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Found 9 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is really a bug or feedback. It's been years since I used AP for making a pano, the results were not great then and I used APG instead. From this recent use AP is doing a much better job, and I will use it first from now on. I just wanted to show where one aspect where stitching/exposure values could be looked at for improvement. In the photo here you can see the pano creation made a halo around the top of the cliff/hills that was not there in the original photo. Thanks
  2. When exporting PNGs of character assets I noticed that many of them have an ugly "halo" of bright pixels. In the example image I have the shape of the torso, within that shape I have pasted another shape for the shadow, which has it's layer mode set to multiply. It looks completely clean inside the Affinity editor, but ends up with the halo on export. I have tried different export settings, and formats, but all have the same result. A fix, or workaround would be much appreciated.
  3. Hello I attach a screenshot of what happens now using Tone Mapping. There has been a tendency for this kind of halo over several versions but it seems to have become emphasisied with the latest update. It makes the Tone Mapping facility almost unusable because there seems no way of avoiding or correcting it. Apart from this and some minor quirks the latest version is a joy to use Michae
  4. What's happening here and how do I fix it? I'm using Mac designer 1.7.3. In certain areas, often I get what looks like a white 1 pixel halo on certain areas of my clipped shapes usually when I have pixel painted strokes inside. It doesn't happen to all of the painted shapes, just some of them and not along the whole shape either just in certain areas of the curve. I'm assuming it's some sort of screen redraw/antialiasing preview issue, but why only some and not all of the shapes. Zooming in or out doesn't change the preview either. It remains like a 1 pixel light halo. It's kind of a pain to be honest. Is there a fix or work around or preference to remove this behaviour? Is anyone else having this issue? I did a search but didn't find any similar forum posts... See screenshots for what I'm talking about, marked with the pink ellipses. Click on the images for the full view.
  5. Hello, I'm a beginner, making progress but slowly. I'm getting better at making selections, masks and layers but keep having the following problem. I'm working on a photo that was taken in terrible lighting conditions. Seascape, sea, islands far out and sky. I have made separate selections for the sky, the sea and all the land (foreground and islands). There are in separate layers with corresponding adjustments and each, separately, looks fine. However, when I view all together, there are "halos" between the sky and sea and sky and land. Is there a way that I can either avoid it in the first place or fix it now? I have looked through the book and tried many things but simply can't find anything that works. Best regards to all, Robin
  6. I'm pretty new and am beginning to create artwork for t-shirts. But I'm actually scanning in hand-drawn pen and ink artwork and then cleaning it up in Affinity Photo. I can get rid of the background with the selection tool, but realized today that there are remnants left on the edges and am not sure how to clean this up. I don't need it to be completely crisp and clean. But these light remnants look awful when the artwork is on a colored background. I've attached three screenshots: 1. Edges.jpg shows the "halo" around the edges. I want to eliminate the light color on the outer and inner edges (not the gold fill inside). 2. & 3. Edges2.jpg and Edges3.jpg show examples clearly with black and red ink and the remnants. Can you please tell me how to fix this? Thanks for your help. Susan
  7. This GENIUS figured out a method that does edge-aware sharpening. The method is to do edge-detection on the image, and then using the detected edges as a mask to avoid sharpening the edges. It lets you massively sharpen textures while completely avoiding all halos around edges and it is the most amazing thing I have seen in a decade of photography. It's the biggest revolution since the invention of the Unsharp Mask. This technique is like the Yin to Unsharp Mask's Yang. The results are preferrable almost 100% of the time you want an unsharp mask. Because "haloed edges" are the bane of sharpened photos. If this is implemented, I would probably never use the regular Unsharp Mask again. Please consider creating a new "Edge-Aware Unsharp Mask" filter, which internally does all the work of finding edges and avoiding them when sharpening. So that we can keep all of the non-destructive power workflows of Affinity Photo, but still achieve this AMAZINGLY USEFUL new effect. www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVgfbiH4-fw PS: I don't see the embedded video above. If someone has the same problem, type this URL manually instead, to see the technique: youtube.com/watch?v=iVgfbiH4-fw PPS: Here is how to currently achieve this in Affinity Photo, with many minutes of very destructive pixel-based steps: youtube.com/watch?v=7EVXy6fc_rE This incredible technique begs for a built-in non-destructive filter.
  8. I wonder if anyone can assist. I am cutting out some head and shoulder portraits in order to change background colour. I use the selection brush and then refine and export as a mask. Immediately before I export the cut out looks perfect, very neat. After export however I get a slight halo around the edge of the cut out. How can I prevent this? Unless I'm mistaken I haven't had this issue with previous versions of Affinity photo. I attach a couple of before and after screen shots showing the halo after export. Thank you, Matthew
  9. When I add a 100% gaussian blur effect to an object I can see what I can only describe as some kind halo or banding. In checking with the last release (1.4.2), it's there too. Is this normal?
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