.
  5. Hi! I'd like to use the new feature of turning on/off layers of the embedded afphoto in the Designer. But I can't see the menu item to do so 😞 Please, help! 😄
  6. Here's a short and simple issue I found on starting Publisher V2: When I click Help->Quickstart Guide, it takes me to the Designer Quickstart (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/learn/designer/desktop/quickstart/) Confused the heck out of me at first!
  7. Whether you want to learn the basics or want to master the apps, check out the Learn Section on our website: https://affinity.serif.com/learn/
  8. Suddenly the file which I was working on all these days says, "Save failed because access to the file was lost". I just updated my macbook pro to mac os ventura today. I don’t know what went wrong, I'm not able to save my file after making some changes. Can someone please help me fast.
  9. Hello guys, I'm trying to understand how I can configure in affinity Publisher a file for a folder with two folds and that at the time of closing it has the cut and fold marks. In Indesign I was already doing the whole process, but I noticed that some indesign settings I can't do in Publisher. Can someone help me? Attached is an example image of the folder.
  10. Hi there, How can I setup these thought marks to make them visually equal distance? (I don't know what is the name of these lines, but not list) Because of the justify, these dialogues lookings odds if slips the lines. It's looks like a double space but it's not. In this case, this is the exact character-> – I would like to add equal space to every – character. Thank you very much
  11. Not really sure where to go in terms of starting points: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/616500636506249695/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/616500636506249630/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/616500636505900331/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/616500636505839211/ Ive been looking everywhere, just havent been able to find anything
  12. I drew a rectangle shape, converted it to curves, and duplicated it repeatedly into stripes. I would next like to distort, skew, stretch the perspective. But I don’t see how. Best I can discern is to grab nodes and randomly pull them where they look close enough. But this is time-intensive and imperfect. Is there something easier I’m missing? I also tried drawing trapezoid shapes, but their controls seem even less precise. I searched but found several posts from several years ago asking for this and being told it didn’t exist as a feature yet. Affinity Designer version 1.10.5 on macOS. Thank you.
  13. Moin seit kurzem habe ich ein Problem mit Affinity Designer. Unzwar bei der Farbe weiß habe ich so ein Beige ton mit drinnen. Der Farbcode ist aber FFFFFF und das HSL Rad ist auch ausgewählt. Über Hilfe würde ich mich unendlich freuen.
  14. Hello, I purchased affinity photo for iPad a few weeks ago. I’m very new to design software so I’ve been watching a lot of videos. I watched This one a few days ago: I’m Desperately trying to figure out how to make lines that come to points like he does ~2:30, but there’s no pencil tool in my Affinity photo. He suggested I use the pen tool, selection persona, and stroke studio, but I can’t find the stroke studio either! Please help!
  15. Hello People!!, I´m just starting in Affinity Designer. I hope you can help me. Is there a tool to calculate the bisector of an angle in a triangle? Thanks!!
  16. Hi. I've looked up to this topic but couldn't find a satisfactory result. I've tried using 'ctrl' while selecting and also enabled 'Select object when intersects with selection marquee' Nothing seems to work. Is there a solution to this problem? (Please check the .gif attached) Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello, I'm hoping you can help me. I am going to purchase affinity photo so that i can digitise my artwork and have greeting cards and other stationery items made. My question is...am i better to use my macbook pro (2012) with the software or my Dell windows laptop? My dell has a blue light filter/eye comfort coating factory applied to the screen so colours can look duller so i am leaning more towards the macbook but it is a late 2012 model. Would that affect anything? What are your experiences?
  18. So I was searching around for any and every video on YouTube to give me a better understanding of how to use the pen/node tool. I stumbled across a video on YT: "AFFINITY DESIGNER CURVES FROM SINGLE STROKE. This tutorial helped me solve one issue (finding the easiest way to trace an image with a lot of curvy lines BUT with each curve flowing smoothly together from one to the next). I had created a logo (i can't show the whole logo) but as you can see some of the curves i created originally APPEARED smooth when i zoomed in close but some noticeable errors when i zoomed out/away from it. Once I zoomed out the logo had these subtle curves that made the logo look like it was starting to form corners. As I followed the tutorial, I got to where I was only using the SMART MODE tool, with these options selected: - ALIGN TO NODES OF SELECTED CURVES - SNAP TO GEOMETRY OF SELECTED CURVES - ALIGN HANDLE POSITIONS USING SNAPPING OPTIONS - MOVE BY WHOLE PIXELS - SNAPPING while I was working through, I was going by what I would always hear from the pros and amateurs "move the node handles around until you get as close as you can to the images/shapes. so that's what I did! Still wasn't perfect though. A-HA!!! THERES A PATTERN ("not sure if I'm just late to the party lol") Once you put your first node, you get the CURVE option after putting the second node which is your first line. You then go and make that line fit as perfect to the curve as you can which is the easy part. Then comes the hard part as soon as you add a 3rd node and however many more you want, trying to make that second curve fit PERFECTLY with the first curve usually doesn't match the way you want it to because at the same time you're also trying to make it fit with the 4th node. It then becomes this tug of war between the nodes LOL. node A. node B. = line/curve a-b node B. node C. = line/curve b-c node C. node D. = line/curve c-d node D. node E. = line/curve d-e **USING THE SHIFT KEY EVERYTIME (USUALLY)** **USING THE SHIFT KEY EVERYTIME (USUALLY)** **USING THE SHIFT KEY EVERYTIME (USUALLY)** Once you have the first curve (line/curve a-b) set to your liking , before adjusting the second curve (line/curve b-c) YOU WANT TO SELECT THE NODE (node C.) AND USE THE HANDLES ON IT TO START BUILDING THE END OF THE SECOND CURVE (line/curve b-c)...…..THENNNNNNN...…GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS NODE (node B.) AND ADJUST THAT ONE TO MAKE THE SECOND CURVE (line/curve b-c) FIT and FLOW SMOOTHLY WITH THE FIRST CURVE (line/curve a-b). so therefore once you move onto the third curve (line/curve c-d) start by adjusting the handles of node D. FIRST then jump back to ex. node A. node B. node C. node D. node E. etc. line/curve a-b, line/curve b-c, line/curve c-d, line/curve d-e after the curve between node A. & node B. has been made (line/curve a-b), jump to node C. and using the handles to adjust the curve (line/curve b-c) to your liking THEN start adjusting the handles on node B. creating line/curve b-c which flows perfectly with the previous curve line/curve a-b AFD - nodes.mp4 HOPEFULLY I HELPED SOMEONE!
  19. Hello all, Currently completing an ID Card project, which includes a headshot that has been masked by a rectangle (the image has also been cropped to match the size of the rectangle - I shall explain later). However, when I export using SVG, I lose the image on re-opening the .svg file. I cropped the headshot due to the fact that when only the mask is applied, and I've exported to SVG, the image has loses it's mask when opening the new file. Is there anyone that can advice me on what I'm doing wrong? I've also attached an image of my SVG export settings.
  20. I find the font -size in Help way too small, but I can't find a way to change this within Help (maybe it's too small for me to spot it ;-)) Is there a way to do this, or if not, a hack to do it that will persist after software updates?
  21. I'm not sure what's causing the issue, but ever since I bought a new PC that runs Windows 11, I have had a plethora of issues with the UI bugging out, usually just from clicking on elements or mousing over them. Does anyone know what could cause these kinds of bugs?
  22. This item should probably be part of the Layers group, as it is in the ADesigner help. Link to Pixel Layer is incorrect (to Create Layer).
  23. Hello there everyone, same problem here. Currently using 1.9.2 and I've tried update with both 1.10.0 and 1.10.1, still no success. Tried the zipping method on %appdata\Affinity\Designer and renaming it into "1.0 old", yet no success either. Does anyone have a clue? Because the 1.9.2 version of Photo starting to lag and I'm getting woried about it. Here's the general spec used: Windows 10 Pro AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Radeon RX550/550 Series Version: 25.20.15025.1002 IsHardware: Yes Supports D3D12 Feature Level 12.0: Yes HardwareID: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_699F&SUBSYS_E3670000&REV_C7 LUID: 0xB734 Microsoft Basic Render Driver Version: 10.0.19041.546 IsHardware: No Supports D3D12 Feature Level 12.0: Yes HardwareID: PCI\VEN_1414&DEV_008C&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_00 LUID: 0xCCF1
  24. Hello, I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on this. I'm trying to edit an astro stack, however when I apply a curves adjustment, (manually or adjusting the automatically applied one during the stack) there is either no or very little histrogram data, despite the standard histogram working as normal, and other adjustments such as levels working fine too. While the master selection in curves isn't working, the red green and blue are, as well as grey and so on. I have a pretty decent Windows machine so performance isn't an issue. I thought it may take a short while for the histogram to render in but it never does. Funnily enough, I downloaded a sample stack online of the same subject, same document settings (32 bit etc), and it seemed to work on that image, so I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached screenshots and my project file for reference. Thanks 452161177_TestStack.afphoto
  25. I started using Affinity recently and am generally pleased. But today my file suddenly got corrupted when trying to save - now it loads up to 90% and displays that file cannot be opened because it got corrupted. Can it be fixed? I don't want to lose all the layers from the edit. It even displays image I edited but does not let me to save a jpg (or do anything really). If you could help me and just provide finished jpg in highest quality I'd be pleased, because edit is finished. digital.afphoto
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