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Found 17 results

  1. I saw this issue from yesterday that clone and healing brush are not working on ipad. Please take a look into this issue
  2. Hi Guys, Every time I go to work on a new image, the Healing Brush & Clone Stamp Tool source resets so I have to change it back to 'current layer & below' every-time. I retouch 30+ images in a session so it would be an amazing time saver and speed up my workflow if I didn't have to do this same step every-time. Coming from photoshop this quirk is quite frustrating.. If this could be implemented I think many people would rejoice! Many thanks!
  3. Iam very new to photo editing. I have been following the exact steps on youtube to use the healing brush. But when I clck to get a sample and start brushing it does not work. The area I go to do not change. Iam wondering is it the app that has something wrong or is my mac who is not powerfull enough very confused.
  4. hi all , can someone plz let me know why my healing tool is getting black every time??! if i hold some some time it will get darker and darker and when release it turns black ! also i set my brush to 100% hardness but still im getting soft/halo effect every time ! is it a BUG or ...? (mac air m1 chip, ios 11.2.3 affinity photo latest version) i did reinstall but same issue ... thank you
  5. When I use the healing brush tool I need to first erase what I want to heal. The blend mode is set to normal. The opacity and flow are 100% Is there a setting somewhere that corrects this or another way to clone an area. In the image below I copied a circle of grass to cover the bricks. On the right I first erased where I wanted to heal. On the left the colour of the bricks comes through.
  6. In tools like Clone Brush Tool i Healing Brush Tool must Alt + Click to set a source before trying to clone. As of version, the first click does not set the clone source, or not does it appear in the brush preview. Only the second click set/shows the source. It's a bit annoying and extends the working time. I use One by Wacom CTL-671 (in pen mode), I do not use Windows Ink, with the mouse the problem does not occur.
  7. I want to propose the possibility to assign a shortcut to the rotation feature of the Clone Stamp and the Healing Brush. So it's possible to map them on the rotation slider of a Wacom Pro Tablet. I propose also a change on the way that the rotation it's intended, because it's more useful that the rotation could have both negative and positive value. Rik
  8. I'm trying to use the Healing Brush but it's quit working. I've have cropped a JPEG file and I'm trying to use the healing bush to remove a portion or the image. When I hit Alt-Click I get the + mark, but when I try to bush over the area nothing happens except the bush cursor and the + mark move around on the area I'm trying to fix. It worked before. Also when it was working some of the healed area was darker than the source. Any explanation what might be the problem?
  9. Using either my Wacom tablet or mouse the healing brush, with opacity set at 100%, works as if opacity is at 50% or so. It worked fine for me in 1.6x previously, which I have now reinstalled and it works again as expected.
  10. If I change such as Hardness or Flow in the Clone Brush, it also changes in the Healing Brush (and vice versa). Is this deliberate?
  11. I'm at the current stable version of Affinity Photo for Windows and I'm experiencing a lag, when using Healing Brush on "Current Layer and Below." Has anyone experience this? I'm using Wacom Intuos Photo with the latest WACOM drivers installed and I just reformatted and reinstalled everything on Feb. 4, 2018. Thanks for reading, Ron
  12. Hi, i’m using an iPad Pro 12.9” and iOS 11 the most recent version, plus the most recent version of Affinity Photo. i’ve noticed That when I use the Patch Tool or the Healing brush tool do more than just their usual duty and also slightly blur the part of the image I use them to paint over. It kind of kills the detail of the picture. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting that effects this? often times I use the frequency separation filter and when I do, my hope is that the high frequency layer will remain in clear detail, but the Healing brush or and patch Tool just blur everything...
  13. Hello, I am using healing bush to edit a part of the image that is lighten and replace this with black. I am expecting to clone the dark part on the light, but it does not work (see video attached). Can you help? Do I have a problem with my settings? Thanks Philippe healing brush 2.mov
  14. The Healing Brush, Patch, Blemish Removal and Inpainting Tools will not work after I apply a layer. For example, I attempted to use the Frequency Separation as outlined in the Affinity tutorial: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/ As soon as I applied the Frequency Separation Filter, however, the tools would not work. I followed the instructions to the letter and every time I added a layer the tools stopped working. I had the same issue whenever I opened and worked with other layers. The tools only worked if I used them on my photo before opening any layers. What am I missing or doing wrong?
  15. In addition to the current sampling settings in the Healing Brush etc., a "Current Layer and Below in Group" option would be very useful. One frequent use case would be frequency separation. I like to use two groups, one for the low frequency and one for the high pass image. I can then create additional layers in each one. For the low pass group, that's pretty simple since "Current Layer & Below" will work fine. To work with layers inside the high frequency group, however, I need to manually hide all layers below until I can clone/heal from the high frequency image only onto a new layer. That means I currently get no live preview of my results, and checking what I am doing involves manually selecting and toggling all layers below all the time. Being able to restrict sampling to the current group would solve these issues. Also, a checkbox inside the Frequency Separation command to create groups with layers in them instead of single layers would save the trouble of creating the groups, setting the high frequency layer's blend mode to normal and setting the high frequency group's blend mode to Linear Light every time, and it could even create empty layers above each base layer as well. While I am at it, it would be very nice if the Blemish Removal Tool could also get sampling options since that is really the only way one could work non-destructively with that particular tool.
  16. I'm not sure if there's a bug or I'm not doing it right, but the blemish, inpainting, healing brush doesn't work for me. Unless I'm not doing it right?
  17. I have almost been able to replace photoshop, however the only thing holding me back is when retouching with the healing brush and the wacom tablet. It's not really a bug, but it's just the feel and speed. When I set up the pen to be able to sample when pressing a pen key, I find I have to hold it straight and press hard on the tablet in order to select. It's faster just to use the alt key, but that takes away from the speed of being able to work with the pen and tablet without using the keyboard.
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